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[Tower Mod] Vectre by Zesti [Finished]

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Zesti    0

Thanks Phame! :)

I've been slacking a bit, but now it's time to start pushing this system together. :mrgreen:

GPU cooler is switched to a quieter one (Alpenföhn Peter 79xx Edition) and I made mounting plate for dual 120mm fans:


This is just a test installation.. It's surprisingly hard to put together and I'll have to take it all apart tomorrow again. :lol:

I also tested colored trims with some sloppily installed vinyl. Not sure how I feel about the color and I'm buying paints tomorrow. Yeah..


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Zesti    0
I'm sometimes terrible at updating worklogs.. I get so easily carried away and forget to take photos or make updates.


Anyway, I have started the final assembly and it's done any day now. Just need to mount rest of the parts and attach detail stuff. And of course final photos need to be taken. Cutting it close, but I'll finish nevertheless.


GPU cooler is all finished and already mounted back. It was meant to be matt black, but spray paint and -18°C weather wasn't the best combination. Hence I dug out some DiNoc CF pattern vinyl which I think looks pretty ok too.




There is also this thingy soon to be finished. Just needs vinyl logo and it's good to go.. Leather was pain to work with and I probably used way too long time for this simple thing.This part will also be visible behind the window.




CPU area is pretty simple.. Just needs memory cover mounted.




And here I'm cutting the window. I had some peculiar window shapes scetched, but in the end I chose to go with an elegant and simple one.



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Zesti    0
Photos are mostly taken and I'm going through them now.. But I need to redo some of them. I only now noticed that the upper front part is not mounted correctly..  Good thing I didn't take the photo setup apart just yet.


Anyway, here's quick preview:


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Zesti    0

Everything took more time than I imagined, but I've sent my entry. Couple more photos here too - I'll post more tomorrow and write a small recap, but now I need to eat and sleep. There's only so much coffee can do.



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Zesti    0
Some more photos:












Final specs are:

Crosshair IV Formula

Phenom X6 1090T @ 4GHz with Kuhler 620

Ares 2x4GB 1866Mhz

HD7970 @ 1.15GHz with Alpenfohn Peter and dual eLoops

Recon Fan Controller (at 5.25" bay, facing inside the case)

Strider Plus 750W

MDPC-X Sleeving/screws/snap caps


I actually ended up running it with only top fans for exhaust. So it's negative pressure cooling.. It gives rather good temps and bottom fan filter seems to be working.


I kind of wish I could have done more, but I had only rarely access to a proper workshop during this time. Didn't really expect that. Most of the modding is hence done in a tiny apartment with only basic tools. Oh well, I think it looks

rather nice for a secondary folding system. And at least I had fun making it.


Thank you Coolermaster once again for fun competition! 


..By the way, is it too early to start planning 2K14 competition project?

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