Jim Weist

[Tower Mod] "Grey Matter" HAF 912 [Complete]

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Jim Weist    23
I predict this build inspiring a trend of "waterfall" theme reservoirs! 8)

haha its about time people get hip! This is going to be the first of many for me, now that I know I can do it, its going to be hard to buy a premade reservoir and not DIY all my reservoirs from now on. lol /BoschColt :cheers:

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Jim Weist    23

Another weekly update here. Currently waiting on acrylic from TAP plastics who doesn't like to tell you that your items are out of stock and never contact you. They just wait until you call them to tell you. Going through McMaster from now on. I need acrylic to finish up my reservoir trim, Blu-Ray enclosure, and rear motherboard tray panel which will hide all the wires. Once those mods are finished Ill basically be waiting on money to buy my GPU and then I can tie it all up. I made my window, started running acrylic tubing, and started trimming up my reservoir. Here are the photos!

First I would like to post my new tool from MNPCtech.com, the acrylic tube reamer. Now I can easily remove the burred edge from cutting the acrylic tubing. Here is a link to the website where you can purchase.http://www.mnpctech.com/Acrylic_PC_Tubing_Reamer.html


Here I added to the motherboard shroud up the left hand side to cover the I/O area.


I made a little panel to hold the new white LED vandal switches.


I filed a small roundover on the corners.


Will be mounted right on the front. Sorry for the shadow.


Here is the GPU mounting I/O. I added a 3rd layer of 1/8th inch acrylic and wrapped it in the grey carbon. I sold my 480 GTX's so Im waiting on my cash to get my 780 GTX to glue it down and router out the hole.



I cut most of the trim for my reservoir. I need to make the Blu-ray enclosure before I trim the part that will show out the bay drives in the front. I might make a few adjustments but Its pretty much heading in the right direction. I have a few photos of the enclosure I made but the sides were too thin only using 2 pieces of acrylic and I had some cracking. I am going to triple it up and make the top screw on like shown in the photos.















Here is where I will triple up.



Reservoir set in place. I cant wait to have that finished up!:thumb:




Once I placed in the reservoir I started getting my tubing shaped and cut.




This origionally was supposed to be straight across but I measure the hole on the reservoir without the 1/8th in acrylic trim on the bottom :wallbash: So I put an offset in the tube instead of having it on a slight up angle.


Radaitor to RAM offset looks nice here I think.



Im going to remake the bulkhead to motor tube because it isn't bent correctly. I had a whole ordeal down there because I wasn't paying attention to the input and output of the pump block. So the bulkhead isn't exactly placed in the optimal position. So I had to change the configuration of the acrylic tubing. :wallbash: It will teach me to pay more attention in the future.


I used up my old Primochill ghost fittings to create as many links as I could. I need 2 more EK-CSQ 90° fittings and 12 more Primochill revolver fittings to complete the loop in its entirety.


Last thing I did this week was make my window. I finally found white Plasti-dip at Lowes to paint the MNPCtech U-channel white. It was well worth it because the white channeling trim really sets off the window!:clap::thumb:

I put the U-channel on to get to the right length.


Then I put it on scrap piece of angled plastic to paint with plasti-dip.


Then reapplied the channel.


Traced the pattern.


Outlined the pattern 3/8" away because that is all the clearance I had in some areas because the window would hit the case frame.


Cut the window on the scroll saw and applied it with clear 3m modding tape.




Set the window in front of the case for a couple photos. It came out exactly as planned! I still need to drill out mounting holes for it, but its lookin good!



Well that is all I have! Thanks for tuning in! Should have more in next update, finishing up loose ends and what not. Looking to finish the build with my Dec. 15th paycheck. See ya next week!

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Jim Weist    23

Hey everyone! Sorry I had to wait an extra week to post, I haven't had much to do because I have been waiting on my GPU. I managed to finish my reservoir trim and make the Blu-ray enclosure. I made a switch panel that I am going to re-build and extend, but Ill show where its currently at. This is not that big of an update, but I am ordering my GPU on Wednesday Nov. 27th and when it arrives its go time. I should be finishing up around mid December.

Anyway on with the work!

I picked up the high quality 3m sheilded PCI-E extender cable for mounting my GPU vertically. This bad boy is well worth the the extra money. The 3m brand always represents quality. You can see as It sits next to the 7$ crap China version that it is much much better even though its 10x the price.



Here are the little mods I did for the new vandal switches with white LED's. I'm going to remake the mounting panel and stretch it all the way from end to end and router out a line for the usb's and audio jacks.





Once my acrylic arrived I was able to finish my reservoir trim and build the Blu-ray drive enclosure. It turned out pretty good and wires will be hidden and look clean. I glued together three 1/2" strips of acrylic to make the walls for the enclosure and plugged in some threaded inserts to make the top removable. For the front face trim I left out a section for the BR drive, pre-cut a slice with the dremel :dremel:, and used a flush cut router bit to remove acrylic for the front of the drive. Then I mounted the reservoir in place and Ill have 4 screws holding it in place from the motherboard panel.












Final pics of the reservoir in place.





Id like to apologize for the small update, money is such a burden on my modding progress sometimes :wallbash:. Next update should be much larger and I should have it nearing completion! :clap: Thanks for reading and talk to ya soon!


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Jim Weist    23

Hey Guys! Getting nearer to completion with this update, I'm thinking that Ill have one more update of my final assembly followed by the final photo shoot! I got my Vertical GPU in place and tore down the PC for the final cuts and to begin the final assembly! So stoked to finish this up and start my next build, I have some awesome ideas for my next build!

Anyways on with the current update!

First things first, I finally got my GPU, I went with the eVGA 780 GTX super clocked. I am going to be using the EKWB clear acrylic/nickel plated water block. I was going to get a Ti but I am going to be upgrading to a 880GTX when they release so I saved the cash for now. I adjusted the middle shelf for the new PCI-e extender cable and the GPU fits in perfectly! I glued in the mounting bracket and flush cut the hole for the plugs. Then I installed the parts in a scrap case and tested the PCIe extender and it works great!












After testing the GPU and doing all the final parts fittings, I tore the PC apart and made the final cuts to the motherboard tray. There will also be a second cover panel the same size as the motherboard tray so when you remove the back door there will be NO wires seen! you will see in the final assembly. I had to make a hole by the PSU, one for the pump, I made 2 slices for sata cables to plug into the MB, a hole for the LED strip I'm mounting under the reservoir, and the last hole is for the Bluray drive. With those cuts I can finally remove all the ugly acrylic protective color paper! Its going to be a great looking PC with its finally complete with the grey water fall res running and the vertical GPU crankin'.






Few other loose ends I worked on were sleeving the pump cable. I attached the radiator covers using 3m clear double sided mod tape. I think it looks much cleaner than drilling holes in it. I added threaded inserts to the mounting holes on the reservoir, screws through the MB tray will help hold it in place. My friend FannBlade from the Mod Zoo powder coated a new front panel gloss white for me.







I snapped a final picture of some of the PC parts laid out waiting for my final assembly. I will be starting that very very soon!


Thanks for checking out my log, stay tuned for the completion of this build coming soon! Also if you could be so kind to cast a vote for my build for Bit-tech's Mod of the Month I will greatly appreciate it! Remember you can vote for multiple mods! :clap: Until next time take care!:dremel::thumb:


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Jim Weist    23
Can't wait to see this build completed!!! :cheers:

Me too Bill! I am planning to do the final assembly this weekend..the very latest next weekend. I can't wait! Im also anxious to start the next build!! I really hope this build does well in this competition! The parts would really help jump start the next build, It will also dictate the kind of build Ill make.

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Jim Weist    23

Hey everyone! Excited to update I have officially started the final ground up assembly of my finished build! This will be a two part update for the final assembly. I am getting my water block today, a few connectors tomorrow, and my coolant in a couple days, and then all the items to finish the build will be here, and I can wrap it up *hopefully for an update next week. Than I will go ahead and get some final photos taken, and get started on my next project!

Anyways here we go with the parts I got since the last update, and the beginning stages of the assembly!

One of the cool new things I am going to do is separate the lights in the computer into 4 channels and hook them up to this remote control. Then I can press a button on my key-chain to decide the lighting I want on in my system! I thought this was pretty cool and plan on using it again in the future. All I have to do is sleeve it up, which will be in the next update.





Another item I got was a PWM 4-way split cable for my radiator fans, which I am going to re-sleeve to match my color scheme. I am just waiting on my overpriced white connectors lol, Ill show you in the next update.



I picked up the last of the fittings I was going to need for my water loop, I needed 14 more Primochill Revolvers, and 3 more EK-CSQ 90° fittings. I made sure to buy the 10-pack of revolvers so I could get the tool which will most definitely come in handy!








One little thing I pick up were my thumbscrews, I'm going to plasti-dip them white and I will need 4-6 for each door since I removed all the backing and interconnecting metal parts so they wouldn't ruin the paint.


I modded my fans with a simple grey carbon fiber vinyl sticker to replace the orange enermax sticker, it gives it a nice touch :thumb:




I repainted my bottom panel from grey to white since I carbon wrapped the interior floor it contrasts well. Then I began to assemble the case.















That's where I am sitting now. Basically the case is ready minus a few small things I am going to change like the vandal switch panel, the window trim needs to be re-cut and sized correctly. I am going to remove a few panels and wire it up as I build it to make it easier. Next update will be adding the hardware, lighting, cabling, tubing, and getting it up and running! Then I have a friend who is going to come help me take a final photo shoot! I have already been planning my next build and I plan on starting it right after the final photos for this on.

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