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V8 GTS on Socket 2011 system

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Hello everyone, (if you would like to reply and your are waiting on a admin to activate your account just open up a live chat and they can do it for you)

I am here because when the CoolerMaster V8 GTS was announced I had lots of questions about it and compatibility with the 2011 Socket. After many emails back and forth I pre-ordered the cooler. That brings me here to help other people with the same question I had and hope to answer them with this post

I would like to start with installing issues. The first issue I had was that if you had memory that was high profile you would not be able to install the sticks after the cooler was installed. (the ones closest to the cpu)


That brings the next issue is that the tool they give you will not clear the memory or mosfet cooling


The solution is a 1/4" drive spinner handle, 9mm socket with a 1/4" drive and a optional 1/4" drive extension avg $15 at ace, there are easier and cheaper ways but the ace by my house is small.



Now you will need to remove the 4 phillips screws that hold the fan there will be 2 on each side, you do not need to remove the allen key screws.

After you remove the fans and molding you will have easy access to the area where the nuts go.



Now that you have done that its just a matter of putting it back together, As for memory clearance




In the end nothing but pure beauty, I hope this helps people out... and yes I cleaned out all the fine dust after I took the pics as you cant see it tell you use a really bright light(flash)



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