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Storm Inferno - League of Legends Guide

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Pclinde    197

Welcome Inferno gamers!

Today I will show you how to take advantage in League of Legends. This guide will teach you how to assign mouse buttons to skills, spells or items.

Step 1:

Start your Inferno software, the main control screen will be loaded.


Step 2:

Select a profile that you would like to use. I will use my own personal profile named (Ganondorf).

Note: Profile switching is preset to button 10 (hexagon button) on top of the Inferno. The colored led on top of the Inferno indicates the following profiles:

CM Storm profile: No color

Profile 1 (In my case: Ganondorf): Green

Profile 2: Red

Profile 3: Yellow

Step 3:

In this guide I will assign my skills (Q,W,E,R) with 4 of my Inferno buttons. I will assign the following skills to the following buttons:

Button 4 (Left button top) - Q

Button 5 (Left button down) - W

Button 8 (Top button right) - E

Button 9 (Top button left) - R (Ult)

Step 4:

I will start by assigning these 4 buttons into: Keyboard.



Step 5:

After doing this you will notice an additional field below the keyboard buttons.


This field is named C, hit the C and assign your skills with the buttons. For example: Button 4 is assigned to my Q (this is my personal configuration). You can assign any of these keys with the in-game buttons that you would like. Make sure you apply everything by clicking apply in the main control screen. Also it’s easy to assign items just hit the C and assign item 1 – 6.

For feedback or extra information, please reply! I have to move on for now… A lot of pentagon kills are waiting for me!

League of Legends profilename: freakyforester


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