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CM 690 II Advanced - Static issues persist

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Vocalpoint    1
You might still have a problem with the header control board. You only stand to lose a bit of time replacing the old top with the new one.. :-)

How so? Oddly - since I moved this machine from a room with laminate floor to one with a cork floor - I haven't had a single oddball shutdown. Without changing a thing.

Would obviously love to not go thru the hassle of changing everything out - but if it's worth it....



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Vocalpoint, the issue might be that you're the one who's causing the static discharge. Also, you might be on barefoot while on the room with that laminated floor that you've said. Use some slippers  :D

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In these type of situation it may be best to actually remove the motherboard from the system.

Take  a piece of cardboard. Place it on the table/floor/workbench next to the open side of the case.

Remove the motherboard screws and set the board onto the cardboard.

Start your system as normal.

With it running, touch the case in the same manner that caused the original issue.

With all components connected, and system shutdowns, then you can start removing non-essential parts one at a time to determine the root cause.


this is just suggestion for others to try if they are having a similar issue.

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