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[Scratch Build] Meduzz (A) - by ne(V)esis - FINISHED!

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Meduz (A)

by ne(V)esis


Meduz (A) is a incredible "jellyfish style" scratch modding. That includes a marvelous stylish, aesthetic, colored glowing LEDs and also a smooth movement in its small body made from acrylic, acetal and aluminium.

Made from scratch, is one of the most complicated but also beautiful mod that I ever wanted to made. No doubt, a master piece of innovation, aesthetic and technology in one piece.


  • [*:3otbh05g]
[*:3otbh05g]The Components
[*:3otbh05g]The Assembly - 1st Step
[*:3otbh05g]The Assembly - Final Step
[*:3otbh05g]Last Pics & Video

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ne(V)esis    0


Taking the inspiration by one of the most popular manufacturers in the pneumatic market FESTO Jelly Fish, this scratch modding has become one of the most complicated mods that I've ever try to make by two reasons: due the materials and size, since the acrylic it's really brittle when it's too thin. And the size, it's almost the same as the original robot made by FESTO (25cm of diameter sphere)! And the another reason, maybe the most important is that I've only the hardware needed and the design. Lamentably my current job took me too many time, so I only have less than 7 days to finish the project... it's a crazy time, but not impossible!


The first step to make this mod, was to begining the designing based into the inspiration and my hardware. To make the design, I've used SolidWorks 2011; since it's the main software that I use into my job to design machinery and another stuff!


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The Hardware that I've used to make this beautiful mod is a "Zotack ZBox Plus nano".


This "Palm-sized mini-PC" it's a perfect candidate to make a mod with all the components in one!



The mini size of the MotherBoard it's perfect due I can make a mod with small size and minimun space needed for itself!

The current size of the MotherBoard is 120mm x 120mm, as you can see into the follow image: the same size of a commonly FAN!


In the following days, with help of my own home-made CNC Router, an acrlylic laser machine and the thermoforming, I'll begin to make the mid sphere, supports and some levers for the fins, 8 in total! Unfortunately today I can't bought the material needed, since today in Mexico (December 1st), was the succession of power and change of president and all the stores and suppliers didn't open today, damn! Hope the monday at first time, I can buy all the material needed to begin! :shock:

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OMG! It seems that today will be a long work day, due the guys with the laser machine and the thermoforming will finish today my pieces. I would have liked I to make the pieces, but due the time to finish that's so hard.

Today at night, I will upgrade more pics, info and stuff! Stay tuned! 8)

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The Components

Here's almost all the components that will be needed to assemble the mod. Let's begin with all the acrilyc stuff...!


At the same time, I'm using my Home-made CNC Router to make some things, like the mini gear motor bracket




It worth to be mentioned that some cuts of the acrilyc stuff are wrong, so early tomorrow I will go again with the guy to make again the wrong pieces...! :|

Stay tunned tomorrow for the great ending during all the day! hehe :cheers:

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The Assembly - 1st Step

Well, I have to say that this mod is taking me more time that I thought, however was my fault to leave all this time and begin the last week (since my friends/suppliers of the laser cut machine and thermoforming did their best, but too late also)! I'm not surrendering, but if this means that I'm disqualified so sad, but I will update my mod till I finish! 8)

So, here are some pics and the first assembly of my mod! Enjoy it!




The base just finished of machinig


The acetal rod


The rod finished of machining


Smoothing the base into the lathe


The base with the linear guides




After a lot of thiny drills, here's the first assembly of the fins arms


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ne(V)esis    0

Hello everybody!

After a very long two days of hard work and some little injuries at my fingers I'm glad to say that I've finished my mod.

I had some problems with the oval acrilyc mid body, so I couldn't place where it supposed to be (the thermoforming was wrong, I tried to fix but I damaged both pieces). I don't place the LED's due the short time and also, the acrilyc rod wich transmits the movement broke (it was too fragile)! But, despite that problems, the modding it's working and I'm very happy to have finished! It worth to be mentioned that I broke my own personal record to finish a mod, from 1 week to 2 days only! :shock:

I'm sorry for the bad pics and also the dirty place, but I don't have any chance to clean up and to get a better camera (I used my iPhone 3GS); also I'm very tired now!

Here's the final pics. Enjoy it so many like me! :lol:




















Good luck to everyone!!

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