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(tower mod) PCs4VETS Medals Of Valor "SCREAMING EAGLE"

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I could use some feedback here:

I've searched for stars to use in the Medal Of Honor MOD element with no luck so I printed on photo paper with adhesive backing and cut out my own.

If you have any suggestions for a better mod here I would like to hear it.

If I use these I think I will have to layer a clear coat of some kind.


If I use these they will be trimmed better, took forever to cut them out this far.

I wonder about the clear vinyl adhesive to cover this too, I've never used it.


I know it wasn't done in time for the contest but the University Of Michigan FABLab has accepted my DFX/DWG file for laser cutting and will allow me time on a WATER JET to cut the VENTS to match the doors before I SWAP and FLIP them as this shows it works:


The Eagle is still concept of what I really want to do.

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