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Project USP 100 (Undaunted Stubborn Phoenix)

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Elivonaldo    0

The main idea is to demonstrate that the USP 100 case that this is an excellent case and can be used to make great modding projects, hence comes the idea of the name Phoenix for the project.

So I'm starting this project I will do:

• An expansion of the cooling system of the case;

• Use materials that the modification would likely to trash;

• Make a proper cycle distribution of ventilation within the equipment;

• Increasing doing a LED lighting system suitable, among other adaptations in the project.








Will use parts of a case that would go to waste, to make the bottom ventilation design I want.


Old electronic components and peripherals that reutilizarei the project.



Back soon with photos from the start of the project. Thankful.

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Elivonaldo    0

Will use a simple spreadsheet I created to record the hours worked on my project, I found it very interesting so who like to share you can use to record the hours worked on their projects.

Below is the link for downloading the file.



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Elivonaldo    0

Sorry for the delay post new topics of my project, happened in these last few weeks the discomfort of being sick, but I'm back and improved the fight, I'll run out of time to put my project on schedule we had established.

So let's get to work.


I disassembled the case that would go to waste, where did the part that cuts will need for the project.


Remembering always use safety equipment!

Marking to make cuts and go to work. CUTTING!!







Soon, more of my project ... running out of time ... LET'S GO ...

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Elivonaldo    0
Good work and look forward to the completion of the work! :cheers:

I'm happy with their support ... thanks for the encouragement ... racing against time to complete ... Thanks


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