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[CANCELED] Tattoo Maniac

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misterkholl    0

******************************** UPDATE **************************************************************

Unfortunately, I won't be able to finish my mod until the deadline, so I had to cancel my entry for this year.

I wish good luck to all participants! hope to participate next year.

Regarding the project: my new deadline is february (20th anniversary of the studio).

See you!!!


Hi CM friends,

This mod is a special request from a very good friend Rogerio Avlis, owner of the PowerHouse Tattoo Studio, in Rio. He asked me to create something special for the 20th anniversary of the studio. I'm glad to create this mod, this studio is part of my history, I'm a co-founder and ex-member, besides the great friendship.

It's basically a super sized tattoo machine in scale of 4:1, with a watercooled mini-itx system inside. It will be a combination of carbon steel/aluminum profiles, plates, cylinders, etc...everything build from scratch.

I created a preliminary model in 3D using Sketchup just to have an idea of the dimensions and the interaction of the chassis and another structural parts with the PC components. It's not the final version, you can see that there's no place for hdd's yet, and the face plate is standard, probably I will create something different, so I have some decisions to make in some areas.

The 3D Sketches:

PS: The components and parts are for illustration purpose only.


Clickable thumbnails:

th_5e48579b.jpg th_df3d6196.jpg th_72036cf9.jpg th_3ede68f6.jpg th_f36298b1.jpg


The PC components:

Mobo: Intel DG45FC (due the limitation of the PCIe bus, it may be changed if I add a video board to the project).

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550S

RAM: 2x OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 2GB Platinum

PSU: picoPSU-160-XT 160 Watts (200 watt peak) or 350w slim (depending on the mobo/video option)

SSD (OS): Kingston SSDNow 100 (64GB)

HDD (Data): Seagate Momentus 7200rpm (750GB)

Video: On-board (unless the motherboard is changed)

Air Cooling: 2x 120mm Cooler Master Silent UV Fan

Air Cooling: 2x 60mm Vantech Stealth

WC - Pump: Laing DDC Series

WC - Radiator: Black Ice GT Stealth 120 (or Black Ice GTX120)

WC - Fluid: FeserOne UV Blue

WC - CPU Block: Danger Den MC-TDX

WC - Tubing: Danger Den Clear DD-TFC

WC - Reservoir: Custom

Some parts picture:


PS: The required parts for the contest will be in the final build as well:


So let's start. First step: The motherboard tray.

Update soon! :wink:

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misterkholl    0

Hi, it's a little update. I have been very busy with some gigs of my band, includding this nice one for Harley Davidson event: (I'm the drummer).

Now I think I'm ok to start.

Firstly, I would like to thank you to visit my thread. A special thanks to dimitirsOS and thechoozen to spend time posting in my thread. Hey thechoosen, talented friend, thank you for the kind comment!

Let's show some pictures:


Hello my old friends, time to work:


I spent some time wondering how to manage the mobotray, so I found this little cheap baby:


With some work, it will be perfect for the project, I hope




It's for the support of the "Grip" (the fat cylinder which will keep the reservoir):

A 2" aluminum pipe with aluminum adapters:



Let's cut:




One side will be attached to the Chassis and on side to the Grip:



More soon....thanks!!!

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Mpovh    0

look who's back =P Amazing amazing(as usual) hahahaha

Im happy to see more one project your :cheers:

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