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Scratch build - Iron Man

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Sandman.Gor    0

I salute them all.

I will post here the process of building my new casemod made ​​of 0.

In 2010 when he leaves the Campus Party Brazil, already sure of what he would do the IRON MAN.

It was built between 2010 and 2012, it took me for various reasons, money and time. I did not have sponsorship.

Part 1.

Idea, as I was sure that Case would build. It took me three months researching images and files from Pepakura, which would use to define.

Part 2.

Printed sheets for each part of the Case (Iron Man).

Head = 14 leaves

Neck = 7 leaves

Trunk = 36 sheets

Briefs = 10 sheets

Leg = 9 sheets (x2)

Boots = 16 sheets (2)

hand = 5 sheets

Shoulder = 6 sheets (2)

Party 3.

Cut after folding and gluing. This paper was 95% armor, 5% were other joints.



Part 4.

Work Fiberglass - was hardening process in which the role.

a. Primera resin layer only in order to increase the resistance of the paper, and then laminating the glass fiber itself.

This process was applied in all parts individually.

b. After I applied plastic mass and sanded each piece, individual separated.

c. Set the position that Iron Man would be, I started setting up the base and up the underwear at that time I used a PVC pipe 3 inches, and this pipe was fixed n referring affixing the leg and on the barrel was attaching the pieces of leg. Between the barrel and the leg piece expandable mass applied in order to improve the resistance of the number and give firmness to it.

The samples were fixed in relation to the drum by means of holes and passing an asterisk in as large pieces using nut and bolt.

d. I had set that would calves movement and would serve as the entrance of cold air.

e. fixed until after the briefs, I suspended the trunk and the base set, so I was lying in his arms.

f. The legs and arms have enhanced mass expandable, thus giving the piece strength and improved stiffness.

g. The links / each connection part were also made of fiber glass, laminated on the mass expandable. each according to the correct format.


In some cases I used strips of cardboard to give the idea of ​​joint and laminated on it.


h. I held what would be the joint support of the chest, opening through which access the hardware inside.

I. I held the joints to the calves, cut the mask, held the axes of motion,

j. Laid robotics would be used (Arduino). Tested.


l. Sanded, I finish.

Part 5


a. I applied the press, sanded;

b.I use only automotive paint, red / yellow and black. All polyester base.


c. Painted / varnished.

Party 6

a. installed the robotics;

b. installed Hardware, tested Ok

Assembled and tested, OK


I, He.


More, Campus Party Brasil 2012.


CPU in case:


This video shows a little as the creation of Iron Man, and what is the Campus Party Brazil:

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Gusts    3

Congrats Sandman! I saw this project live in the Campus Party and it's very very amazing.

Good lucky! :thumbright:

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Mpovh    0




Congrats Ale!!

Its Insane!!! Post some video with the arduino efects :D

EDIT: I see the video now kkkkk

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editor22    0

Awesome build dude, that's some serious paper folding, model making skills!!!

Bet he got some degrading things done to him at the campus party rofl!

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Sandman.Gor    0

Thank you!

Yes in the beginning it was paper / folding after applied fiberglass!


In recent months I have been very focused on the new project. I intend and already well above the work in Iron Man! Wait for the end of January in "Campus Party Brazil" vc `s new project this summer!

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