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[Scratch Build] Project Eterne

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Zesti    0


Project Index:

00 Start & Index

01 Chassis construction / power supply mount

02 Himuro for SSDs

03 Test fitting parts and sneak peak of the front panel

04 Graphics card

05 Chassis construction continued

06 Cleaning the motherboard

07 Chassis construction continued


Hi guys!

Eterne will be my new scratch build for this competition. Aim is to make it rather compact for an ATX-case - volume should be around 20 liters. I also love the 90° motherboard mounting so it will be featured here.

For hardware I'm reusing my old components plus some new ones:

MB: Crosshair IV Formula

CPU: Phenom II X6 1090T

RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz

GPU: Radeon HD7850

SSD: Vertex 2 120GB + Vertex 3 120GB

PSU: Strider Plus 750W

For CPU cooling I'm getting the new H100i cooler with Coolermaster Excalibur BBB fans.

And now onto the start without any longer stories.. :mrgreen:

Just some 3mm and 5mm aluminum here for starters.. Oh, and everything in this project will be hand built from aluminum - no fancy CNC etc for me. :)




Notice the inverted standoffs for motherboard. :wink:


Final size will be pretty much the same as seen here - it's rather tall compared to depth and width. Dimensions are currently about 410 x 310 x 158 mm.

More coming soon! :)

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frozensnail    0

Good to see that you are to hand make everything, going to be hard work, but a good start you got going I feel.

CNC or laser cutting is sometime required, depends on what you wish to achieve & your level of being able to hand craft everything. Not everyone has the tools & equipment to allow such items to be made. Hence some choose CNC or laser cutting against the cost of buying equipment etc, etc

Keep up the good work :D

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Zesti    0

Thanks E22! :)

Thank you frozensnail! Oh, and I like to think that anything can be made by hand, but it's really a personal reference. I just love hand work and the final result feels much more personal that way. :D

Here's part made from 5mm alu for mounting the PSU:





Also notice the L-profile which will be used to route cables.

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Zesti    0

Hi again!

I updated previous posts with couple more photos. :)

And here's something new - Himuro for SSDs. Very beautiful piece of hardware.. I wish I would've got couple of these for my previous systems. :D



Testing with one SSD.. There should be plenty of space for two of those. Might even try to cram a third one in. :)



Next back to chassis construction..

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Zesti    0

Power supply test fitting:


And this is how Himuro will be mounted:


And sneak peak of the front panel plus the floating logo! :D



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Zesti    0

Some work with the front panel:



And since I have a couple of Himuros, I decided to try how it looks painted..


I rather like it, but I'm not sure if that color will stay.. Not to say I'm not 100% sure about the color theme either. :mrgreen: Might use the black one anyway.

Quick test fitting with rough cut parts:


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