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- Intel Q6600@3.2GHz

- 8GB RAM (Patriot 4x2GB DDR2-800 CL5)

- 1.5TB RAID-5 (using Adaptec 3405 SAS/SATA controller and 4x Hitachi T7K500 500GB)

- Asus 8800GTX @650/2100

- Coolermaster Stacker 830 Evo (the best case I ever owned)

- Coolermaster 850W Power Supply (modded, with Noctua fan)

- silent 800rpm Noctua fans



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heres my rig. nothing special. just finished installing my dtek fuzion block.

im gonna tidy up the cables soon though.

awesome block. anyone with a quadcore should get this block. i dropped temperatures dramatically. cores are on idle at 25-30degrees and max load is 35-40.



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dogin24    0

Love these cases: Still have some cosmetic changes on the HDD intake fan to blend with front case window. Above HDDs in window bays, the two sides have carbon fiber panels to finish off the window area. The hard drive cage was cut and rivits filled before acrylic enamel base and clear coats applied.

There is room for an H20 set-up in the top of the case for a later mod.




New OC screens with Orthos running to show temps under load:



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coolmiester    0

Didn't even know this thread existed :?

Anyway this is my addition :wink:

Both completely finished and working well........which makes a change for me!

System Spec:

Black / Red Stacker

Asus A8N Sli Deluxe


4x Corsair CMX 1024 - 3500LL Pro

2x Gainward 7800GTX Ultra Golden Samples

Enermax ESP 660watt PSU

2x 74GB Raptors

Windows XP Pro 64Bit


EK-Wave CPU Block

2x EK-FC-79 Sli Blocks

Danger Den Aquadrive Drive Block

Laing DDC 18watt - Alphacool Dual Plexi Res

XSPC 120D X-Fire Radiator

2x Titan Aluminium Fans

Tygon Hose

Feser 1 Black / Blue Liquid

System Spec:

Yellow / Black Stacker

Tyan Tiger K8WE S2877ANRF

2x AMD Opteron 265 dual core SKT 940 Retail (1.8Ghz-0.9nm-2Mb)

4x 512GB OCZ 3200 EL DDR ECC Reg / Dual Channel

Gainwards 8800GTX Ultra Golden Sample

Antec 850 True Power Quattro PSU

2x 74GB Raptors

Windows XP Pro


2x Danger Den TDX A64 Blocks

Danger Den NV8800 Block

Danger Den Aquadrive Drive Block

Laing DDC 10watt - Alphacool Dual Plexi Res

HWLabs Custom Made GTX X-Flow

2x Yate Loon D12SL-12

Tygon Hose

Feser 1 Yellow Liquid









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Fireheart    0
Anyone know if the Aquagate max radiotor will fit inside a Stacker 830?

Stackers are quite large and generally have room for 'anything'. You might have to do a small bit of light modding, but I'd say the Rad rad should fit against the top blowhole just fine.

Can anyone help me out?

I need to know the size of a casefan for my stacker S1 (STC-T01) side panel.

Thanks in advance!

That is an 80 mm fan, but, if I recall, the big round side-vent could mount several different sizes of fan. On the other hand, this photo shows otherwise: ... intake.jpg

Be Well!


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-_JonA_-    0

Well, i've updated my Stacker a bit...

Placed the Mobo on the Left side, saver when i should have a leak at the waterblock.

I had a leak, so I also need to buy a new GPU: ATI Sapphire X1950Pro 512Mb 265-bit DDR3

And I replaced the Aquagate from te front, to the back in the free PSU space.

Can anyone help me how to reduce the noize and vibrations of the Aquagate (especialle the pump!)...? thx!

Pq2jCkaS.jpg aV2HvVhi.jpg Pq2jCz8J.jpg aV2Hw1LJ.jpg

aV2Hwod0.jpg aV2HwAGJ.jpg aV2HwgJA.jpg

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