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[Scratch Build] By RebellionNL JeMi Desk

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RebellionNL    0

Ok here some first pictures of my mod, for the contest..

The mod is called JeMi Desk, why JeMi Desk ?

Simpel, 2 kids called Jeremy and Michaela, take the

2 first letters of their name, and it will be JeMi,

I have started with the first thing,

making the hole, on the top of the desk.

Here some pictures:

Design made in Sketchup:


First Cut out:


2nd cut out for Power Switch Damn, Ugly as :)


3th Cut out how i wanted it:


First spray for some looks:


So this are the pics this time,

Alu is ordered,

so i`m waiting till i can pick it up!!

Till than, i`m waiting on some more stuff to..

Ok before i forget this,

This mod is also inspirated by L3p

he made this idea more possible for me.. Ok he dont know about it,

but id like to say:

L3p Thanks for the inspiration!

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RebellionNL    0

I have been busy again,

by making a premodel of the cube where the hardware will be in,

And i must say, i`m very satisfied about it..

Here some pictures:

Upperview ( its only upside down)


Frontview ( upside Down)


Sideview With fanholes ( Upside Down )


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RebellionNL    0

Update Time!!!!

After the fittings, of the panels. i did a nice paintjob..

The colour will be MAT Black..




After that whenn the paint dried a bit, i was checking some hardware fit, and the rest of the stuff..


I have to say,

that i need to build a new underplate, because of the broken one, with a custom paintjob by myself :P

so that was to bad, because i like the effect of it..

So now i`m brainstorming about some feets to make,

that i can screw them off for transport..

And i`m thinking about ordering a other pump, this one is very weak..

So stay tuned..!

Till the next update!!

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RebellionNL    0

Dear people,

guess what time it is ?


After some thinking about the hardware i`m gonna use,

i was finally out of it..

Psu : Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 850Watt

CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K Sandy Bridge

Mobo: Asus P8Z77V-LX

GPU: 2 times Asus HD5870 in Crossfire

MEM: 2 Times Corsair Vengeance Black 4GB Each

SSD: OCZ Agility 3 120 GB

HDD: WD 500GB Sata

Watercooling Components:

Koolance CPU 370 Block

2 x EK 5850 Copper Waterblocks

Koolance PMP500

240 Rad EKWB

Reservoir, Simple thing

Fittings, Also simple,

Tube, UV Blue Tubing.

Pictures will be uploaded later!

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