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UCMOC - Unidentified Coler Master Overclock

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For many years I was interested in the topic of improving Case computers, making power fanless cooling components and improve as much as possible. Serbia has not yet received housing Cosmos 2, but the price will be the already high $ 400, housing is best for overclockers, has space for the cooling water heat exchangers. On the CM website I saw that they could be bought masks and various parts for assembly modeling COSMOS case. I will try to make UCMO OC housing of similar characteristics and forms of COSMOS 1, with an entirely new water cooling system that is 70% more efficient compared to conventional solutions that are now used by Koolance, Swiftech, Zalman, Thermaltake, Corsair, etc ... Forum because I chose Cooler Master is a leading worldwide leader best Game Case, the design puts Cm mat at the top. Case Preparation begins from the very beginning of production, the basic ATX housing, water cooling system that consumes 300W of power and has a special electronic power supply without transformer core and the toroidal transformer, just as a PC power supply.

Housing will have been built and dvdrw slim Blu-ray drive with sata adapter, and will be the system tray with the disc but the disc insertion through a hole cut in the casing that will not be noticeable, because the thickness of the hole is wider than the 3 mm thick disk. A place to HotSwap hard drives will not exist because housing is intended solely OC nation. Case weight is 35kg for the entire housing manufactures of stainless steel SS304 acid. Appendix case will be something like OC Koolance CPU cooler that is designed for CPU cooling with liquid nitrogen. Imagine the extreme case with water-cooled 900L/min with an integrated system for pouring liquid nitrogen when extreme OC task. Also what I prefer is the installation of touchscreen Fan controller something like lamptron only 7inch sizes, with menu selection speed of each fan channel, and monitoring fan speed and temperature of each sensor in the system, the humidity in the housing and the outside air and pressure. With Forum lamptron me because I put banned scheme of making the controller and found the company with whom to cooperate in the production of panels.

I add the right monitor transparent housing, which is making some of you are too simple, some are made ​​of transparent Plexiglas lcd transparent pages, I tried to believe a lot of stupid looking, then you have to

Now to you opinion what would you add the system and would like comments and suggestions, so maybe the company Cooler Master decided to produce this kind of housing, for which I was very proud just like Jonathan Wendel Fatal 1 ty FPS, where his name used by companies Creative labs, As Rock, Abit. :tongue8:

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