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Found 16 results

  1. My 10 Year old son Dylan had been getting hooked on the show West Coast customs and was enjoying drawing car designs on his sketchpad. He was very interested in trying his hand at some modding. Now I dont know much about cars but computers well! Its been around 12 years since I last modded a pc, life and kids and other sports had got in the way, time to dust off the garage and get out the tools. So we began to put some ideas together on a project to Pimp up his pc West Coast Customs Style. Dylan had begun researching on Youtube and came across JP Modified and became a huge fan watching all the vids..(on repeat).. So we used a few of JP's ideas for shrouding etc and set to work on the case. The case we used was a Corsair Spec Alpha which fit out existing idea for a design like a glove. With Out of the box colour scheme matched in with Dylans Desire to do a Red and White Camaro. The case comes with some nice fans and manual and for the price tag is a great all rounder. Dylan stripped down the case and prepped it up for spraying, he wanted as much white as possible with a small amount of black and red. Dylan had also watched Declassified systems build on YouTube and really liked Mark's Project Evolve build which had a painted motherboard. Spraying was a learning curve for Dylan with quite a bit of coaching and re sanding and doing again as inevitably he would not release the push on end strokes or just hold the can too close etc. But a lot of guys I know think they can spray and get it wrong so for a young lad he learned pretty quickly. Rad was sprayed and the ram heat spreaders taken off and sprayed too, then the one that gets the internet drama going, the motherboard. This was taped up and all the slots where padded out to not fill the connectors with paint. We then used plastikote and painted the board. I don't recommend you run out and buy a brand new motherboard for your system and spray it, Dylan's whole system was built out of old parts and stuff I had spare so if the board did blow it was no major setback. Dylan then made the GPU plate and PSU shroud, again he was not much of a fan of the hotgun and was scarred he would get burned (sensible) but got the hanfg of it after a few goes and confidence grew. The GPU was an old 750ti which has some nasty protruding copper pipes. We decided to try and make a car bonnet type effect to roll the GPU plate down over the pipes to hide them. PETG tubing!! What can I say again it didn't take him too long perhaps its just the confident gentle touch but he had it sorted after wrecking just 4m lengths. I was expecting this to be more expensive but he got there in the end which some complex bends to boot. Once the water cooling loop was in we took a step back and checked out the work. The existing Acrylic window masked out a large amount of the work and effort we put in so we decided to cut out some sections of the case and add some runners. We then cut some Tempered glass and installed our own window which opended up the viewing area substantially. We then replaced the existing tempered with a clear version as the tint again did not work on a pure white build. Dylan worked very patiently on the cable management and learned a few tricks sleaving his own cables and put in a good few hours getting it right. Hes very proud of his build and im incredibly happy to of shred this creative time with him. His zest for learning made all the more usual tedious tasks of modding a joy as his enthusiasm shone through. I learned a lot from the build too, not new skills but to open up my eyes a little to fun ideas as Dylan again had that no holds barred "lets just make it" approach. Hope you enjoy our first build together and we are already working on our next project. Link to YouTube build log.
  2. I've always loved the design philosophy of the Mastercase Pro 5. So when I was building my new system I made sure that I was going to get the Mastercase Pro 5 as my case... So recently I kind of haven't been really having fun playing h1z1 so I decided to sell ALL my expensive skins. How expensive were they you ask? Well, my bandana (yes, a bandana) sold for $800, AR15 skin sold for $520, and so on. In the end I ended up with about $2,000. So I decided to upgrade my GTX 1070 FTW Hybrid to a 1080ti. Initially I was looking for the EVGA 1080ti Hybrid, but at the time they were out of stock... So what does an impatient man with $2,000 in spare change do? Of course buy a 1080ti FE and get a full hardline watercooling loop! I've always wanted to do a full hardline loop, and this IS my first ever custom loop. I understood that soft tubing is A LOT easier for beginners, but what's the point? If you want to go hardline you eventually HAVE to learn how to do hardline tubing anyways, and honestly I don't think doing a soft tubing loop would've helped me or made doing this hardline loop any easier. Also I was trying to find a thread or some answers online to see if a 360 radiator would fit in the front of a Mastercase Pro 5. The only Mastercase Pro 5 that had a 360 radiator up front was that one guy that did that blue/orange 24hr Le' Mans themed build. However he did some modifications to the case, and that didn't give me a solid answer if I could fit a slim 360 radiator up front. So I bit the bullet, and just decided to try to see if it would work. Spoiler alert: A SLIM 360 Radiator WILL fit in the front, and you DO NOT have to remove the hard drive cage in the basement (unless you want to have your inlet/outlet in the bottom). Anyways enough talking~ On to business: Corsair SP120 PWM Fans CPU/GPU Waterblocks are from EKWB EKWB 140 Res/Pump combo 1x EKWB 240 slim radiator 1x EKWB 360 slim radiator and a bunch of Bitspower fittings/Bitspower PETG tubing. P.S. Pictures were taken from my phone~ Sorry if they're not the best quality!
  3. Hi Guys! I'm here to present my entry for the Tower Mod category of Case Mod World Series 2017! The Project is based on a Coolermaster Mastercase Maker 5T. It's called "Pure Binomial" because the theme is based on the binomial between clear and non-clear parts, in fact, the front and back panels will be almost completely transparent, allowing to see the internals from different angles. It will also feature a really complex custom loop with CPU, RAM and GPU blocks, a 360mm radiator, and three 150mm reservoirs, as well as a 755 pump. So, let's begin with sponsors and then we'll head to the modsss! Seasonic - PSU Seasonic Prime Titanium 750W Coolermaster - Coolermaster MasterCase Maker 5T Aquatuning - Watercooling, cooling in general, lighting Nanoxia/CoolForce - Pass-through fittings VG Informatica Torino - Sleeved cables Apacer Global - SSDs Panther AS340 240Gb So, let's start with the pics! A new update will come soon, the watercooling loop will start to take shape so make sure to subscribe guys!
  4. HAF Pipe 480 (Spectrum Edition) This build is a collaboration between Richard Prins from Designs By Richard (myself) and Yorick Smilda (AKA ProAce), for the last 8 months we worked on an LED controller that could do something not possible with other controllers, control addressable LED strips and CoolForce LED fittings together to create a new kind of light show. After a couple tests and revisions we have a final one made for a project, initially it would have been a build with another manufacturer but due to unavailability we decided to not wait any longer and do a casemod with the controller, we are planning to do more casemods with this controller and we are dubbing the line-up “Project Spectrum” after the initial Project name and builds in the line-up will be known for the “(Spectrum Edition)” Yorick and myself have been have been planning this for about a month, to get this build started Yorick came over to my house for a couple days to work on the project, help out with the LED work, do some extra coding and much more, together we got pretty far and this first post will show some of the things we did on the build. Specifications: Hardware CPU: Intel 5820K Motherboard: ASUS Rampage V Extreme (X99) RAM: Klevv DDR4 Cras White LED 4x4GB (16GB) GPU's: ASUS GTX 780 DCII (x2) PSU: Cooler Master V1200 SSD's: Klevv Urbane U610 480GB (x1) and Samsung 850 Series EVO 500GB (x2 Raid 0) HDD: Western Digital Velociraptor 1TB Case: Cooler Master HAF X (modded to fit a 480mm radiator and a full lenth PSU cover) Watercooling EKWB CSQ Acrylic CPU Block (Polished) EKWB CSQ GTX 780 Block (x2 Polished) EKWB D5 Pump Block and D5 pump Nanoxia CoolForce (16mm) Fittings including LED fittings. Nanoxia CoolForce 16mm tubing Nanoxia CoolForce White Pastel Bitspower Valve fitting Hardware Labs Black Ice SR1 480mm Aquatube Reservoir Others Corsair SP 120mm (x4) BitFenix 230mm Pro fan Swiftech PWN 8 channel fan hub Nanoxia CoolForce White individually sleeved cables Custom PSU shroud Several meters of addressable LED strip. Custom designed and programmed LED controller For this new build I took to the attic to pull my old Cooler Master HAF X case out of storage after I had done 2 builds with this case before and I had been using other cases for my workstation, this case has been modified to hold a 480mm radiator in the top which I am using again. Big thanks to the sponsors for this project. Klevv sent us their CRAS RAM for a project that ended up being canceled and told me to use it in the next build we would do so here it is, sweet white LED glory to fit in with the RGB lighting (better than red lights of course) Nanoxia CoolForce has been my trusty supplier for water cooling tubing and fittings, these are the LED fittings we will be using I'll be using the V1200 which Cooler Master sponsored for a different project, due to the delay that project is going through I told them I would use it in this build. In the 2015 update build I did with it I had a PSU cover made with mounting points for the pump, HDD and an SSD, on the side it shows my old logo and the casemod name, before it had red acrylic and red LED lighting behind it so we tore it out and replaced it with clear acrylic which has been rough sanded on one side in a single direction (brushed), we then added aluminium tape which gives it a unique look, almost as if it's brushed aluminium, when the lighting is off and when it is on it reflects any light to make sure everything lights up nice and bright. *We made sure there was no possibility for the tape to come in contact with wiring or any other chance of shorting out the LED work. A quick test using the rainbow mode to make sure the LED’s all function as they should and it looks amazing, we'll definitly use this mode in the final build. 20170102_195435.mp420170102_195435.mp4 (50MB video, video is also on my Facebook page) The last time I used this case I noticed the front fan kept hitting the metal it was mounted on so a quick trim solved that. In the build we will be lighting up several blocks including the GPU blocks, these are two ASUS GTX 780 DCII GPU’s with EKWB CSQ blocks which I sanded and polished to a clear finish together and black backplates, I still had these in my collection and they would fit right in the build. This is what they looked like in my 2015 update build. And this is what they looked like with a little test for this build after we added the LED strips and hooked up the controller. We made a gif! (great to see that format is supported on this forum) GPU Project Spectrum (HAF Pipe 480).mp4 (30MB file download, video is also on my Facebook page) We hooked up all the LED strips including the ones in the case and after those 3 days it was time for Yorick to head home after all the work we had done, sadly when I put power on the controller later that day something went wrong and the LED strips (all but the PSU cover strips) got fried, we think it might have been a surge through the controller so Yorick worked on a re-design but until then we can not show the whole system lit up. There we are after 3 days of hard work in the attic where I work on systems, the table is a mess but it's worth it, we got a lot done but still a lot to do. The day after Yorick went home I started on to get back to work on the layout for the water cooling loop, a lot of puzzling was done to see what the cleanest look would be. First test to see if parallel would be the best way to do this loop (spoiler: I went with serial even though this looked pretty nice) Mounting the CPU block and this time I decided not to go with Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut like the last two times but to once again use Liquid Metal and go with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut, we are a couple weeks further and temps are looking mighty fine, thanks to Thermal Grizzly for their support Some piping done after I decided on the layout for the tubing. After some serious bending of which the photo's seem to have disappeared (dying camera) this was the result, I've filled up the system for testing and since I wanted to use the PC until the final controller and the new LED work is done. The GPU blocks are not the only water blocks to receive the treatment, I designed this small bracket for the EK CPU block to add some LED's to it, we are going to a place where RGB overkill does not exist! The left is a Cooler mod we are doing for Cooler Master, the right is the EK CPU block bracket, all parts are designed by me and 3D printed by Yorick. I might have missed something, it's late but I will add/change anything if I notice it. The next update shouldn't take long, we received the PCB for the final version of the controller and only have to wait for a few items to be shipped before I can take it apart again and we can install everything as planned. PS: My apologies for the terrible photo's (some at least), my DSLR was dying at the time and sadly some photo's are missing, I now have a brand new one so the update photo's will all be made with that.
  5. This project is taking much longer than i expected to due to work, however it is turning out a lot better than expected as well! Here i will be showcasing my soldier 76 build log, every thing you see besides the case is custom laser cut and painted, I'm currently working on a better back plate design and a design for the back panel and window. after these items are complete i will start uploading some higher quality images and videos of the rig. https://www.facebook.com/DrewciferMods/ FINAL PHOTOS
  6. welcome back Again, I visited the world of Case Mod World Series. This time, my project to make casing from scratch. Glass, aluminum, a composite material to complete the project. Case adjusted by water cooling. A lot of time spent on design and thoughts to create a case that would fulfill my expectations.
  7. It comes to one of my mod of In Win 805 infinity, project finished a few days ago My Modding fan page https://www.facebook.com/iSynapse93/. Specs:-Case: In Win 805 Infinity Mirror Mod by iSynapse93-Cpu: i7 3770k 5.0 ghz uncovered-Ram: 16 Gb (4x4) G.skill tridentx 2400mhz ddr3-Gpu: Nvidia Gtx 780TI Msi Gaming-Mb: Asus Sabertooth z77 skt 1155-Psu: Ocz 850w gold series-Hd: Velociraptor 1tb + Ssd samsung 840 evo 500gb-Wb ek supremacy cpu-Wb kryographics for GTX 780 Ti acrylic glass edition-Flowmeter barrow-Rigid Pipe alphacool blue uv 13/10-Fitting alphacool 13-Pump Sanso pdh 054 12v + Laing DDC-1RT/Plus-Reservoir 400mm frozenq lf reaction blue + 250mm frozenq lf reaction blue + Skull head bottle Mod by iSynapse93-Radiator Phobya 360mm -Cover Psu pvc black mod by iSynapse93-Fan circle led barrow-Led strips In Win T-VIRUS INFINITY MIRROR
  8. I bought my seidon 240P about a week or 2 ago but from the day i got it the pump (im guessing) has been making this like humming sound it will do it and then stop the noise and then start again, my cpu is running about 36*c but i don't know why its making this sound and can't find anything about it or how to fix it, and i don't know if i should take it back and get a new or something. Or if i need to change how it is installed but the pipes are too short to fit to the front of my case http://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=669
  9. Hi all! I hope that this year has been great to all of you thus far? I was asked by Cooler Master South Africa to complete a case mod on the new MasterCase Maker 5 chassis for the rAge expo this year in October in Johannesburg, this is a large computer and gaming expo here in South Africa, and I have to say that this is an amazing opportunity. So without further delay, let the modding begin! The day I received the chassis: I decided instead of going with the typical movie or game theme, I went with a different approach. This machine will resemble power, passion, detail and what Cooler Master means to me (Making it yours and empowering your passion!) Take a look at the texture I decided on going with for this mod: The result now coming together, the overall effect being that the machine has so much power to harness, hence the "sinister" naming.
  10. Heya guys, First off, big thanks to Gigatron for supporting me on this build and agreeing to display it in their store after its completed! One grand thanks to sponsors for putting their faith in me!!! CoolerMaster: Phobya: AlphaCool: AquaTuning: Shakmods I started working on this project few days ago and i thought, lets posto some of it.. Idea and startlog first It will be a massive bulldozer looking case as a tribute for AMD and their FX series of processors...
  11. So I'm currently trying to decide on what I should get as my first water cooling loop. I like the idea of the glacer being able to be upgraded at a later time to include better components and eventually be a full custom loop, however I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on this product like that it catches on fire and stuff. So, I would like to know what you guys have to say about this cooler. Thanks for any feedback!
  12. SPONSORED BY : It's time to introduce you to my new mode. It is a "Skrach build" small MiniATX "box" case with two chamber. Case dimensions are still waiting because I am waitng parts to arrive to be able to accurately measure and go to cut plexi. I deliver you pictures/render model Like last mode, this is supported by Aquatuning, who sponsored all the parts for watercooling. Hardware : MB: Asus Maximus VII Impact CPU: i7 4970k GPU: MSI 980 RAM: 16giga ddr4 PSU : ? WC Components : Radiator: 2Ñ… Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 280mm (link) Fiting : Alphacool HT 16mm HardTube Deepblack (link) CPU Block : Phobya CPU-Cooler UC-2 LT Silver Nickel Plexi Edition (link) GPU Block : Alphacool NexXxoS GPX - Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 M03 - mit Backplate (link) Pump : Alphacool VPP655 - PWM - Single Edition (Top Link) (Pump link) Top and rez : Alphacool HF D5 TOP - Black Acetal G1/4 - V.2, Phobya Balancer 150 black nickel + vents, sleev etc.. More pictures and details when parts arrive, for now i got MSI 980, which is waiting for the rest. Big regards,
  13. Hello everyone. My name is Anatoly Krotov aka "AntSter". I'm not a newbie to modding, but first time competing in the international competition. Have you seen the new video "[HOONIGAN] KEN BLOCK'S GYMKHANA SEVEN: WILD IN THE STREETS OF LOS ANGELES"? More details about this video can be found here The car on which Ken rides in this video inspired me to create scratch build [HOONICORN]. Word "Hoonicorn" consists of two words: "Hoonigan" - name of Ken Block's racing division, and "Unicorn" - code name was used during the build this car. More details about this car can be found here and here This will be mitx computer as powerful and fast as all-wheel drive 845 horsepower Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR from the video. I will be used aluminum, acrylic and natural carbon fiber. I'm going to install water cooling. Primary colors of my modding project - those that are present on the Mustang. Now the project is in the design stage. I hope, It will be interesting! Ready To Rock!
  14. In the growing world and growing the Need for Speed, everyone are scraping old computers for new, where the old land in the beatches of India. The project consist of the need for a faster Computer for My simulation gaming. At the moment My 5 year old PC consist of: - Old Hightower cabinet - Intel duo core E6650 changed to used Q9450 1 year ago - GTX 560TI (bougth second hand) Changed 2 years ago from a 8800GTX - 8GB 800Mhz RAM - 250GB HDD This Mashine just maneges to play Racing games like NFS Shift 2 at 30 FPS Buget is minimum and Therefor this project that focuses on re-using parts that others would scrap. bying everything second hand or reusing parts that are already in my Possessions. I want to show, that You can get a Super computer without using thousand of $.
  15. MS03 Time to start the worklog for our third and last entry for this years contest Like the one or other might remember, we already build a motion simulator last year, it was called MS01, the PC which controlls that Simulator was called MS02. This year we´re going to combine these two Things in our new build, so MS01 + MS02 = MS03 That doesn´t mean that we will modify our old Sim, instead of that, we´re going to build a complete new Motion Simulator based on the experiences of our last builds. We also decided to upgrade our new Simulator from 2 DOF (degrees of freedom) to 6 DOF so that a more realistic simulation will be possible. Beside the 6 DOF transformation we will also use the baseframe of the sim to mount the hardware of the Gaming PC instead of a second Gaming System which stand beside the Simulator. Like you could imagine, we had to plan a lot of things & take a lot of measurements before we even could start to order the materials we need to build our Baseframe. But after all the calculations were done, we placed an order so that we could start with the building process. That was the pile of metal which arrived after our order.... Then we put the first tubes into place and fixed their positions so that we could start the welding process.... and after a few hours of hard work.... we got this....
  16. Hi im building a custom mod and im having trouble thinking about what the airflow should be... anyone with experience? that can help me optimize the airflow for max cooling? here are some pics with reference for you guys to know )