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Found 9 results

  1. As the title states I submitted a support request on Jun 3 and I have still not received a acknowledgment from Cooler Master support. I have several Cooler Master products, but this is the first time I've had issues. If I had known the support was non-existent, I would have gone with another brand...
  2. Metí un ticket de garantía y ya pasaron 4 días hábiles y no me han respondido, es normal? Suelen tardar mucho? O nunca me van a responder? Me fui de vacaciones por 2 meses y al volver, su enfriamiento liquido derramo liquido por toda mi pc, estropeando mi tarjeta de video, también se harán cargo de mi tarjeta de video? O solo de su enfriamiento liquido? Gracias por ayudarme... (:
  3. i have yet received any acknowledgement on either (support ticket, or RMA), no-one ever answers the phone no matter when i call, no responds to email, i'm not mailing a letter. i will send customer response complaints to amazon, if product warranty honaring, or actual person-person customer service doesn't occur as promised, much i contact europe, or china? i mean come on!
  4. finally they dent me a tracking number BUT, dowsnt appear on fedex page xD they mark my case as *closed case*, mayybe the power supply will arrive someday? they wont pay me the send fee, are they? this company is a COMPLETE JOKE, they dont even have a worth contact button xD
  5. I would like to know if the warranty covers this fault on the side LEDs. I think it's a dead LED. Thanks.
  6. Hi everyone! I've an issue with my masterkey pro L keyboard. Two keys doesn't work properly (D and C) sometime it works sometime not and some other time it works double or after a hit another key. Other important point the F9 key is 'broken' (the part of the switch in cross shape that allow the key to fit the switch) but still working. First, I get in touch with the seller, which replied that as there is a physical alteration of the production the warranty could not work and I have to contact coolermaster customer service to know their point of view. Then, I opened a RMA request explaining my issue and the physical alteration with pictures. The RMA has been denied. Here is a copy of the reply "We are sorry to hear this. Within the first 2 years you have to bring your faulty product back to the store where you purchased it. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Kind regards, Cooler Master". There is no mention of the 'broken' F9 key. I forwarded this answer to the seller and he replied that as there is no mention of the F9 key he can't be sure that the warranty is still ok. And that I have to ask coolermaster customer service if it's ok or not. But now I'm not able to open a new RMA to get this answer. I can only check the status of my initial request. How can I get in touch again with the customer service for this product? Beside this, is there a list of allowed "people" to repair coolermaster products in agreement with the warranty? RMA number: CNLFR1811017 Best regards! Philippe R.
  7. Greetings. I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the right forum, but here goes; it is a part replacement issue, as mentioned in the title. Long story short, here’s what up : I sent to CM support on 2018-02-07 a replacement request because one of my Trooper’s (original 200mm fan) fan blade came loose and flew out of the computer. Whole computer shakes as a result with this broken fan, so unusable. Still no update from them as of now. Read further. I was already in other (multiple) parts replacement process at the time; I feel like I got very unlucky on the Quality Control.They sent me a top panel, an X-Tray logic board, a fan controller; all of that in a month and half. Plus a 200mm fan if they allow it. Anyway, I really appreciate the fact that CM USA honored all the way their 2 years warranty, They always notified me when there was an update and always used federal tranport so everything always shipped in less than 5 business days every single time. (for reference, I live in Quebec, CAN. USPS and Canada Post worked together really well) But, with everything that happened in such a short amount of time, I can’t help but feel like this wonderful computer case won’t last very long after the warranty ends. As I mentioned earlier, I feel like my Trooper had a very bad QC. Has anyone of you fellow Stryker and Trooper owners felt like they also ran into QC issues ? Thank you, Karl
  8. Hi Peeps, recently i had purchased a cooler master V series semi modular 750w power supply, i would love to do sleeving on those cables to match my build color but its a semi modular power supply. my question is if i wanna custom the cables would my warranty be automatically void ? hope to hear from you guys soon thank you.
  9. I have a CM Silent Pro M 700w and I have doubts as making my warranty valid in Mexico and can not find a page in Spanish where you can make the processed my warranty power source.