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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! Can anyone help me with fixing SUBJ keyboard, please? History: Keyboard was bought in 2013 and worked well. Last 6 months problem started: after boot to Win7(x64) keyboard doesn't work (not recognized by Windows), but NUM/CAPS/SCROLL lights are ON (guess what it means??). After a few plugs in/out of USB cable, keyboard loads properly. Last week problem become worse - once you move keyboard, it looses power and again lights with NUM/CAPS/SCROLL. I thought it's a problem with firmware (forum has mentions of that) and run their "reset tool" (it updates firmware). It didn't help and I tried to change cable. It's worth to mention standard cable is rigid and for :) knows reason it is covered with some kind of fabric - I'm not surprised so cheap-china quality works only 3 years. Well, new cable worked, but... my macro keys (M1-M5) stopped working AT ALL - I did run CM configuration tool (worst and clumsy tool I ever seen), setup all keys, closed tool (it shows counter during uploading config to the keyboard) and again same story - M1-M5 doesn't work. I never thought so simplistic device can be so buggy to manage (BTW config tool takes 100MB!!!). So now... how I can know firmware is working? It's version? Where to find the problem? Keyboard is already out of warranty, so any advices including break keyboard by hammer are OK. PS Does anybody need their "10 million key hits" if keyboard doesn't live even 3 years??
  2. Hi! So I've had this keyboard for a few years and up until recently I hadn't tried to use to macro buttons. Now that I have, Windows 10 doesn't seem to like the CM Trigger app at all. It won't open and disables the keyboard until the app crashes and is closed. This also happens with the reset tool. Keyboards shouldn't get out dated like this, what can I do to fix this? I don't want to go out to drop 150+ on another keyboard (will be of another brand if I have to as this is an awful experience for a keyboard in perfect condition, signed by all original TSM after I first bought it and I'd rather not lose it) (Dyrus, wild turtle, regi and so on..)
  3. In Cooler Master website, at ''Trigger Z'' section, there is no software to download. But at ''Trigger'' section, it does, but i have a Trigger Z keyboard, so, does Trigger software works for both ? If it doesn't, can someone show me where to download Trigger Z software? And last question: this is the software where we can make the keyboard macros/profiles, isn't it ?
  4. I have had my CM Storm Trigger (red) for ages and i love it so much, the micro USB port for the power has warn away so i cant use the keyboard. I have been spending 3 hours looking online for a replacement Chip that connects to the inside of my keyboard i wish to buy it as it is a shame to throw £89.99 worth of kit away just because a port faded away. Does anyone know why i cant find an email adress for Coolermaster? Im looking to buy the chip so i can slot it back in and keep playing. Please somone help i really hate using this microsoft basic keyboard? Info on the Chip (it detatches off btw, once keyboard is open) TRIGGER DB_HUB_V3.0_20110810
  5. It seems I need help with my Trigger-keyboard. It works fine. But I cant make it rebind keys. I just want one key changed- Space to 0 at numpad. I whatched the how to do it film and it seems all good in the profile manager, and I dont think the trigger needs any other firmware. So what am i doing wrong? I sense it has something to do with the application or so....
  6. Why can not I register a keyboard? I enter the serial number and it is not suitable . Where can I download the driver for this keyboard ?