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Found 5 results

  1. HELP! I order a Coolermaster Quickfire TK Keyboard almost a year ago through Amazon - it has media controls when the fn key is pressed (so the orignial fn keys are off for that time). Because I'm silly, somehow I broke the FN key so the stem was snapped in the keycap. I tried fixing it, and somehow the FN key is jammed down and the stem is stuck in the pressed mode. Because of this, the FN key is on constantly, which means the media keys are enabled permanently and the F1-12 keys are unusable. I doubt this is under warranty, but is it worth contacting support? Are there any fixes I can make to disable the key (obviously media controls are not as important). Please help me, if you can. P.S. The way the key is meant to work is - The default state is F1-12. If you hold the FN key while pressing one of these, it will activate the media controls instead. Holding it for 3 seconds puts it in this mode permanently. THIS IS WHAT STATE I THINK IT IS IN, I CANNOT CHANGE IT. PPS. My S key LED is often dim/gone randomly, another issue but I'm not bothered about this. Maybe it will help me be more eligible for warranty?
  2. Is there an intention to restock the white version of the quickfire tk, any switch? SGK-4020-GKCM2 or SGK-4020-GKCR2 cant find it anywhere it could make good match with my white carbide 540. i am sure some owners of the white s340 and define r4 would agree.
  3. Is there a problem with quickfire tk's supply? Did CM stop producing it? It's almost "extinct"... (not only the model I want, with the blue switches... most models of it) I've been searching for this keyboard for a month. It's out of stock here, in the greek stores and they told me that the greek cooler master supplier doesn't have it either. Today, I was told that the supplier had an new arrival of cooler master products, but quickfire tk was not included. In addition, I searched for it on ebay and amazon, but it was out of stock there too. (only a few listings had it available, most of them at an extravagant price: 145+ euros) I really like this keyboard and I would buy it, if only I could find it! Thank you in advance for your time!
  4. Good Day CM community, i am using my new quickfire tk(mx blue) since ca. 3 weeks. During this weeks i noticed something. The LED of my FN-button is sometimes not on and sometimes it is on. Since there is no such command in the manual, i wanted to ask if there is a hidden command to turn the fn-button on/off or is the led just broken?
  5. I did a lot of reserch to finally decide that the CM Storm Quickfire TK Red Switches is the perfect keyboard for me, BUT is currently out of stock in the usa. Actually, even the Cooler Master Store doesnt have any of these keyboards. All TK switches out of stock Are you planning restocking this product or should i buy something else? Many thanks