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Found 5 results

  1. hello everyone, i am new to this forum, need suggestions for many days i was thinking of upgrading my old INSPIRON 3647 with a new powerSupply. i know its oniginal PSU is 220 W. but if i keep the powerSupply outside the and run the cables, will it work? if so which powerSupply should i buy, such that it wont fry up my motherboard what sort of converters do i need, if any. I know you all have a tons of information, please share
  2. So the title pretty much says it all - I consider Cooler Master Inferno to be one of the best mice even by today's standards. Sure it might be a little dated with a 4000DPI sensor and lack of proper RGB, but it has something that no other mouse in the world has - excellent symmetrical placement of 11 buttons combined with support for a lot of customization thanks to the "Storm Tactics Multiplier key" and easily accessible profile switch button (can't believe I'm marketing a CM mouse back to CM :P). This makes the mouse into a multimedia powerhouse without the need to place more than 3 buttons under the thumb. I'd love to see an updated version of Inferno hit the market one day. My couple of ideas: Leave the button placement as is. The way each button on top has a counterpart (symmetry) creates some good mapping opportunities. For example I have set up Storm Tactics (let's call it ST for short) + left click to be browser tab to the left, ST + right click is browser tab to the right ST + right quick fire key is close tab while ST + left quick fire key is restore recently closed tab. On another profile I have multimedia control set up - ST + left quick fire - volume down, ST + right quick fire - volume up, ST + MMB - mute sound and right quick fire is just space (for stopping and starting playback). For even more functionality the scroll button could also click to the left and right - that's two extra buttons without changing the overall mouse layout, Obviously update the sensor (don't get me wrong, it's a very good sensor but 4000DPI might not be enough for some people and some high resolution displays nowadays), Add proper RGB this time around, I would like to see support for more than just 3 profiles and a couple of scripts, I don't know how good the PC software for your newest mice is, but the one for Inferno while usable has some weird quirks and is overly complicated and unintuitive - it might discourage some people. Leave the DPI setting indicator - I love it! Add replacable weights for even more customization! I wanted to write to you (CM) about this for a long time actually - I'm still using an Inferno that I bought 7 years ago (it's my second one actually) and I'm afraid that when it breaks I'll lose a lot of functionality because Infernos are impossible to find anymore and no other mouse has what it has. And also having an updated version with even better functionality would be a godsend.
  3. Hey Guys! I am a proud owner of a Cooler Master Storm Trooper. It was the case I used for my first build and I still love it till this day, but it is time to upgrade. So I've been searching for a worthy successor for a while now and I've even come to a point where I made plans to build a case by myself. The best case I've found so far is the Jonsbo UMX4. It is a suprisingly small and good looking mid-tower that, despite its size, supports full size atx components as well as radiators and multiple hard drives. Sadly it is hard to find and a bit outdated. At Computex I saw the SL600M prototype and I kinda fell in love with it. It looks very sleek, seems to have some cool features and is supposedly silence optimised. It has a front mounted PSU, just like the UMX4, potentially allowing for great airflow while keeping everything in a compact enclosure. At first glance I thought this was the perfect case for me, at second glance however I noticed that the case is about as high if not even higher than a MasterCase Maker 5t and I was disappointed. With 544 x 242 x 574 mm the 5t is a really large case. If the SL600M is actually around that size, it will be just another expensive full-tower with some gimmicks. If it would utilize the space it has gained from moving the PSU to the front more efficiently, it would be able to get under 50 x 50 cm just like the Jonsbo UMX4 did, even with two 200mm fans. Then it would be a relatively compact and silent case while still being able to hold tall aircoolers (like the Dark Rock Pro line or the Noctua NH-D15), radiators, atx motherboards, atx PSUs and a bunch of drives. I know that a smaller size comes at a cost of features, but the UMX4 is a proof of concept that under 50 x 50 cm is definitely possible without much compromise. The front- and top-panel seem to be very bulky which is partly due to their organic design. If the frame and those panels were a bit smaller, the case would already lose a good bit of its bulk without destroying the design language. The SL600M seems like a candidate for the case of the year but in my opinion it doesn't really live up to its full potential. The high-end segment has either huge, but feature rich cases or tiny, but limiting enclosures. The SL600M could strike the perfect balance and make the high-end market more attractive to the mainstream. The SL600M could be a real trendsetter. I would love to hear what you guys think about my points, as I'm really looking forward to this case. Cheers!
  4. I've found out if you have a radiator in the top of the case and remove the top your temps fall about 5 C. I would therefore like a mesh top for the h500ps
  5. I found my way to the cooler master site in hopes they would be one of those awesome companies that still have a suggestion area and by Odin's beard there's a link on the main page to the forums that serve as just that. So i signed up and now it's time to do my part. I apologize for the spelling and grammar you're about to experience. I'm about 3 hours past when i should've went to sleep because of Newegg (is there a medical term for Newegg spec +/- price comparisons that keep you up at night? There should be. ONCD or something.) Anyways Cooler Master here is my conundrum. I am in the market for a keyboard, and i was so interested in the Storm series that i immediately decided i need to go 10 keyless. And my wallet is just yearning to give you my money. But I can't. Initially i saw the Quickfire for around $90 with mx browns and i was like, "yup, that's the one." Then I saw the Rapid-i with the programmable lighting for each button, which for most people wouldn't matter, but i am a console convert still trying to learn the standard keys on a keyboard in shooters. The shift is always easy to find, but i constantly forget which button is the melee. So I love that feature for my specific situation. But that $130 price bracket is tough. The Corsair K70 is at about $120 right now,, with one additional USB for the mouse or headset + voice control scroll wheel. The Razer Black Widow Stealth Edition Expert is $100 with 3.5 mm jacks and a mouse side usb w/o programmable lighting. The K70 being full sized hurts it for me, and I visually dislike the key design on all Razers so incredibly much. I've used a friends extensively, and I find the font on the shift and enter keys distracting. Even though i don't look at the keyboard 97% of the time while typing, i'm constantly seeing those funky letters out of the corner of my eye and they cause me to pause before i use them. So this is what i need out of a CM Storm TKless. It needs to have a side usb for the mouse. and it needs to have volume jacks. IT WOULD BE ACCEPTABLE to add an inch back on the width of the keyboard for those features to be there! Atleast the side USB for the mouse. If the Rapid-I had both of those I'd be done shopping. And unfortunately, without them i may have to settle for a fullsized keyboard that i don't want. I think the CM Quickfire Keyboards are the best looking keyboards within $50+ of their price range.And it kills me to be buying something else. If CM dropped a press release saying they would be launching a Quickfire with those features in September i would wait willingly. So please. Remove the ten key, replace it with goodies. A volume wheel for the headset would also save me so much fumbling in the dark.