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Found 3 results

  1. The recent KB3124200 updates might break your Sirus functionality. The new default driver provided by Microsoft seems not compatible with Sirus 5.1. Even after re-installing the old driver provided by CM, my headset still doesn't work. But I found an alternative driver that compatible with this headset. It was made for Sades 7.1CH Gaming headset. I've been using it for about 2 weeks and it seems 100% compatible with Sirus 5.1. Driver Provider : C-MEDIA Inc. Driver version : Driver date : 13 February 2015 Digital Signer : C-MEDIA ELECTRONICS INC. Download >> (found at >> My Mediafire mirror : Updating the driver Ignore the Setup.exe file. Update from Device Manager : 1. Go to "Sound, video and game controllers" 2. Right click "Sirus Headset" 3. Select "Properties" 4. Go to "Driver" tab 5. Click "Update Driver" 6. Choose "Browse my computer..." 7. Choose "Let me pick from a list..." 8. Click "Have disk" 9. Browse to "SoftwareDriver\Driver" folder 10. Select "CMUAC.inf" and continue the update process. Upon installing this driver, Sirus control panel will not detect our Sirus anymore. But we can use the control panel provided in this driver package. If your headset still not working, I would suggest restart your computer. Using the alternative control panel Just run the control panel from folder "SoftwareDriver\DLL\CPL\x64\FaceLift_x64.exe" (x86 if you're using Windows 32 bit). It will still detect your old presets. You can even move the folder to anywhere you like for easier access. Screenshot I modified the alternative control panel because I'm not a fan of the default transparent skin.
  2. I recently purchased a set of Sirus 5.1 surround sound gaming headset. My problem is the Headsets work fine when i plug them in with the 3.5mm audio jacks but my Pc won't pick up the USB mixer console but my laptop does. I have: Updated my Motherboard USB Drivers and Bios ( I have a Gigabyte h97m-d3h ) Updated windows ( Note windows 7 X64 ) Tried diffrent USB ports in diffrent arrangments. interestingly when I installed the new USB 3.0 Drivers before I reset my PC, it picks up the USB Mixer and it works fine unitll I restart. After restarting im back to square one with my PC unable to recognize the USB Mixer. The problem continues when I try them on another computer, with the same problem this PC is running Windows 8.1 X64 and has a Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 motherboard with latest Bios and USB Drivers. Any help would be appreciated Thanks.
  3. hello ive owned my CM storm sirus 5.1 headset now for about 8 months ive never has any problems and has worked since the day i got them. basically the problem is if i play GMOD, Rocket league or ARK: survival evolved which are games very dependent on your ability to talk with people, but anyway what happens is when i hit the push to talk key my game on all three of the games above will just freeze for 10-30 seconds then it will recover and would have completely ruined the game for me. ive had this problem i think since i got windows 10 (I THINK) i have looked everywhere for a fix nobody in the entire gaming community is willing to give me the time of day to help me fix this. this is the last forum i can think of, the company of this headset the thing is ive seen so many other people with this problem on these exact games but nobody has posted a fix. there has to be a fix somewhere because something triggered this i just dont have a clue what. im just getting sick to death of it and i scraped up all the money i could for this headset and i cant afford to go out and just buy a new headset. so please if anybody out there know a fix i beg of you link me or let me know ;(