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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everybody! I'm a long time Cooler Master fan and I need to buy a new case for my main desktop because my old CM 690 (first generation) kinda reached its limits and my soldering fixes don't seem to last much (cause I'm bad at soldering, obviously). Anyway, I'm really interested in the Silencio 652 case, but reading and watching a few reviews here and there I'm left with quite a few questions about it, so if anybody could give me an answer I'd be grateful. My questions are: 1) On the product page it says that the case comes with "multiple dust filters (top, bottom, front, side panel)"... but judging from photos and reviews the only actual FILTERS are the 2 on the bottom, because the front and top filters (and I believe the side panel too) have no real filtering net... their mesh looks way too big to be any useful at keeping dust away. Also, another user reported that this front "filter" is in front of the later air vents of the front panel, thus being useless even if it had the proper mesh. Can anyone confirm these things? A close-up picture would be much appreciated too! 2) Again, on the product page it says that you can mount up to 2 180 mm fans in the front... but from the photos, I can't see how another 180 mm fan would fit in there. Could anyone give me more info about this please? Thanks!
  2. Hi to all, i'm Filippo and i'm italian and this is my first CM case, i've bought a Silencio 452 for my new pc and i'm very satisfied of it; i have an AMD FX8320 (cooled by a Zalman CNPS10X Optima) on an ASUS M5A97 EVO R2 mobo, 8gigs of DDR3, a fantastic MSI R9 280 , a Samsung 840Evo 120gb SSD and a couple of hdd (1Tb WD Green + an old 250Gb). My problem is the air intake fan, the Silencio has a good 800rpm 120mm CM fan, but for the AMD 280 is too small, i want to add maybe another 120mm (a Scythe Glidestream) or better a 140mm (same), but i'm looking at the holes in the front of the Silencio and i'm quite in doubt... is there enough space to mount a 140mm fan here ? Look at the holes: I don't think that i can fit a 140mm (or even a 120mm) here... Can you please give me some advice about my problem ? I don't want to order something that than i've to return back.. PS. sorry for my "spaghetti-english"
  3. I have this casing recently changed a mobo, the tech guy probably didn't connect mobo to the casing internal speaker, i did some testing, didn't hear any bios beep code i refer the doc, but it didn't stated anything about internal speaker connection or this casing has no such feature? mobo Gigabyte H97 Gaming 3