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Found 5 results

  1. hi i just Bought a pair of led stripes for my pc but i dont have a windowed side panel i wonderd if any one knows where i can get one or if i have to some how modify my old side panels my case is a Cooler Master Silencio 352
  2. Hi, first of all sorry for my English. I am thinking about making a new pc with a COOLER MASTER SILENCIO 352 case/tower. I have read that the CPU cooler has to be less than 155 mm length. I also have read (in the ga-h81h-s2h motherboard) that it can not weight more than 450 gr. With this limitations I do not have clear which cooler masters cpu cooler I can use. Reading the specs of the cpu-coolers, I see different dimensions , different weights Can you tell me for sure which cpu-coolers from the "Hyper Series" can I use? Thanks in advance
  3. I am in the process of completing a build of the Silencio 352 case, and was expecting the fans to be the Two powerful XtraFlo fans- Wide range PWM fans- 600 to 2000 RPM 4-Pin 9-36 dBA Instead my case has 2 fans, both 3 pins, see the enclosed picture of one, on the internet I noted a 2008 review which noted the model number and described it as below. Model number: DF1202512SELN • Size: 120x120x25mm • Voltage: 7~13.2 VDC • Speed: 1,500 rpm • Airflow: 50.4 CFM • Pressure: 1.93 mm H2O • Noise: 25.6 dBA I have used multiple other Cooler Master Cases in the past, none of them designed to be quiet, but this is the noisiest. Suggestions concerning how to proceed. It was an Amazon purchase, and the motherboard etc. are in place. I am disappointed that the fans described in the website, are not the fans that were in the case. Other Amazon comments include that the fans included were 3 pins and that the are not PWM, but I went with the website description, and only noted these comments after system was up.
  4. Hello, Can anyone tell me if the Silencio 352 supports a R9 295x2 (307mm) plus a Glacer 240L on front (54mm with fans)? Will the gpu rad fit on the rear (152.5mm x 120mm x 64mm)? Thanks!
  5. Munster

    Silencio 352 PSU

    If i insert a h100i in push intake in the front, and I move the 3.5" drive bay to the left mounting holes. What would be the new maximum length for the PSU?