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Found 9 results

  1. My Name is Rahat, and I am from Bangladesh....It's the 1st scratch build which I ever wanted to make. though it was remained unfinished for sometimes when I saw the CM2019 is On...then I give it a thought to finish my dream scratch build the let's see if it's worth the wait or not... The Hardware I will be using in this Builds are given below: Case: there will be no part of case used in this build as it's a SCRATCH BUILD Motherboard: MSI or Gigabyte AM3+ Motherboard (whichever suits the build more) CPU: AMD Phenom 2 X6 1090t PSU: Corsair RM 1000 GPU: Sapphire R9 290x reference edition Ram: 2x 8GB Corsair Dominator GT Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212x Fans: Corsair 120mm (RGB), Aerocool 120mm white LED SSD: Samsung 860 evo or corsair neutron GTX or both Optical drive: Asus DVDRW LED Controller: NZXT HUE Fan Controller: Lamptron FC5 6 Channel 30W LED Fan Controller V3 ONE OF MY MAIN INTENTION ABOUT THIS MOD WAS TO USE MOSTLY SCRAP ELEMENTS TO MAKE THE SCRATCH-BUILD So I started to think about a build which will not require any parts from an existing case...which will be completely made outside the traditional pc case layout. and it struck my mind after I saw inwin's one piece metal sheet bending case...The S frame...then I thought NO I will not do it exactly like to give it a unique touch of my own....then I started to work with bending a huge Acrylic sheet to give it a desired form to accumulate my pc components in it...and here started my SCRATCH CURVZ build... I have 1st started with a 5mm acrylic sheet then I started to bend it in the desired place where I want to accumulate the pc hardware such as motherboard, Psu and other things.... the bend was the hardest part to do in this mod as I didn't have any professional tool to bend the acrylic This Build was started almost a year ago but due to a great leg injury I couldn't finish it at all....and HOPING TO FINISH IT IN THIS CMWS 2019...
  2. Do you know Suisho Shizuku-chan? She is CrystalDiskInfo and CrystalDiskMark image character. The MODPC we make from now is PC with the theme of Suisho Shizuku-chan. We have the official support of CrystalDewWorld, which produces Suisho Shizuku-chan.
  3. This is my worklog for this years Coolermaster World Series - Master League - Scratch Build the idea was to mostly print parts to merge them together to a case. i had various ideas, but my wife chose this one as it fits the contest for sure. the actual speccs: AsRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac AMD Ryzen 5 2600 4x be quiet! Pure Wings 2 80mm be quiet! SFX-L Power 600W 2x Coolermaster ATX 24 Pin 90° Adapter Coolermaster MASTERAIR MA610P SSD / RAM / GPU not decided/sponsored yet I want to thank AsRock, be quiet! and of course Coolermaster for helping me bringing this project to life. the concept i made in SketchUp:
  4. Hello everyone!! The project that I will create in this competition Will be a sports car. Specifications : -CPU : I3-6100T -MB : Biostar B250GTN -RAM : T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 4x2 Gb. -GPU : Inno3D GTX 1060 -PSU : Coolermaster V1000 -SSD : T-Force Delta RGB SSD 256Gb. -SSD : Biostar M.2 M500-256GB -Fancase : MASTERFAN MF122R RGB Water cooling System -Bitspower G1/4" Carbon BlackAIR-Exhaust Fitting -Bitspower Premium G1/4" Carbon Black Stop Fitting -G1/4" Deep Blood Red Rotary 45-Degree I G1/4" Extender -G1/4" Deep Blood Red Rotary 90-Degree I G1/4" Extender -G1/4" Deep Blood Red Anti-Twist Adapter -Bitspower G1/4" Deep Blood Red Enchance Multi-Link For OD 14MM -G1/4" Deep Blood Red Mini Dual G1/4" Extender -Bitspower G1/4" Matt Black CaseTop Water-Fill SET -Bitspower D5 MOD Package (Black POM TOP S+ Mod Kit V2 Black Sparkle 2) -Bitspower Water TanK Z-Multi Ultra 100(POM Version) -Bitspower Deep Blood Red Mini Valve Rotary G1/4' & Inner G1/4"With Black Handle -Bitspower None Chamfer Brass Hard Tubing OD14MM Black Sparkle -Bitspower D5 Vario Motor -Bitspower CPU Block Summit EF-X Golden -Deep Blood Red Multi-F Block(Inner G1/4"x5) -Bitspower Brass Shinning In-Line Filter -Bitspower Leviathan SF 120 4xG1/4" Radiator -Bitspower Touchaqua Digit Thermal Sensor Sponsored by -Coolermaster -Bitspower -Biostar -Teamgroup #CMWS2019 #Coolermaster #Bitspoer #Biostar #Teamgroup #JMDF
  5. this will be a scratch build pc with the main theme Final Fantasy 7 remake i will be building a pc with the cut scene from the movie final fantasy 7 the advent children where sephirot and cloud had their final battle i will be adding holographic effects to make it more cool
  6. Concept Lore : A relic lost in time chiseled out from the most potent tree of the Night silver Woods to celebrate the most fearsome generals of the ancients, the there spirit brothers, The living embodiment of three major forces of nature, Storm, Earth and Fire it is said that this ancient masterpiece releases a very powerful magic that resides in its core cleansing out the darkness with its colorful yet destructive powers when it reveals its hidden secrets. Concept : The concept of the mod is to infuse older methods of art into new technology. a blend of grace and power. so to do this i thought of using a big mahogany log as a rough canvass to carve out 3 of my most favorite characters from the Dota 2 universe and to build a mechanical system around it. The log is carved into 3 pieces with it's innards removed to accommodate the liquid cooled pc in the center. This two piece frame method is a new concept i came up with which lets the user to either use the central piece which is the actual system with all its components and a custom liquid loop built into a cylindrical bare bone shell i designed with the parts of a master case as a standalone unit which you can keep on a desktop, or use the whole setup on all of its glory with the cool outer frame with statues which acts as a buffer as well as a case to shield the hardware and all its internals from any misfortune and still have a way to showoff the beefy tech inside. with this new method if its built into an even a smaller compact form of a standard desktop tower, it lets the users easily clean or upgrade the machine without a hassle or just repaint and do all sorts of crazy things. The full case has 3 modes that we can use to control the unit to open and close it. Automatic , manual wireless and full manual override mode. The outer case which holds the statues and the carvings is controlled by an arduino with sensors which runs a small script that detects the temperature of the case and if it detects any temperature anomalies it will open up the bay doors(which are the swords) and lift up the case to let some cool air in and automatically close when the temperature is back to normal. the mod also has a remote controller which can manually open up the case from a distance whenever you feel like your case needs some fresh air or just want to show off or admire your build and it also has a manual override switch in case your arduino suffered a catastrophe and you ran out of battery on the remote controller because you kept opening and closing it just because its frigging amazing so i added that feature as a fool proof to save myself from the hassle of just loosing the remote somewhere which i already did! (shutout to the Chinese seller on eBay who sent me a backup remote!) the lifting mechanism is made with a linear actuator on a cross lift setup to hold the weight of the rig inside and a simple push pull arm mechanism is used to push the bay doors outwards like a flower. Every pattern and detail is hand carved with traditional wood carving tools with countless hours of concentration and elbow grease. the script and the lifting mechanism and the door opening system is originally made and fine tuned to make it work as neatly as possible with the resources i had at my disposal. Enjoy the photos!!
  7. From the album: Bastion

    Intel i5-6200U 8GB DDR m.2 SSD 256 GB Coolermaster fan Intel HD 520.
  8. If you can't see the images check out the PCParkPicker = Things used... Intel Core i5-4460 Gigabyte Z97N-Wifi (+2 big Asus aerials) G.SKill Ripjaws X 2x 4GB DDR3 SilverStone Strider Gold 450w PSU EK-DBAY Res + Hard Tubing EK-Supremacy CPU block EK-Coolstream Rad + 8x long standoffs + 12 normal standoffs + 4 really cool screws that you can put standoffs in (people mocked me for keeping all the spare parts from random builds, haha I say!) 120mm Cooler Master fan Glass, lots of little white rocks, and quite a bit of glue Succulents, moss, ground cover and an orchid. Windows 10 \o/ Hi I'm Bennies from New Zealand and if there are two things I love in life it's building PC and gardening, so why not combine the two! My scratch build project is a glass enclosed terrarium PC, a gardeners desktop that can play a little League of Legends Starting with a hunt for the right shape I began searching on google and found my inspiration in a hexagonal ceiling lampshade so I started playing around with drafts for the build with that idea in mind dropping in shapes to get the feel for the space. Ideally I want the stone garden to be the first thing you see when you look at the PC and when you look at things a little closer you'll be able to see the tech! The next few steps where to cut the shapes for everything out in polystyrene to find out exactly how big I'd need the base hexagon to be, once I started though the build felt to large (must fit on a desk) so I grabbed a smaller SFX power supply and switched the motherboard to an ITX which freed up a lot of space. Happy with my basic design I started calling around the local fish shops to try and find someone with a broken fishtank that I could cut to pieces, this proved to be an impossible find and so I cut the hexagon from wood and started laying out the components. It looked fairly good at this stage but I just wasn't happy with the way it was looking - too much like a PC and too little like a garden, the motherboard and power supply were flat and it just felt like I had built an odd shaped computer... then the phone rang! My mate (Thanks Dan!!) had found an old pedestal and while it didn't have any glass with it the shape sounded just right so I went to check it out. It was small, much smaller than what I had begun working with but that was actually pretty good as I didn't like my current size and wanted to push things down even more, better yet it was two layers of plastic with a gap in the middle I could use for cable management so I start laying out components again to see what was possible with the new base hitting a similar issue sadly, it looks too much like PC... This is when the build design really changes, I had the motherboard sitting fan down on the table and I thought "why not mount that upside down?" - Dremmmel time!! I marked and begun cutting the holes I wanted for cables, cooling and stands. To invert the motherboard I cut the tips of 4 ballpoint pens (these are perfect for mobo screws) and secured them in the points I had created. I made the PSU look a harder to spot by cutting into the first and second layer of my base in different spots so it would sit on a slope and draw air from underneath. I also cut a circle under the cpu cooler and threaded my salvaged power button through and into the side. Now I had my motherboard and powersupply fitted I tested and everything booted up great so I started laying out the stones just to double check that the concept looked right - it was basic but in line with what I was after so I was happy I started to play around with the placement for the graphics card and t-virus res then I stopped to think. It was just to normal looking - the T-virus is an amazing res but this is a scratch build and needs be really unique. Let's go crazy I thought - let's make an open air watercooling waterfall feature... With renewed focus and being quite proud of the way my mobo stilts turned out I thought about elevating my radiator but this needed to be much higher so I removed some stones and daisy chained 2x long stands and 3x normal standoffs to bring my rad up to the perfect height so I could create my waterfall into the pond below. Layout was ready, time to commit to the build and do the hard tubing. Wanting to keep things clean I plotted out my main pipe route using cardboard and marked the tube where I would need to bend, attaching the straight pipe from the pond first I secured the motherboard down and bent my main water pipe with 3 90 degree bends into position I then attached a bit of soft tubing to my res drain and also a fan controller to my pump, just in case it still splashed I had my mobo protected with some plastic wrap. During testing I began cutting back the soft tubing until it was in the final position and ready for the rocks to be added. A quick vid And so now it's onto to rockwork, then plants and finally glass! Fun times ahead With the temperature being so chilly in New Zealand right now it's taking a little longer for my rocks to set but slowly the walls are rising up around the res, I've washed a bunch of pebbles and as soon as these dry i'll make the rockface for the water to fall over. With the stone work now done it's time to cut the glass that will enclose this mighty garden! For airflow I'm going to take a corner out of a couple of side pieces, this way I can avoid drilling the glass. Cutting is the wrong word - snapping glass is a better way to put it Quick video on snappin glass = Hahaha this is just too much fun! OK, all done \o/ I had a last minute idea and made a piece of glass to cover the mobo, it's working well. I also cut the corners off two of my glass panels to allow hot air to escape and give me handles when removing the casing. Pics just before I went plant mad. Videos of PC in action I added a bigger rock so the waterfall would be cooler Added a bit more moss to conceal the water pipe It looks best with the pump on low, gives it a really cool water rolling down the rocks look. Thanks everyone! I hope you like my scratch build, it was very fun to make. Massive thanks to Cooler Master ANZ for making the push for people down here (like me!) to enter the competition, you guys and gals ROCK! GG!
  9. This case was designed pretty much from the ground up by me. I'm a student on a budget, so don't have a huge amount of time or money. I built the majority of the case in august of 2014. The idea was to build a bad :) case with an industrial feel to it without breaking the bank. Bear in mind that this is pretty much done entirely using an angle grinder and files- I have no access to a laser cutter! As of yet unpainted, but here is what i have so far. The case is fan cooled (poor student remember?), and uses 3x140mm fans. I wanted the case to be really quiet since my old one was a like a jet engine and large slow fans seemed a good way to achieve this. I also wanted maximum airflow, so the fan covers i made offer very little resistance, and the custom made hard drive cage offers no obstruction to the airflow. The CPU is also aircooled using a Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO. The only piece not fabricated myself was the MOBO tray.