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Found 24 results

  1. Hi. I have a Nepton 280L that has a faulty pump, bought in around 2016. I'd like to pay to get it repaired. The 'rejected' the RMA request (Despite it being within warranty period). I don't have the receipt, which would also be in Arabic even if I could find it. How do I go about getting the pump repaired? I've registered the product, and put the SN into the record. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Sonjoy

    V750 RMA

    A few days back I’ve sent my PSU to the retailers for RMA. Today they called me & told me that they don’t have the model specifically. So they’re offering lower models and some refunds or, a higher model with extra paying. Is this according to CM policies??
  3. I recently bought this keyboard from:, however after a few days I've noticed that there appears to be coil whine eminating from the top right of the keyboard. Exactly the same as described here in this reddit post: I've tried using a different USB-C cable, trying diferent USB ports, disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard, restarting the PC, disabling all LED's and even trying other computers. However none of this stops the coil whine. Note that I have not installed any of the software I have purely used the built in on board memory profiles for lighting. Does this sound normal, or should this not be happening on a keyboard? The only place I expect sopme coil whine is on power supplies and GPU's.
  4. I recently bought this keyboard from:, however after a few days I've noticed that there appears to be coil whine eminating from the top right of the keyboard. Exactly the same as described here in this reddit post: I've tried using a different USB-C cable, trying diferent USB ports, disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard, restarting the PC, disabling all LED's and even trying other computers. However none of this stops the coil whine. Note that I have not installed any of the software I have purely used the built in on board memory profiles for lighting.
  5. I bought a masterliquid ML240R RGB around a year ago and two months ago i started having problems with the led that would start having a sort of seizure every time i would chose a color cycle. The problem would sort of calm down when I chose a static color. Anyways i RMA'd it and i sent it to CM, but its been three weeks and i have no news on what happened. It sais on the RMA status they received it, but i have no idea what has happened and I've been waiting for around 3 weeks. I need my pc for school and i can't do anything right now for there seems to be no customer support on the CM account site. I'm confused and have no idea what to do, can somebody help, i need a cooler for my CPU and im dissapointed they haven't told me anything on what is going on with my cooler.
  6. finally they dent me a tracking number BUT, dowsnt appear on fedex page xD they mark my case as *closed case*, mayybe the power supply will arrive someday? they wont pay me the send fee, are they? this company is a COMPLETE JOKE, they dont even have a worth contact button xD
  7. Hello, i have only a few days after i left my home in order to work for a period i wanna send my product but when i trying to print my RMA to past in my product to send to you it have Runtime error and i cannot get the form to print.1!!!
  8. I have started an RMA for my MasterKeys Pro S keyboard on February 18th, and the shipment was received on February 26th. Its April 4th now and the status was not updated for about a month. I am wondering what is happening.
  9. Hello there, I started a G650M power supply RMA(#CNLTR1902002) and send the package in 08/02/2019 my post carrier says that package is delivered to destination in 15/02/2019 as you can see in attached file. So on cooler master site RMA processing didn't get updated to Product Received, and ı didn't get a confirmation mail saying that they did get the package. So ı was wondering is there something wrong with my RMA ?
  10. How long it takes the verification of the RMA I have been working for more than a month
  11. Hi everyone, I bought a Cooler Master Masterwatt 550w EU semi modular and 80 PLUS BRONZE. After 1 week it stopped working from nowhere, I asked for an RMA, they accepted it and they sent back a different power supply which is the MWE GOLD 550 fully modular. You all will say gold better than bronze, not at all because the gold one is worse than the bronze one I had. Is there anything I can do? Should I contact again the RMA, then paying the shipping fees again so I would spend the double of what I've spent for the PSU..? Yes, they accepted my RMA and I may be grateful but sending me something worse isn't a good thing. Sorry for my English, I hope you all understood and thank you for reading until here
  12. Hey guys, This is my first experience with CM's PSUs and probably my last. a started a RMA process after the unexpected failure of my V1000 PSU and after reading about CM's RMA horrors i got worried. CM received my PSU and an email indicating its recipient was sent to me but it has been exactly 10 days since their last update and i was unable to communicate with them regarding it. now i see an update stating "Action Done" on my RMA page but i don't know what that means. can anyone explain it please? Any help is appreciate it. Cheers!
  13. I have submitted my V650S for RMA. They acknowledged that they received it over a month ago, and I have not heard from them since. Can I please get a status update as to why it's taking so long? I would very much like my desktop computer back, and the fact that this seems to be a common problem is seriously concerning to me.
  14. I submitted a RMA request ticket 00115299 on Jan 24, 2017. I included a receipt showing that there is a 3 year warranty on the Power Supply. I got a message reply saying that it is NOT covered under warranty. Our company has been trying to call customer service and the RMA department everyday since the response and we can't get through. We've left numerous messages and I replied back to the ticket with no response. I even opened a new ticket 00115691 hoping someone would reply back but still nothing. I'm not simply a customer but a owner of a tech firm. Should this level of poor service and unresponsiveness continue, I cannot continue to purchase or recommend their product further. I hope our RMA issue gets responded to and resolved before it escalates as our next step is to report this to the Competition Bureau under Misleading Warranties and Guarantees.
  15. Hi Guys, I need your help regarding the horrible CM RMA process, i've been contacting CM support for more than a week asking about updates regrading my RMA but i've got nothing no response at all despite receiving my unit weeks ago yet not a single email. they've already passed the estimated time of sending a replacement... my RMA status is saying "Action Done" can anyone tell me what it means since i'm not getting any help or clarification from them. i'm getting frustrated and this is most likely the last time i'd buy a Cooler Master product. i honestly regret choosing CM over other brands.
  16. Hey guys, there has been a problem with my masterkeys pro s keyboard. I have a faulty mechanical blue switch for my "W" key that does not make clicking sound like its supposed to. I'm trying to get a rma but there is no RMA button under my product although I have registered my product and uploaded the receipt. My product is still under warranty. Please help!
  17. Hello guys, I was a happy user of a Silent Pro M2 620W PSU for almost 4 years, until a couple days ago it refused to turn on my PC. I decided to RMA it, but I realised that there is a spot with scratched paint at one edge and the sticker has two scratches. Shipping cost is not insignificant, so I wonder if these scratches are enough to cause the rejection of my RMA when my PSU is received by Cooler Master. These are the scratches: Any help appreciated!
  18. Hi CoolerMaster, I sent my 850W PSU in for an RMA and I see that you guys received it on January 9th. I'm not angry but it's been close to 3 weeks now without the power supply and I'm really hoping for some sort of an update. If you can do anything to help with this please let me know. I can provide tracking as well. RMA: CUSUS1701022 Regards
  19. Halfway through October I came home to a Computer that would not boot, this normally would not have been an issue and I could have just replaced the PSU. But I'm a college student who recently suffered a financial crisis and can barely afford gas anymore. Now I immedietly mailed it out to CM's RMA department and they emailed me on Nov. 4th saying they recieved it. They also said it would be at most 7-10 buisness days before my replacement was shipped out. Well, Here I am on Nov. 19th and its been 11 buisness days. Not only that but I just got an email saying that my replacement "should" be shipped out sometime next week(That would be at max 17 buisness days!!). This support is unnacceptable. If I do not get my Replacement soon I will have to get a payday loan just to buy a replacement. And I can promise you Cooler Master. I will make sure that everyone who comes to me for advice when building their PC's gets a mouthfull on why you should never buy Cooler Master. I'm also off to issue my complaint with the BBB. You can also be certain that if i don't get my replacement soon ill be heading directly to my local "small claims court" to file a law suit. I am VERY displeased. EDIT: I have just filed my BBB complaint. It seems funny to me that you guys have an F rating with them. I expect someone to contact me and offer a resolution quickly. If not i'll be following up on my second promise by heading to my local small claims court.
  20. Hello, I returned my product Silent Pro GOLD 1000W on December 21st. The RMA was accepted December 19th and somehow it sat at the warehouse for about 3 days while shipping said it had arrived earlier it was 'accepted' on the 31st. I have missed a lot of days of working because of this delay. I've done some research about the process of this RMA and so far for the past 2 years it seems cooler master has had warehouse delays. Is there a way to get a hold of someone quicker for this process I have a $3000 computer paperweight right now, and had I known it would take this long I'd buy a new one from a nearby electronics store. Please help, thanks. -Cameron Edit: Here's my RMA No. CUSUS1512178
  21. Hello, This post is a follow up to the topic which is now locked. I wanted to confirm to the CM Moderator "Inferno Storm" that In fact I have a valid US Adress for returning the replacement to. I don't have plans for traveling the US anytime soon, so I would like to be contacted by the US team via email to proceeed with the RMA request directly, instead of waiting for the IT team to solve the portal problems. On a sidenote, I logged in to my CM fanzone account, and tried to check my support tickets to see If there was any progress on that front, and I receive the following error message (Screenshot Attached): An operation on a socket could not be performed because the system lacked sufficient buffer space or because a queue was full So, at this point I'ts completely damaged and I cant follow up with Fellini. Awaiting for response, Eduardo
  22. Hello First of all sorry for my bad english. I think my PSU Silent Pro M600 is dead, because absolutely nothing happens if I press the start button. No ventilator or HDD movement and no LEDs working. Every cable is properly attached, 20+4pin/4+4pin/power plug/case connectors/etc. Unfortunatly i have no option to test the mainboard/cpu/ram with another PSU. My Question: What happens if I request an RMA for a PSU and send it in that is actually not defect? Do I have to pay a fee or somethin like that? In the event that it is important: the shop where i buyed the PSU does no longer exist, so i have to contact CM directly. Thank you! Greetings from Vienna, Austria. Not so important: How do I change the Forum Display Name? It says in the CM fan zone "fail getting data".
  23. Hello everyone, I'm writing this post regarding my futile attempts to create a RMA request for my Silent Pro M70 PSU since october last year. The automated process doesn't work for me. At first, I didn't even have an "RMA Request Button". After a long customer service conversation taking several weeks, I finally had the mighty button on my CM control panel. But I still cannot RMA my PSU because I'm outside USA, and even if there's a country drop-down list, the state slate is blank and the system doesn't allow me to go further. The most frustrating part of the process is that while I try to not be annoying and letting the IT department work, the system simply closes my case without resolving it, so I need to constantly re-open it. At this point I already bought another PSU from other brand, but I really liked the CM product and still wish to see this issue addressed. Is there anyone on the Cooler Master staff who can take my case as a human and help me RMA my product without waiting six months for the portal to work, or at least declining to offer support for people outside USA, so I can assume that I lost my money and never buy a CM product again? The customer service log is attached to the post for review. My ticket number is 00050791 Note: I made a mistake and published this topic in the cases subforum, so I'm reposting it here
  24. I bought a Hyper TX3 on July 16, 2014 and the included fan stopped working on July 20. The next day, I submitted a parts request # USPR0038087. It's been eight days since then and the "check status" page says that the request is still "pending approval." My question is: how long does it usually take for this process? It seems like mine is taking a while and I don't have another 92mm fan at the moment so my PC is pretty much a huge paperweight right now.