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Found 128 results

  1. Is there a limit to how many fans I can control with the argb controller from the ml360r. I'm making a build that will have 9x cooler master fans in total. Is it safe to have 3 fans on a 3 to 1 splitter and do this on 3 slots on the controller.
  2. Initially, the fan RGB was working perfectly! I tried to change the color and the remote unplugged and when I plugged it back in, the RGB will not turn back on I checked all my wires and everything is plugged in perfectly fine. The fan itself is still working fine! Just the RGB is not working.
  3. Hi, We bought the CM Hyper 212 Spectrum and there are no forums, reviews or whatsoever that is available to tell us if this particular fan can do a RGB fusion sync just like their RF120 RGB Led fan counterpart. Its kinda sad that all our fans including our Ram has the same colors but the fan for our processor has a world of its own. Can anybody help us
  4. I have installed the new MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage on my AMD Ryzen 5 CPU, MSI x470 Gaming Plus Motherboard installed in an NZXT H510i case. I have connected the included ARGB2 controller exactly how the instructions indicate it is connected to a USB 2.0 header on my motherboard and windows sees it attached (see screenshot) The AIO instructions say you have to update the firmware before downloading and installing Master Plus software and I did that and I get the error or screen or whatever shown in the attachment every time. I have tried reinstalling it or even installing ver 780 (which some folks the Cooler Master forum said worked for them) and that software also gives me an error message (also attached). I have tried switching the ARGB2 controller to RGB and have the 4 pin rgb motherboard header attached to the 12v motherboard connection on the controller just like the instructions say but Mystic Light will not see anything but my motherboard (yes I know that MB only has 7 colors and all that) another screenshot attached. I am unable control the fans or led's on either the fans or cooler pump using software I am able to select some RGB presents using the hardware buttons on the ARGB2 controller but that is installed in my case and not really easy to access.I just want to control the RGB and pump/fans on the product with software. I have contacted CM but have received no response as of yet. I can return this thing to Amazon and get something else but I really really don't want to try and do that.
  5. Gavin

    Fan Questions

    Hi All! I just wanted to confirm something for a new build I'm planning. Basically I wanted to know how many CoolerMaster MF120 ARGB Fans I can control from the Controller that comes with the ML360ARGB AIO Cooler, and the Software. I'm planning a build in the Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic Case with either the Gigabyte Vision G board (If I use Intel), or the Gigabyte Vision D board (if I use Ryzen). I will be also using the CoolerMaster ML360ARGB as mentioned. I then want to add 6 more MF120 fans in 2 x groups of 3 -> 3 for intake at the bottom of the case, 3 for exhaust at the top of the case, and the ML360 as in intake on the back for the CPU cooling, for a total of 9 ARGB fans. From my understanding (and I am a bit of a noob), I could plug each set of 3 fans into the controller to run the RGB stuff, and then each set of fans into the 3 way splitter which then connects to the Fan headers on the mobo? Is that all correct?? Also a random question. If I mount the fans in a Pull configuration (ie backwards), can you still see the RGB lights from the back of the fan? Apologies for the essay, but I want to get it right before spend this much money Cheers guys!!
  6. Hi Everyone, this is my first post. i have a MB520 rgb case that i built yesterday. now the front fans LED's do not go off when the unit is powered down and also the on off switch is blinking. the fans are connected to the mother board for power and using the rgb header. any ideas? is on a ASROCK B450M Pro 4 motherboard. i must add that everything works fine when the box is powered up.
  7. I just bought Cooler Master Ml240R Yesterday. I'm not that computer literate or dont have much knowledge about pc. But right now i'm having a problem with the RGB of my Fans. I can change the Cooler Color (that thing installed in processor) but I can't change the Fans in radiator.. Im using the default FPS profile. When I make a new profile and change the color of the fans nothing really is happening. Like it is still the default color or it will turn off the RGB. Please someone help me!
  8. Hello all, I have a quick question. I was thinking about getting the H500M for my next build along with a ML360R. I’m not sure however how to connect all my RGB. In total I will be using a total of six RGB fans - the three that come with the AIO, the two 200mm RGB fans that come with the case and another RGB fan at the rear. Is it possible for me to connect them all with the MasterFan ARGB and PWM hub sold separately? And how would I go about connecting the hub to my motherboard? Thanks.
  9. Hello guys, It is my first forum post , so please be forgiving. At first this are my core components: MB: Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite CPU: i7 9700k Gpu: Gigabyte Gtx1080 Ram: 16Gb Corsair Vengence RGb Pro 3000MHz Case. Cosmos c700P My problem ist the LED form the case itself is working, they light up in static white, but i can't change them either via the buttons nor via gigabyte fusion it seems like the case istn't recognized by Fusion. I have tried fixing the whole thing trying different versions of Gigabyte Fusion. But the rest of the PC LED can be controlled by Fusion like the Fans,Ram an MB itself. I would appreciate replies, help or suggestions solving this Problem. Probably we can help more guys outside with the same Problem. Thank you for your attention
  10. I just purchased 3 140 mm rgb case fans that come with the controller along with a 120mm rgb fan separate. The fans light up and spin, cooler master symbol lights up, but the software (v1.03) does not recognize the controller and asks me to "plug in my CM device."
  11. So i cant get my rgb controller to work. All my fans are getting power as they are rotating through the rbg colours but the software says connect device and in device manger It is saying Unknown USB device ( Device Descriptor Request Failed). have tried all the common fixes. Started with drivers uninstalled and reinstall(also uninstalled and reset to let windows update automatically). Double checked all the wiring was correct still same issue. Tried both headers and they are working(have my front 2.0 running off 1 and they are working fine in both slots). Tried the controller in my friends machine and it worked with no issues software could run and adjust the LED's. Tried re-installing the software on my machine with a folder wipe also but just get the same thing asking me to connect the device and in manager "Device Descriptor Request Failed" still. If its working in my friends machine it shouldnt be faulty ? Anyone got any idea's iam scratching my head about it.
  12. Hello, I want to use the Cooler Master hardware to change the lighting on my MasterKeys Lite keyboard. But when I launch the application, it tells me to "check that I am connected to the Internet" when I am Indeed. Sorry if there are spelling mistakes but I am not English ! (On the picture it says "Make sure you are connected to the Internet when you launch / update the CM portal")
  13. I have an Asus B450 plus motherboard with a 4-pin 12v rgb header. Will i be able to control the fans that come with a CoolerMaster TD500 mesh via Aura and thus via ICUE? Or is this the wrong header for that?
  14. So I recently installed a new motherboard into my PC. I upgraded from an MSI X370 SLI Plus to an MSI X570 Gaming Edge Wifi motherboard. I have the CPU cooler attached with the provided RGB controller and going to the JRAINBOW1 pin header for the aRGB on the motherboard. On my old motherboard, the LEDs at least lit up, but they just flashed this white-blue color. On this new motherboard, they don't light up at all. I've tried connecting the aRGB cable directly to the motherboard, I've also disconnected it from the motherboard altogether, and neither way am I able to get the LEDs to light up again. The controller is showing it's getting power with it's blue indicator light, but it's not actually controlling anything. I've rebooted and reseated the cables and computer multiple times to no avail. The motherboard doesn't even seem to seem to register that the cooler is even connected. I'm at a loss for what else to look at and would appreciate any constructive ideas.
  15. Hello, I just built my PC. Firstly I wired Wraith Prism via RGB header and controled RGB by motherboard UEFI. The range of presets was not very rich, so I rewired cooler as option 2 (via USB Header). It works, but original software from CM doesn't detect it and says: "Plug it your CM device to get started"". So, where I made a mistake? Please suggest. Thanks
  16. I recently purchased the 3-pack MF120R ARGB fans. While attempting to connect the ARGB 3-pin I have discovered my ASUS Prime x470 Pro does not have the appropriate 3-pin ARGB header. The manual included even shows it should be a 4-pin for ASUS however the cable is a 3-pin. Any ideas? Can I connect the controller via usb to the motherboard and still control the rgb through software?
  17. MasterPlus+ v831 does not include the ViewSonic Elite XG270QG in its support matrix and does not detect the monitor as a channel. Any idea when we'll have this with MasterPlus? It's heavily advertised between ViewSonic and Cooler Master as a fully working as intended feature. Or are we waiting on ViewSonic? I did notice on the XG270QG that even their "Elite Display Controller" is not fully functional and only allows for modification of the RGB settings. That's all Cooler Master gear + ViewSonic Links to ViewSonic Elite Is there a MasterPlus+ BETA program?
  18. I recently bought a Cooler Master SF120R ARGB case fan and an Addresable RGB LED small controller, because my mobo doesn't have a 3-pin ARGB header. I connected all the cables correctly, but the fan still isn't lighting up. I've been searching for hours on the forums, but I couldn't find anything! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  19. Lights are on and the fans are spinning but the RGB LED controller is not being detected by the software. I’ve tried multiple versions with the same result. Running on an Asus Z390-E motherboard
  20. I have a problem with rgb cosmos c700m the case for what it costs shouldn't have these problems I really don't know where to turn to There is no support number, I'm in Italy help meeee
  21. I need to know if the MFY-RCSN-NNUDK-R1 RGB controller is compatible with razer synapse software? Using a oem HP mobo in a Phanteks Eclipse 400A digital case. Fans are 3 pin rgb and have open usb headers on mobo. Would rater have 1 program running and controlling everything instead of 2.
  22. Hi, I have a Cooler MasterAir MA410M, and my mother board is the Asus ROG STRIX Z390-F. My MOBO has two 4 pin RGB connectors, but the fan cables coming from the fan controller included is a 3 pin and won't work. I would really like it to be controlled by the Aura Sync software to connect with the rest of my build. Any cable adaptors or anything yous have found, as I cannot find anything, any bit of help is appreciated. Thanks.
  23. Ive built a new pc and everything is working well except for the RGBs present on the front fans of the case. Thet were showing a solid green and they were not being picked up by any software, cooler master or otherwise. As such I decided to bypass the switch and connect them to the MBD RGB section. After doing so they began to change, turn off and on etc. Just wondering if theres any way for me to get them set up with a software so J can change them like the other RGBs I have in my build.
  24. Hi, I recently bought a Masterbox MB530P and everything was fine, really cool box that include 3 aRGB fans (AB). Two days ago, the last fan's leds (on the frontal panel) suddenly stop working, I mean, the Aura sync couldn't change the color of that fan anymore, (only light white) so the first thing I did was restart my computer. It worked the first time, then the aRGB leds of the same fan stoped working again so I tried restarting, but that didn't fix the problem. Since that, I can't control the leds from that fan, it start to blink random colors and also the problem got worst bc I can't even control the leds of the other two fans. Sometimes, when I turn on my computer only 1 led from each fan works (in a color that I didn't choose). All happened suddenly, I didn't have any problem with my computer before of this and the fans spin and work great, the problem is just the lightning, other RGB components on my motherboard works great and all sincronized. The 3 argb fans are plugged right into the motherboard with the 3 to 1 splitter argb cable that came in the MB530P (Plugged in the "ADD GEN2_2" then changed to "ADD GEN2_1" 5v/3pin). I've tried changing the place where I plugged them to see if the problem was my motherboard, but didn't work.Tried to change the order of the cables on the splitter and nothing change. Looked if everything were plugged correctly and they are. Also try with other RGB fans that someone lended me and they work perfectly on my motherboard (didn't use the same splitter cable). Do I need to call for warranty and/or replace those fans? Is there any solution? Motherboard: X570 Rog Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi) Box: MB530P
  25. Hi, I am wondering what other Cooler Master keyboards other than the Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L RGB are compatible with MSI's Mystic Light software? On MSI's website, it notes that the MasterKeys Pro L RGB can work with MSI's Mystic Light software but I want to know what other keyboards would work. Shouldn't the MasterKeys Pro S RGB and the MasterKeys Pro M RGB work with this software as well since these are identical to the Pro L but just a different form factor? Can anyone confirm if these work or if any other RGB keyboards from Cooler Master would work with MSI Mystic Light software? Thank you!