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Found 4 results

  1. So I recently installed a new motherboard into my PC. I upgraded from an MSI X370 SLI Plus to an MSI X570 Gaming Edge Wifi motherboard. I have the CPU cooler attached with the provided RGB controller and going to the JRAINBOW1 pin header for the aRGB on the motherboard. On my old motherboard, the LEDs at least lit up, but they just flashed this white-blue color. On this new motherboard, they don't light up at all. I've tried connecting the aRGB cable directly to the motherboard, I've also disconnected it from the motherboard altogether, and neither way am I able to get the LEDs to light up again. The controller is showing it's getting power with it's blue indicator light, but it's not actually controlling anything. I've rebooted and reseated the cables and computer multiple times to no avail. The motherboard doesn't even seem to seem to register that the cooler is even connected. I'm at a loss for what else to look at and would appreciate any constructive ideas.
  2. My 3 RGB fans that were included with my Masterbox Lite 5 RGB case and the 3 RGB fans that came in my 3 high air flow fan + controller kit (MFY-F2DC-113PC-R1) colors don't always match in static mode and are out of sync in color cycle mode. The video makes it less obvious than it really is but maybe you can see from it. The first two fans on the front of the case and the CPU cooler are the high air flow fans that came with the kit and the bottom front of the case, top of the case and rear exhaust are the 3 RGB fans that were included with the case. The two pics below are of all the fans in static mode.
  3. Picked up the Cooler Master LED RGB Controller today. works amazing with my CM ML240L AIO. Was able to use the splitter and have it control not only the LED's on the fans, but the LED on the CPU pump as well. I also like how it has a magnet on the bottom of it for mounting it to anywhere that is metallic on the case. Software is pretty easy to use as well. Really well made.
  4. Hello, I have the Cooler Master ML240R RGB Addressable RGB Lighting with Controller. As the title reads, when I run the RGB Led Controller software, all I get is the window that reads: "Plug in your cm device to get started " - USB connected to the JUSB1 connector on my motherboard. - Thin Green Fan Cable connected to the HUB Fan Slot ( fan icon ) - And finally the SATA is connected to the PSU. All the connections are good. ( tested that JUSB1 connector with other devices and they are detected just fine ) The HUB controller works, if you press the buttons, RGB lights change accordingly. So I was wondering if anyone here has had this issue and resolved. Thank you My Motherboard: MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC