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Found 5 results

  1. My controller was working last night and my computer crashed. Now I've booted it up and reinstalled windows to solve some of my problems, and now my controller won't recognize. The logo lights up, but the fans don't. Ive tried to reinstall the software, but it won't recognize in the cooler master app. It does however show up in my devices in windows settings. I am at a loss. I know it's not the controller itself, as it is brand new and was just working. I wasn't sure if anyone has ran into this before and maybe knew an answer.
  2. I'm nearly done transplanting a PC into a Masterbox Pro 5 RGB. I already had a CM RGB controller unit, so I wired everything up. When I boot the machine, the case fans are a nice, bright, solid blue. I can use the "RGB Control Software" application to monkey around and change colors, patterns - and brightness. However, if I try to do the same with MasterPlus (to link color schemes to different games), the fans drop to about 25% of their original brightness. There's no brightness control. Does anyone know what's going on? And how I can fix it? Thanks.
  3. I bought two packs of the "MASTERFAN PRO 140 AIR PRESSURE RGB 3 IN 1 WITH RGB LED CONTROLLER" and I'm having some issues setting up both of the RGB LED controller boxes that come with them. The lights work fine on all six fans but I can't get the RGB LED Controller or MasterPlus+ software to recognize both of them. Only one controller box is noticed and only allows me to control up to four of the fans. I haven't been able to find any helpful information other than old posts from a couple of years ago saying that it isn't possible to use two of these controllers. Is this still the case? If so, then that's a shame that I'll have to spend even more money to buy splitters for them.
  4. Hello, I recently upgraded my case to the masterbox series. I have three rgb fans in the front, but my motherboard doesn’t have an rgb header. I’m looking for an rgb controller with remote and would like some suggestions...
  5. I have a C700p and teh fan/RGB controller that came with it, 3 Phanteks Halo, and 3 Cooler Master RGB Fans and an RGB Controller that came with. The former controller looks like it works off your MOBO 4 Pin LED, the later works off of USB and software. I will probably get an ASUS motherboard or Gigabyte. Will the CM software pick them all up, will the ASUS or GB software? I plan on running the 3 halos from the controller that came with the 700p and the 3 CMs fans with the controller that came with them.