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Found 15 results

  1. WINDOWS 7, 8 & 8.1 > QuickFire Rapid-i doesn't start on boot Note: BIOS settings, options and choice of words can be different. Test platform: GA-Z97X-SOC Force (Z97 - LGA1150 - H3) + i7 4790K - BIOS Settings: Optimized Defaults. Please ensure that you have enabled USB legacy or USB legacy devices in the BIOS. Try connecting the Rapid-i to a different USB port (both USB 2.0 and 3.0). Make sure you reboot the computer or laptop for test purpose. Uninstall Intel® USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver (also known as Intel USB 3.0 Driver). You can verify that uninstallation is complete if the computer or laptop starts searching for available USB devices. Make sure you reboot the computer or laptop after this process. Some devices might not work after a reboot, replug the USB connector(s). If all devices are set, shut down the computer or laptop. Now boot the computer or laptop (hopefully the Rapid-i boots succesfully now). Note: USB 3.0 devices might be operating at a Lower Speed. [under construction- Testing]
  2. I have a QuickFire XT keyboard. For a long time, I had noticed that when pressing some keys together may cause the computer to restart(macOS) or sleep(Windows 10). After a series of tests, I find out it's caused by the left CTRL+WIN keys. When I press CTRL+WIN together, the computer will halt. That's SO WEIRED? Is it a bug of the keyboard hardware or firmware? Need help.
  3. Hello everyone, I am very happy to announce Firmware v119. We have teamed up with motherboard manufacturers to solve the 'No Boot- startup problem'. Download the latest Firmware today: Version: Firmware V.119 (EU ISO layouts, 88 Keys) Release Date 2014-12-04 Language English File Size 1.32 MB Description 88 keys; for language layouts of DE,FR,GR,IT,ND,SB,SP,TR,UK Download Version: Firmware V.119 (US ANSI layouts, 87 keys) Release Date 2014-12-04 Language Multi languages support File Size 1.32 MB Description 87 keys; for language layouts of AF,RU.TA,TC,US,UI,CZ,SK Download Also I would like to thank everyone for reporting the problem. We really appreciate it! Now go go go! 'Update your QuickFire Rapid-i Disco board. Cheers, Pim
  4. Hi, i registered to cm fan zone in order to check my keyboard warranty status. Everytime i put my serial number it doesn't read it and i don't know why. I purchased it on amazon but cm website doesn't recognize it. I found that that my serial number has a pipe in the middle of it, for examble SGK9999GK1|XDXDXD . Don't know if it's a pipe or an l, but it doesn't work either way.
  5. HELP! I order a Coolermaster Quickfire TK Keyboard almost a year ago through Amazon - it has media controls when the fn key is pressed (so the orignial fn keys are off for that time). Because I'm silly, somehow I broke the FN key so the stem was snapped in the keycap. I tried fixing it, and somehow the FN key is jammed down and the stem is stuck in the pressed mode. Because of this, the FN key is on constantly, which means the media keys are enabled permanently and the F1-12 keys are unusable. I doubt this is under warranty, but is it worth contacting support? Are there any fixes I can make to disable the key (obviously media controls are not as important). Please help me, if you can. P.S. The way the key is meant to work is - The default state is F1-12. If you hold the FN key while pressing one of these, it will activate the media controls instead. Holding it for 3 seconds puts it in this mode permanently. THIS IS WHAT STATE I THINK IT IS IN, I CANNOT CHANGE IT. PPS. My S key LED is often dim/gone randomly, another issue but I'm not bothered about this. Maybe it will help me be more eligible for warranty?
  6. Hi. Bought Quickfire TK recently, for my transcription work. It's lovely, good job on that, but I have a problem with Num Pad that i cannot solve. Num Pad keys when NUMLK is off (INS, HOME, etc) work perfectly, but whenever NUMLK is on and i need basic Num Pad, numbers 1 and 3 are not working. Everything else is working just fine. Is there any way at all to solve this, as this is very important for my job. Thanks in advance. P. S. There is nothing physically wrong with the keys.
  7. Hello, I joined the forum because I hear it's the best way to get support from CM, and their customer service is the first I've called that asked me to leave a message (?) rather than putting me through to a rep hahaha I got a Quickfire Rapid-i keyboard for my birthday almost two years back. I have kept this keyboard in a desk with a sliding-drawer compartment to keep debris and dust off of it, used it very gently for a gaming keyboard, and in return it has served me faithfully with high functionality and cool-a-f light patterns. Last night, however, I somehow honked up everything. I was homeless for a while and hadn't used the keyboard in ages. It wasn't until just yesterday that I could finally hook up my rig again in comfort. I had forgotten the key combination to change the light pattern, and genius that I am, I thought I'd just keep guessing rather than look it up. I ended up locking the keyboard into function mode due to holding the FN key down too long in my deliberation. Only issue was, it wouldn't get out of function mode through the method listed in the user guide. Only one key would light at a time, and it had to be F9-F12. All the letter keys were typing crazy duplicates--if I gently tapped "a", I would see "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" appear at about the speed of light. I was able to get the lights working properly again through methods as stupid as those I messed up with (keysmash until victory), but the duplicate key issue persists. I can't find a single result for this problem online. I know the keyboard isn't dirty, it's up-to-date to my knowledge, I have NEVER spilled liquid in it...I don't know how to fix the problem. I can't game or even log in under these conditions! All I wanted was to play Goat Simulator after work sob sob Any help or advice would be very greatly appreciated! Thanks, -Septima
  8. Hey Guys! I recently bought a CM Rapid-i TKL keyboard and i use it primarily on my desktop computer which runs windows/linux. I would also like to use it on my Macbook but would like to swap the alt key with the super key both physically on the keyboard and within the software. Any idea how i can reprogram those 2 keys and have it be persistent across all my Operating Systems? Thank you
  9. I have verified that its the keyboard causing my computer to crash as it doesn't happen with this other one i have plugged in. This seems like a rather weird glitch, and it is quite annoying.. After about 10 to 20 minutes of playing a game whether it be H1Z1 or CSGO, the sound will loop and my computer fans will turn on full blast and the screen will go black, the only way to restart is to hold the power button. My specs are as follows: asus z-87k 8gb corsair vengence i5 4670k @4.2ghz GTX 770 ACX SC Corsair 550vs Windows 10
  10. Hi, I recently bought the Quickfire XTI in Blue switches. As I was messing around with the backlight settings, I noticed I was only allow to go through 3 of the 5 light modes. Static, Breathing, and ActivLight on touch. I was expecting to be able to use the Colorwave and/or Cross mode. Does anyone have a solution to this??? If so PLEASE help!! Alfred
  11. Hi Guys I have one problem, to turn on the backlight of the keyboard it crashes. some keys stop working, eventually catching it all. to turn off the lighting, he returns to work... You know what can be done? something related to NKRO or 6kro? in linux and windows the same problem occurs can you help me please? thank you
  12. Is there an intention to restock the white version of the quickfire tk, any switch? SGK-4020-GKCM2 or SGK-4020-GKCR2 cant find it anywhere it could make good match with my white carbide 540. i am sure some owners of the white s340 and define r4 would agree.
  13. I did a lot of reserch to finally decide that the CM Storm Quickfire TK Red Switches is the perfect keyboard for me, BUT is currently out of stock in the usa. Actually, even the Cooler Master Store doesnt have any of these keyboards. All TK switches out of stock Are you planning restocking this product or should i buy something else? Many thanks
  14. I can't seem to find them anywhere... Are they out of stock on every site out there?
  15. Dear CM, will you bring a full keyboard to market with the hybrid capacitive switch? (like the clean and tight quickfire XT?) Or will the Quick Fire XT become availible with hybrid capacitive switches? I really like the numberpad on the side... so the Novatouch TKL will not be the one for me. Regards, JW