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Found 6 results

  1. hello everyone.My new mwe 550w bronze v2 makes a strange ticking noise (like a" quartz clock") ,this only happens when the fan is still (under<10% load) .The moment the fan start spinning the noise is gone and the power supply runs very quiet. Is this a normal behavior? Also when i scroll the mouse wheel up and down the noise is even worse
  2. its normal? i read on forums that could happen in certain devices
  3. hello everyone, i am new to this forum, need suggestions for many days i was thinking of upgrading my old INSPIRON 3647 with a new powerSupply. i know its oniginal PSU is 220 W. but if i keep the powerSupply outside the and run the cables, will it work? if so which powerSupply should i buy, such that it wont fry up my motherboard what sort of converters do i need, if any. I know you all have a tons of information, please share
  4. When I turned off the computer, there was a small amount of electric noise coming out of the PSU when I put my head near it Why? Is it safe?
  5. Hello, I've bought a second hand power supply, though the seller's hasn't sent me the input power cable. So I've bought a 230V - 6A input power cable but I'm not entirely sure if this is right for this Power supply. Is there anyone who can clarify this?