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Found 5 results

  1. HAF XB EVO LAN BOX - Power Light Won't Turn On?

    Hello everyone So I bought this Haf Evo XB Lan Box recently, and I couldn't be more pleased with it. I love the design, it just looks great on my desk, and its easily my favourite case. I have just realized that the power button does not light up at all. Ive tried disconnecting/connecting the power led wires to the Mobo, but that did nothing for me. This really isn't a huge issue obviously, but I would love to have this case in its complete and glorious state. If anyone has any ideas as to what I can try I would love to hear them. Thanks!
  2. Hello all, I have an issue that's been driving mad ! For the past two weeks I've been getting random restarts on my system on both the previous OS win-10 and the current win 8.1 . I've did clean installs/reinstalls for both OS' multiple times, yet I still face the issue. I'm not familiar with it but I assume it could be related to my PSU cable or maybe the power outlet extension cable. But I'm not sure yet, so I came here. Hopefully with your help guys, I can narrow it down to something. Thanks
  3. Enforcer Case Button

    What is the purpose of the round recessed button to the left of the Power Button on the top front of the case. After eight months of flawless operation, I am having trouble getting the computer to consistently turn on and I wondered if this button could be part of the problem.
  4. Cosmos II Power button problem

    Hi folks, For the last few months I've had erratic behaviour with the power button on the top panel of my Cosmos II case. Currently I cannot get the PC to turn on at all. No amount of pressing, holding it down, letting it go, anything is bringing it to life. I have unplugged the power cord from the PSU and turned that on and off a few times as well to no avail. This started happening quite a few months ago now and then it "just fixed itself" after I went through the same behaviour I'm doing now and I couldn't figure out what was going on. I am about to repot the contents of this PC into another case to try to isolate the problem to this case, but I'm pretty sure its a case problem rather than a connectivity problem since it has been working fine for the last few weeks and then suddenly stopped. So my question here is "Are there any other simple diagnostics you guys can think that I should try to get to the bottom of it?" Or "Are there known issues with this power button on this case?" I bought this case just over 2 years ago now so ironically, I'm just outside my 2Y warranty !!! Thanks in advance, Andrew
  5. Good day, I just purchased the above mentioned headset and found that the minute usb is plugged in the headphones get extremely irritating buzzing/static/white noise. I tried connecting the headset directly using the 3.5mm jacks(without using the "puck") and it worked fine, no noise...until I once again plugged in the usb which comes with the jacks and the noise starts again. PSU is a Corsair H1100 (I think...) which is plugged into a surge protector. I did try plugging the headset into a laptop and the noise persisted...even if the power cord is out... As long as an USB is connected, the noise is there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.