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Found 14 results

  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post this. So if it's wrong please let me know a better place. So I purchased a CM MK750 keyboard recently and I absolutely love it. It was a larger purchase that I didn't need but definitely wanted. I explored the Portal software pretty extensively and found a lot of joy out of making unique and colorful profiles. Recently however, after feeling like an expert with the color mapping and effect use, I realized that there is no way to have a custom color map AND give it effects (such as reactive fade, punch, and fireball) and that makes me pretty upset and confused. I really want to explore my imagination but my creativity is being very limited because you cannot add effects to custom color maps to my knowledge. More specifically: You can go in to the software, select any of the color effect presets, and change base colors and effect colors all you want. You can also select multi-layer/multi stage, and combine a few effects. However, this only adds effects to static base colors. Multi-layer also does not have the option to add a custom color layout to it. And finally, if you select custom, you can individually color every single key and more on your keyboard. That all fine and good, but if you do this there is no further option to add an effect such as one I mentioned earlier. This is where the problem lies. Why cant you add color effects to custom color profiles?? This issue of mine feels like it should be easy to implement into the software. While on the subject, why not also add the feature to create your own custom color effects??...But one thing at a time. I've tried searching this topic online and was returned 0 results. It's unfortunate that it doesn't seem like there are a lot of people using this software but I'm hopeful someone can help me. Does anyone know of any way to work around my issue? Can anyone relate to not being able to add effects to their custom color profiles? I really wish CM can see this and do something about it. The software is 100% capable of doing this, there's just no option for it. I feel like my customization is greatly limited by the software and I don't want to start thinking about looking to other products and their softwares because I absolutely love this keyboard.
  2. The cooler master portal which I downloaded from the official website (and which correctly detects the keyboard) is not working. As shown in the attachment everything except the UPDATE FW button is disabled. I updated the software regularly only to get the message that it is already updated and the current and updated firmware version are both same i.e. V1.08.00. Further on checking the settings tab I realize that the software version is V1.01. I am unaware whether the firmware and software in this case refer to the same however, the portal is still not working.
  3. Just tried plugging in my new MK750 and installing it in the Portal; however I keep getting a strange error message (image) and the Portal crashes. I downloaded the portal through this link: I have tried uninstalling (incl. deleting system files) and reinstalling with no luck. From what I gather there are no drivers to update prior? Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance!
  4. I downloaded the Portal from CM's website, but when I try to use it, it keeps saying "please make sure that you are connected to the internet when you launch/update the CM Portal". I've uninstalled and reinstalled it 5 times already. I already tried opening as administrator. I'm using a Mastermouse S and I am connected to the internet.
  5. Hello, I want to use the Cooler Master hardware to change the lighting on my MasterKeys Lite keyboard. But when I launch the application, it tells me to "check that I am connected to the Internet" when I am Indeed. Sorry if there are spelling mistakes but I am not English ! (On the picture it says "Make sure you are connected to the Internet when you launch / update the CM portal")
  6. Recently bought a MK730 and an MM710 and I am sad to find out just how incohesive the software is for these products. Why do I need two separate pieces of software for a keyboard and mouse from the same company? This needs to be fixed and is one of the reasons I even decided to get a CM mouse instead of buying a Glorious Model-O. Now for the software itself, I find it very useful to bind my side mouse buttons to volume up and volume down. Sadly, the software only includes every media control EXCEPT volume control. Why in that world is that the case? I know on the keyboard I can press FN + Pgup/Pgdn, however, it's much more efficient to be able to control it on my mouse. So, I try to create a macro on the mouse to be able to do this. Should be easy. But nope. For some reason, the mouse software does not recognize the FN key when trying to record macros so now I cannot create a volume up/down macro on the mouse. Please fix this otherwise I'm returning the MM710 and buying another Glorious Model-O. The MK730 is a very nice keyboard, just to end it on a slightly positive note.
  7. je ne comprend pas pq je n'arrive pas a telecharger le logiciel PORTAL a chaque essaie ca m'envoie vers une liste d'internet explorer et quand j eclique sur ouvri rs ame l'ouvree a l'infini . AIDEZ MOI SVP
  8. Hi : ) I recently buyed a Cooler Master CK550 and i love it , this is a very beautiful peripheral ! But i can not use Portal as I would like . I searched tutorial , youtube video , without succes . So I would like to make a profile through Portal with 3 custom colors, the 3 in effect mode LED "static" . The problem is that when I use the "multi-zone" mode, I can choose the "static" LED effect only once, on the other 2 zone I have to choose another LED mode, but I only want static. I made you a screenshoot to show you in image (attached to this message) My second problem is when I create a custom lighting with portal (like "colors waves" for example), I can not lower the intensity of lighting of all colors at the same time. Well, if you can help me solve my 2 problems it would be great. Thank you for reading me and giving me your time, I wish you a good day or a good evening. goodbye .
  9. I just got my Cooler Master MM830 mouse today and I downloaded the latest version of Portal (V1.7.4 at this time) to customize the setting and buttons but anytime I try to update the firmware (current is 0119 to new version is 1105 at this time) for the mouse the the firmware update window pops up but doesn't let me click "OK" or "abort" for the update. If I click on the firmware update screen it goes into an endless loading loop until I click on it again and says "FWUpdate is not responding". After I close the program and try to open Portal again it says "Portal is already running" and then opens Portal. My mouse is recognized however any changes I make is not applied to the mouse even after I click the "apply" button after changes were made. When I close Portal and re-open it all my changes that I attempted to make are lost (even though they were never applied). I'm sure this is a software problem but I downloaded Portal from Cooler Master's website. I'd hate to send the mouse back because I can't customize it over the software. Please help!
  10. Hi, I just realized that the download zip file for the Masterkeys Pro L RGB software portal is GONE. All that's there is the weird thing that's attached. No graphic like for the other portal. Does anyone know when it will be available -- and hopefully much improved? Thanks.
  11. Hi, I have extracted Cooler Master Portal v1.01_code signing.rar with a 7-Zip and nothing happens. It just looks like a piece of paper. What am I doing wrong. And more to the point, is the portal even worth it? It used to be so great in 2016 when I first got this kb. Then there was a problem with it (under warranty) so I sent it back and got a replacement. When I finally got the new replacement, the software had changed to this weird, fake, flat looking portal thing. The firmware wouldn't update so I gave up. I learned to mix colours on the fly (super kludgy and time-consuming; talk about beating the crap outta your F1, F2, and F3 keys), but my dear very sophisticated boss came to me the other day and said she wanted a kb like mine. So I picked out a ck550 with red switches cuz she's got a very light touch and doesn't like clicky. It arrives Monday and what happens when I can't get the stupid portal to load? Advice, help, or a new job would be appreciated.
  12. I have problem with portal software cant handle RGB's from there or anything else
  13. Hello, I just received a replacement of the MM520 because the first one stopped working after a couple of seconds of being plugged. But I noticed that the first one as well this second one appear as Keyboard on Devices under Windows 10, and is not being recognized by the CM Portal software. After reading all of the threads here on the forum about the Portal, I just don't understand why so many people have it not working like me and how just a couple of people get it to work for them. Is there anything we have to do for the Portal to work? also, is it OK for the MM520 to appear as Keyboard? or I have 2 times defective Mice? I loved the CM Storm Xornet, but died on me because of the use, and this look pretty close but if this isn't going to work as it should, then I will have to get a refund.
  14. When I install the portal , i get a message "Please make sure that you are connected to the internet when you launch/update CM Portal . I've been tryin for 5 hours , and i cant get it fixed . Can someone help me?