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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I bought a cooler master cosmos c700m 2 months ago, building the pc bit by bit, when I got to the point of having the PSU + MOBO, i connected the relevant cables to it and everything was perfect. Up until today the leds were working perfectly, i finished assembling the rest of the pieces, AIO/CPU, RAM, m.2, etc. and was having an error with the cpu fan. While checking the cables I noticed it was placed on an incorrect pin so naturally plugged it correctly (before figuring that out, i was re-arranging the connectors of the PC and unplugged both the sata x2 and the power cable that goes on top of the PCB on the mobo (case). The thing is for some reason now the leds dont work at all, all the 4 fans of the case work flawlessly, but the leds of the case are completely dead, also the buttons of the front panel (audio and usb works perfect) dont work, neither the fan speed control lights & functionality work, and the lights & buttons of the led control stay all 3 on but unresponsive. I tried plugging the 4 connectors of the LEDs in every order on the 3 available 3 pin cables (theres one that's missing 1 pin in the middle? dunno if that's normal) according to the manual 1 connector will remain free out of the 4 if the user would like to add another led stripe, before i tried plugging that one in the mobo next to the fan pins -.- Anyway i'd like to know if caused a short circuit or something or what is happening? since in the manual doesnt specify an order on how the led 3 pin connectors should be connected unto which (i did notice they have a small number printed on the connector but they dont match each other)
  2. || THE BAT PC || ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY || Custom RGB Controller ''THE GOD KILLER'' Build Log : Imagine having a new themed PC every week or maybe every day,INFINITY MOD is focused on user theme for every occasion. Its not something mind blowing or spectacular invention,I like to keep things simple and futuristic. PC Specs : Procc : AMD FX6300 4.5GHz (OC) Mobo : ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 Memory : STARLITE 4x4GB 1333mHz Cooling : Corsair H11Oi GTX Storage : Kingstone 240GB SSD + 1TB WD Green Power Supply : CM Master Watt 750 Total cost of the project including table setup : INR 75,000 (Approx) [Without any hardware]
  3. Hi all, after near 3 weeks use, my cosmo c700m stopped rgb light, fan speed control, light switch are not working anymore. I can not control my fan speed via hub it's a 3000rpm noctua loudly.
  4. Hi, Does anyone know where I might be able to get a replacement PCB for the HAF-XM? the backplane for the two hot swap bays. Thank you.
  5. Hi All, Trying to find a way to place an order to Canada for the following: I've also tried calling the CMStore, but no luck...HELP! Thanks, alphastar