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Found 8 results

  1. Hey all, I was just wondering if there was any way to get just a replacement key. I was cleaning my keyboard today and I have lost a key. It is the letter "G" so not ideal lol I have emailed CM but waiting on a reply and just thought if any of you have had any keys needing replacing. Thanks
  2. Mine was bent and broke, I am willing to buy yours off you if youre not using it
  3. Is there a way to order extra x-dock trays for the front two slots on the HAF XB EVO Test Bench case? Not that it is time consuming to swap out drives, but if you have to do it often enough, it would be more convenient to have extra trays ready to insert new SSDs. I couldn't seem to find any when searching online.
  4. I have a Master Box 5 pro and and want to relocate the front panel controls (to a custom enclosure on my desk) without ruining the case itself. In the EU store there is a Cooler Master 621049300-GP (I/O panel) that I want to use. Searching the US store however does not return any result. Is this part available in the US? Buying it through the EU store essentially triples the price with VAT and shipping. Does anyone know how to contact CM directly. I asked on twitter and was referred here (and support). Thanks.
  5. Hey there, I've contacted the support team and got no response on multiple forms of communication. Can someone please get in touch with me on how to get more parts for the Cooler Master HAF-X case. I am working on reconstructing and reviving the PC I made in high school. I need some hard drive bays for the top 5.25" inserts (possibly called hot swap bays). I'm also wondering if there is a way to remove or replace the internal hard drive rack. Some of the sliders broke and I would need some new ones. The bottom piece where the wheels are also broke off. It's an aesthetic piece, but necessary in completion of the build. Is there anyway to buy or get these parts replaced? I am in dire need of some support from the CM team. Your phones go to messaging at all hours, everyday, and the support ticket has been sitting there for days. I can provide the proof of purchase and product number if needed. Please help me! Jon
  6. I've been attempting to acquire a replacement front IO panel for a HAF X for nearly 6 months now. Told in the past by customer service that it would be "35 days." Enrolled and placed part on wish list. Sixty days later, no response that the part has come in. Calls to USA or Canada achieves long wait time only to be transferred to voice mail. Voice mails are not being returned. It looks like Cooler Master North America has become nothing more than a one man (or woman) operation. Does anyone know of a working method in which this part can be acquired without having to wait until the next stone age? Have a client willing to purchase the tower (and contents) for a pretty penny, if only the USB 2.0 ports were functional. Not looking for "work around" suggestions. Looking for a replacement part.
  7. Hi everyone - I am a first time builder and bought the CM690III in green. I had no trouble putting it all together but within a week I managed to break the plastic slider on top that covers the little storage pocket, usb ports and start button *sigh* SO now my mission is to try and find a replacement part. I've called the shop I originally bought the case from, but they don't stock spare parts. Now I don't know what to do and hope you guys and gals can help me out
  8. Hi All, Trying to find a way to place an order to Canada for the following: I've also tried calling the CMStore, but no luck...HELP! Thanks, alphastar