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Found 3 results

  1. Oz Modz

    Rocket League

    Rocket League is one of my go to easy to play relaxing games with 800+ hours on it its something that I very much enjoy. This had led me to want to do this Case Mod. I have some great ideas and after I get the last few parts this project will take off. Stay Tuned
  2. Oz Modz


    Project Arctic is a clean build concept which takes the Master Box and turns it into a clean white build with light blue highlights. In this build I have done alot of little details. I want people to be able to visualise this build sitting next to them and I want it to make the area around it feel cooler by association. This build is all finished and this log will be updated very soon so stay tuned!
  3. My Assassins Creed build is here. I did this build to coincide with the Assassins Creed Movie release late last year. I used the Cooler Master Master Box 5 and I went for a clean Black and White theme with red highlights. The Main mods are: Acrylic flashing to create an open case feel Custom front Panel with Assassins Creed Logo Vinyl highlights on the edging Recessed Assains Creed lettering PSU cover - every letter has been recessed and done individually. Hidden blade which can withdraw and shoot out. VGA cover with engraved quote "We work in the dark to serve the light, we are Assassins" CPU Cooler Badge Vinyl wrapped Hyper X Savage SSD's Flash panels and mounting panels to create a clean exterior and assist with cable management Radiator Cover done to silhouette an Assassin. CPU: Intel i7-6700K. MB: MSI Z170A MPOWER GAMING VGA: MSI GTX 980 TI LIGHTNING Case: Cooler Master MasterBox 5 White PSU: Cooler Master V750 Cooler: Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 240 Memory: HyperX Predator Refresh DDR4 Memory 16GB (4x4GB) SSD: HyperX Predator PCIE SSD 240G (x1) HyperX Savage SSD 120G (x2) Cables: Cablemod HyperX HyperX HyperXKingston Technology MSI Global MSI Deutschland MSI Europe MSI Philippines MSI Gaming Cooler MasterCooler Master Australia/New Zealand Cooler Master Assasins creed brotherhood Assasins creedAssasins Creed #makeityours #cmmod #coolermaster #ozmodz #ozmodzstore #assasinscreed