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Found 2 results

  1. So I'm new to this forum though I wanna know if the Notepal U150R is gonna be released soon because I have seen it on the website but then I couldn't find it anywhere. Could someone help me please? Thank you
  2. I am the disappointed owner of a CoolerMaster Notepal U3Plus cooling pad. The machine I am using it with is a Dell Precision M6800 which is classified as "workstation replacement" and weights about 4kg (and costs about $2000 as startup price). First I will discuss the AESTHETICS AND FEELING: 1. Because of a sum of factors, the laptop shakes a lot when used (eg. typing) and is on the cooling pad. One of those factors are the metal too thin (2mm) for such a big cooling pad ,meant to support a category of notebooks that are all unusually big and heavy. Another factor is that on the lower end it rests on the handle's rubber which lifts the pad's corners from the table, which again contributes to its overall instability and serous shaking. 2. Because the laptop's rubber legs aren't properly held in place by anything, the laptop tends to slip down and needs constant readjustment. This wouldn't be a major issue if I would't have found my machine at the edge of my desk overnight. In case it falls on the ground because of a £30 cooling pad, it will cause a damage at least 60x bigger (not considering the additional effects caused by being unable to continue work). So, this I consider a HUGE flaw, to allow the laptop to slip away so easy. 3. The handle's rubber coating is joined where one would apply pressure with their phalanges when carrying it. The problem with this is that the rubber is not glued or moulded around. Is just a sleeve attached mechanically trough some holes. It opens on the lowe side and the fingers can get very easy in direct contact with the metal, which cancels all the purpose of the rubber handle. 5. For such a "high end and inovative" cooling pad, I was expecting the strap that is meant to attachh the laptop to the cooling pad in "carry mode" to be a much better quality. The one I got is just a cheap elastic band like the ones you have attached to underwear... even the elastic strength of it is barely enough to keep the laptop in place. The only way it keeps it is because is stretched to max (which again is going to damage the strap in no time). So, basically I expect it to wear down in several uses. 6. The USB port is meant to allow the user to use that port while powering the fans, which is a very good idea. The bad implementation is here to blame. The design is so big and bulky and increases the risk of it to be hit by accident and damage the USB port in the notebook permanently. This design could have been made much better, slimmer, more compact, to reduce that chance as much as possible. USAGE: As I said, I used the cooling pad with my Dell M6800 and I tested the cooling efficacity while doing rendering. Before starting any tests, the notebook was fully cleaned of dust inside. The results were less than satisfactory. 1. I placed the fans exactly under the air intake ports of my laptop, then I started testing different scenarios. 2. The only noticeable temperature drop was ONLY by moving the laptop from the desk on the cooling pad. That was just because there was more free room underneath for the fans to draw air more efficiently. The fans did basically nothing. There was no difference between fans ON or fans OFF. Actually, at some points, the temperature had a slight tendency to increase when the fans were ON. I couldn't understand why. There was indeed a 2 degrees temperature increase in the exhaused air (measured with electronical thermometer) when the fans were ON which could suggest the heat was expelled better with the aid of the fans, but that didn't reflect in any temperature drop of the CPU, or increased frequency. So, the only cooling this pad could do, was PASSIVE COOLING, by lifting the notebook of the table. GOOD PARTS: -nice looking (could be improved - A LOT) -light and relatively strong (except the shaking part, which could be fixed especially for the U3Plus) -rubber is soft in touch, but not spongy-soft. Except the handle issue that should be resolved too. -minimalistic look, modern. Except the fact that my laptop tends to go down, which is a HUGE risk of finding it on the floor one morning. CONCLUSION: Despite the effort the makers put in it, I find it overpriced and overrated. I was expecting a cooling pat that is stiff enough, keeps my laptop ON it and most important: to cool-down my laptop at least with 2 degrees centigrade measured on the cpu, but this one if it did any cooling, the value was so low that went unnoticed. My suggestion: wait for the producers to improve it before buying. Maybe the smaller version behaves much better, because the notebooks are less heavy and the thickness of the material compared with the overall size of the product is better, but the U3Plus is a failed product, compared to the expectations and the price.