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Found 23 results

  1. I bought a MasterLiquid Lite 120 cooler. Except that the pump has made a very loud noise. When I connected the pump pin on the CHA FAN and the fan pin on the CPU FAN, the noise decreases a little, but I heard that I have to turn off the fan control, as it can damage the pump. That's true? When I turn off the fan control, the noise comes back ... Thanks friends!
  3. I recently purchased an ML240L RGB AiO liquid cooler. The pump itself works fine, the RGB lights up fine, and one fan works normally, but the other fan is vibrating. It seems to wobble very quickly (since the fan is spinning at hundreds of RPM, this wobble turns into a vibration). Is there anything I could do? Preferably I would do it myself at home, but if it's not possible to fix it yourself, I would have to send it back to Cooler Master.
  4. Hi, Is this normal that the pump from the ML360R makes so many noise when no apps or games are on ? I have the same problem as this guy : It's really noisy and it flows up and down everytime. I don't dare to launch a game... ^^
  5. I wanted to tell the support but support ticketing reports holidays in period that is already over. I have Cooler Master Devastator III and I have a question about mouse. When computer is being shutdown the mouse goes off – at least the lighting – but when the computer is turned off and color change button is clicked, mouse lighting goes on. I wonder if this is by desing because I have no good impression of it. There is difference between mouse online and offline color change. When computer is offline, the color change has bad response, button has to be pressed longer. Also in opposite to online state there is no no-lighting state. Instead there is one very-low shine state. I think this is HW bug. The more that during this offline shining mouse produces high pitch whistle that is hearable with ease also from distance (1 m). Since this high pitch whistle, I found that also in online state mouse produces it but this time it is very silent. One must put mouse on ear to hear it – at least when computer is making noise around. I hope support system will be back soon.
  6. Hi, Yesterday I purchased a new V1000 to replace an old PSU and I can't seem to figure out how to eliminate this annoying static noise. It goes quiet at times but is constant when browsing the internet. My old Corsair PSU didn't have this problem in particular but had coil whine which was fixed changing the power saving options in BIOS. This current noise is only present when the PC is on. I'm also using a Belkin PureAV Series 8-Way Isolator to power my devices which is supposed to filter interference. Any help would be much appreciated as I can't find a solution anywhere. Thank you. CMV1000 buzz.mp3
  7. PRODUCT NAME MWE Bronze 550 MODEL MPX-5501-ACAAB PROBLEM: I bought this power source in the mercado libre, when I installed it on my armed PC, the source worked without problems, but after a week a strange sound began to sound as if something collided with the fan but there was no cable, I don't know the origin of what the sound can cause. The sound begins to sound when I turn on the PC and for a period of 1 hour the sound is remarkable, then the sound begins to calm down. The PC works normally but the sound is caused by the source, I do not know if it is due to low temperature since we are in December and where I live we are at 18 ° C. evidence: (sound no virus its a sound of the powersupply format .m4a) More information on the energy source: note: i use the traductor google XD
  8. Hi everyone, yesterday i bought the CM MWE 650W white. I installed it and when i turned my pc on it made a rattling/ticking noice. When the fan was accelerating the noice went away but at a certain speed it started rattling/ ticking.... WhatsApp Video 2019-12-12 at 10.50.10.rar Please someone help me :(
  9. Hey guys! New here, I had a CM MWE 650 80+bronze which used to make a fairly loud grunting sound ONLY on startup and made a few clicking sounds now and then, I had that sent for RMA, got upgraded to a MWE 650 80+ Gold which makes exactly the same sound. 1.My PSU fan is facing down as my case only allows for this orientation 2. haven't checked in the new PSU but the previous one stooped making that sound when flipped upside down (fan facing up). 2.Again it only makes that sound on startup or when my system gets off of sleep mode. 3. No grinding noise after and the fan is working have checked the airflow. I wasted 30 days getting the previous RMA, can't afford to waste more time, do you guys think this is a serious issue if not is there some precautions I can take to either solve or ensure that this dose not get any worse. TBH this terrifies me, any and all help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi there, I bought the MasterLiquid 240 system and it produces a really loud noise. When only browsing the web you can constantly hear the pump. On the wideo you can see that it gets loud up to 35 dB.(15dB on the specification), which is really anoying. When I load the CPU up to 100% the noise rises to 45dB, you can hear a bit of fan working but still the main course of noise is comming form the pump. Would you have any ide on what could be wrong? Maybe an air is trapped inside the system? (It is hard to hear anything, which is why I added a noise level meter) Thanks, Uroš
  11. i just recently bought and installed a coolermaster masterliquid240l and connected it all up to the pc and found that the fans are extremely loud, like really loud. I have tried going into the BIOS and changing the fan speeds there but nothing turned them down. this very annoying seeing as some people said in the reviews on amazon saying that the fans were really quiet, did i do something wrong? i just followed the manual, thats all.
  12. My brand new masterwatt 550 is squealing when under load from say a game or what not. Should I be concerned about this?
  13. shantohasibul

    V750 Noise

    Hi there.. Plz help me.. I bought a brand new V750 Full Modular... but when it starts it makes a (TAK) sound.. and after shuts down same noise again....
  14. I really thought these were going to be the best fans on the market. Theyre a combination of a good coolermaster fan reminiscent of the xtraflo fan from the 212 evo, and RGB LEDS which can never go wrong. The big issue is noise. These things sound like a lawnmower. The noise gets worse at higher rpms and much better at lower rpms so its not bearing noise, its a form of coil whine. Theres also control issues such as the fan not even going to 0 rpms on pwm, and if you use voltage, the leds turn off as you lower the voltage. The PCB is too bloated. The design has 4 super bright leds, a pwm mosfet, probably some led mosfets, 4 giant radial coils, an overcomplicated driver and finally, the leds are powered off of the fan header instead of the simpler solution of just using RGB power.
  15. Good morning, I recently bought a Fractal Design Define R5 case. I installed 3 Fractal Design silent fans, the X2 GP-14, 2 in front and one in the back. My cpu fan as you see is the V8 GTS with two fans. I ran all the fan tuning software from ASUS (AI Suite 3) it calibrated the fan just fine but at around 400 rpm till over 1000 rpm, the fans are making a high pitch noise that grows as rpm rise up. The setup is absolutely silent and this hiss is totally annoying. Before starting thinking of other cooling solutions, can you help me with this issue? Is it a fan problem? An inside the box air-flow issue? The box fans are connected to the case's fan speed control, I set them to silent, medium and high in case there's something wrong with the air flow that creates this problem with the cpu fans but that's not the case. I really love the design of the V8, it's like a jewel on my rig, but this noise is intolerable. Thanks for your time!
  16. Hi, I have an CM690III , but there is some vibration noise (due to the fan's in the system - three: CPU, FRONT 220mm, BACK 160mm) The noise seems to originate from the front plate and\or from the side panels. If it is the front plate, then I'm inclined to blame the BAY plates. If it is the side plates, then I'm inclined to blame the side-pvc window. The type of noise is that caracteristic of plastic-metal vibration. It is not from the HDD (only one in the build), if I remove the front plate the vibration (the most agressive one) seems to go away. If I just remove the front plate, there is a light 'huming' sound. If I remove both side plates and the front plate, then there is no vibration sound at all. If I touch the chassis or press it in some way, the vibration goes away. After sometime the vibration cease to be. What can I do to fix this issue? Rubber feets? cork sheets? glue? etc Any ideas are welcome. Best regards, Fábio R.
  17. Hi, I have "Cooler Master V750 - Compact 750W 80 PLUS Gold Semi-Modular PSU". When I connect it to power cord I am getting a buzzing noise similar to this. When I switch-off the on PSU power button I still get the same noise. I am already using a surge protector and my electricity connection is grounded. I am not using any PCI GPU. Is this coil whine? I have just purchased a new GPU which will be arriving in ~November. I don't want to damage it. What should I do now? Product was bought from amazon and it's about a year old.
  18. Good day, I just purchased the above mentioned headset and found that the minute usb is plugged in the headphones get extremely irritating buzzing/static/white noise. I tried connecting the headset directly using the 3.5mm jacks(without using the "puck") and it worked fine, no noise...until I once again plugged in the usb which comes with the jacks and the noise starts again. PSU is a Corsair H1100 (I think...) which is plugged into a surge protector. I did try plugging the headset into a laptop and the noise persisted...even if the power cord is out... As long as an USB is connected, the noise is there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi, I'm a bit desapointed by my new power supply G600W. The fan (supposed to be quiet) is really noisy compared to the rest of my configuration. That's why i was thinking about changing it. Does anyone have the exact specifications (rpm, CFM, voltage range...) of the fan mounted in the PSU to be able to find one with the closest spec. Found anything on the internet, except that it's a 120mm fan and most likely, it's a 2 pin fan with voltage control Thanks !
  20. OK Im going to be as specific as possible. The pump sounds like a fish tank pump and is overpowering in my room. I am using the motherboard Gigabyte Z68A-D3H-B3. Here is a diagram of the fan inputs on the board: Currently I have a NOCTUA PWM Y-CABLE coming off the CPU_FAN 1 The 3 pin connector is going to the fans and the 4 pin connector is going to the pump. These are my BIOS options: The CPU Smart FAN Control is set to NORMAL CPU Smart FAN Mode is Auto OK...thats the current setup and Im just guessing that my pump is either running nonstop FULLSPEED....or there is some problem with it. Any help or suggestions for adjustments are greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi I just bought the notepal XL (2 days ago), when I start the fan it sounds like an aircompresser that starts up. When I turn it off (but the fan is still spinning) it doesn't make a sound. Is this normal? P.S. I've attached a recording (in real it's a lot louder). notepal XL.mp3
  22. This is an open/close self solved issue. Though, I just wanted to put it out there in case anyone else came across a similar situation. Needless to say I sometimes work at night when things are quiet and recently started to notice a high pitch ringing coming from my CM Storm Recon mouse. Keep in mind it was a faint sound, but the frequency was such that it would cause fatigue and distraction. I understand that most people tend to game and are usually listening to music, headphones or have some level of background noise. So, please excuse me for my unique situation. Moving on, I was about to issue a RMA for what I thought was a faulty capacitor or some other anomaly when I came across the root cause. Just to note, the support staff had not heard of this complaint. Eric was very helpful and indicated a RMA would likely result in a replacement. It turns out that the frequency emitted by this optical mouse is directly correlated to a couple things: the surface of the mouse pad and the distance the mouse is from the pad. As a result this is exactly why I did not notice the high pitch noise prior. I recently changed mouse pads. If this is something that is affecting you try a different mouse pad or surface and it should solve the issue. The mouse pad that caused the issue for me in particular was the Mionix Sargas 900. Keep in mind this is a great feeling surface and very soft but for some reason would cause the optical sensor to ring just at the right frequency to drive my up the wall. When I moved back to the Razer Destructor 2, which is a hard surface, the frequency changed so that I no longer hear that strange frequency. I also noticed that a solid wood desk does not exhibit any annoying ringing either, but I would not suggest that for pinpoint accurate mouse use. I can literally move the mouse from one pad to the other and hear the difference. Not that I was looking for trouble, but I am glad that it was the combination of factors and not the wonderful Recon Mouse. In fact, I just ordered a second one for my other PC. Cheers, Andrew
  23. Hey all, I hear low resonance sound coming from the 200mm case fan in the front. It's not that loud, but i do hear it. It is that pulsating sound. It's enough to be annoying I didn't see any other topic about this, but maybe someone can let me know if they hear this also and if it is normal for that 200mm fan. I got some of that "double coated tissue tape" together with the screws with my case. I think i will try if that helps and re-install the fan later this week. Could it be that the fan maybe isn't not running at the right RPM? I connected the fan to the motherboard (SYS_FAN1) and it is running at around 760 RPM. Will it run also 760 rpm when i connect it to the psu? A quick side question. I also ordered a 200mm Megaflow Blue fan and i will install that at the top. Is it easy to install and is it more quiet? I noticed that fan runs at 700 rpm (accordeon to the specs) and not at 760.