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Found 15 results

  1. Pump Malfunction?

    Recently while using my PC under load the temperatures of my CPU would go above 90 degrees Celsius. Upon restarting my PC it would give me a "CPU FAN ERROR". When I checked my bios, it showed that my CPU fan was at 0rpm. Then instead of plugging the pump into CPU_FAN I plugged it into CPU_OPT and now that one shows 0 rpm instead. When I physically checked the 2 fans attached to the radiator, they were still spinning. This led me to believe that the pump has failed but I am not sure if this is how to properly check if the pump has failed or not and would like further clarification. Also I would like to know how I can go about replacing it using my warranty if it is indeed a pump fail, thanks
  2. Nepton 240m setup

    Hi everybody! I have put together my first build just yesterday. The nepton 240m is connected to a Gigabyte z170x Gaming 7 mobo. And the case is NZXT n450, it has it's own PWM hub. The question is my Nepton connected to the mobo correctly? The setup is as following: - nepton pump is connected to "CPU_FAN" connection - nepton fans are connected to the NZXT PWM hub - the NZXT PMW hub is connected to "CPU_OPT" connection Any idea if this is ok?? Because so far I get very weird readings of fan speeds with CPUz and Gigabyte EZtune. It always says "CPU_FAN" 2800RPM & "CPU_OPT" 400RPM This can't be right, can it? I mean the pump can't reach 2800? The whole setup makes almost no noise btw, including no pump sounds. But all the fans are spinning. I've attached a screenshot. Does anybody know if this looks right or not? Don't want to fry my nepton. Thanks!
  3. Nepton 240M only one fan spinning

    Hello, I just put together a new rig. My motherboard is Gigabyte Z170 Gaming 7 with i56600K cpu. As a cpu cooler i put on Nepton 240M. I connected water pump to CPU_FAN header and cooler fans with provided Y-splitter to CPU_OPT header. In BIOS I set CPU_FAN to "Full Speed" and CPU Fan (water pump) is doing ~2.600 rpm constantly. CPU_OPT is set to "Normal" so that cooler fans can increase or decrease operation depending on temperature and workload. CPU_OPT is doing ~980 rpm at idle. My problem is, ONLY one of the fans on Nepton is spinning. When I try to change fan connectors on the Y-splitter, again only one fan is spinning but now it's the other one. I tried connecting one by one fan to each of the Y-splitter connectors and only one connector of the Y-splitter is making fans spin. Also I noticed that one connector on Y-splitter has 4 wires in a 4 wire connector and the other one has 3 wires in a 4 wire connector. Is everything I wrote normal or should both cooler fans spin when I turn on power? Is it maybe a faulty Y-splitter? Did I connect the pump and the fans correctly to the motherboard? Also, if I connect fan connectors to SYS_FAN headers on motherboard (there are 3 of those) will they know when they the cpu is hot and ramp up the RPMs? Please help! Thank you!
  4. N200 and water cooling

    Hi all, I just got into the AIO water cooling scene and I have some questions with my N200 case. I use the Seidon 120M with Hyper 212X dual fans and I positioned it on the back side blowing air outside. I'm aware that the idle temperature using AIO is usually higher than using regular heatsink fan, and since I live in the tropic, average idle is up from low 40 degrees celsius to high 40 degrees celsius. However once CPU utilization is high, I get only around 70 degrees celsius tops without any air conditioning and with outside temperature of 32 degrees celsius, which is nice. However, I wanted to use the Seidon 240M, and I wonder how the airflow management should be like? Right now I'm using two fan intakes on the front and if I use the Seidon 240M, should the fans blowing air outside the front panel or inside?
  5. Nepton 120XL

    From the album Nepton 120XL

  6. Nepton 120XL

    From the album Nepton 120XL

  7. Nepton 120XL

    From the album Nepton 120XL

  8. Nepton 120XL

    From the album Nepton 120XL

  9. 3-Pin connector pumps Please do not modify the pump speed. Lowering the RPM might result air bubbles or a decrease in performance. Lowering the pump speed could also damage the unit, and might result in a failing pump. New water cooler noisy? Rattlin or ticking pump noise? Air bubbles might be stuck in the loop. Please let the pump operate for a good day. Still experiencing noise? Please contact the support or request RMA. Cooler Master cases & water cooling support COSMOS II COSMOS SE HAF X CM 690 III
  10. Nepton 240M - noisy Fan

    Hello, I installed the Nepton 240m in my CM 690 III, today. My processor is a 3.4GHz Core I7. My MB is a Asrock z77 extreme 4. This works very well, my processor is at 30°C (-15° ~) But the Nepton 240m fans still running at the highest in idle. Is this normal? I plugged on CPU_FAN1 and fans on CPU_Fan2. Is this the right way? In any case, it makes a lot of noise. Much more than the basic Air cooling (intel). How to make the Nepton 240m is adapt the workload of the pc as did original Air Cooling? Sorry for my English, I'm French.
  11. HAF 922, Nepton 240M

    From the album Nepton 240M, HAF 922

  12. HAF 922, Nepton 240M

    From the album Nepton 240M, HAF 922

  13. Nepton 280L on Haf 922

    Hi All And thanks in advance for your answer Anyone know if the Nepton 280L can fit on Haf 922 case? My idea is Radiator, inside at top, and the fans outside at top
  14. Elite 130 + Nepton 120XL

    Has any one tried to put a nepton120 XL in to a elite 130 yet? Any pics if you were successful?
  15. Cooler Master Nepton 240L

    Hi Guys, Am i ask if is possible to made a Nepton closer-loop water cooler with a 240mm radiator, because many of our cases do not support 280mm radiator like silencio 652 case Thanks for your atention