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Found 6 results

  1. The Contoller for my ML240R started smoking so I unplugged it to see why and the SATA port was chard up and pins are melted a bit. I haven’t even hade the product for a week yet and it has broke. I did buy it through amazon but taking the entire setup off my pc and putting the old cooler on would take forever especially with me being a newer pc owner. Can a cooler master worker please send a email my way so I can explain in a bit more detail. Thank you -Matthew (if any one knows someone who can help please notify me)
  2. First of all hello guys ! I don't know where to post this to be sure to get an answer. I don't see a Master Liquid ML360R RGB section : only 120 and 240...Maybe someone could help me with this ? Then i could delete that post and edit a new one in the appropriate section. Secondly here are my issues, any tips or advice are welcome because the Cooler Master support is unreachable to me and i need to be sure of what to do when i'll still able to resend that aio to my seller in the appropriate delay if i needed to. I'm sorry for my bad english too, i hope it will be readable to you. 3 detailed problems: 1. Radiator always cold the 2 pipes always cold Noise of water and air stuck in the pump cover which pours into a pipe when I tilt my pc tower. I installed it two weeks ago, i did not forget to remove the plastic on the copper surface, with a dab of thermal paste* on the proc (*wich was on the same plastic bag as the screws..) i installed it. Nb:(Even before opening the container of the paste I noticed that it had flowed on the tube and in the plastic, so I applied the dough after removing the first dry ends). 2. At each start-up this aio makes a sound of water (quite strong) for 10-15 minutes which trickles into the cache above the processor (ryzen 3600x) for afterwards to continue but in drop mode and come back randomly. The pump is connected to the aio pump on an asus tuf gaming wi-fi x570. With the 3-pin cable using the reporter on a 4-pin port on the motherboard. The 3 120mm fans are connected to the fan cpu. 3. I tried several times to turn my pc gently on itself… When I tilt it slightly so that the outlet pipes of the pump are directed downwards rather than to the right and this while my pump is doing a noise of water blocked, suddenly I hear all the water pouring out as if we were filling a glass from our sink. 4. In one of the pipes, the one at the top (outlet to the right of the pump) I can feel the water circulating until the first half which rises towards the radiator at the top and then nothing. 4.1 For the bottom pipe (outlet to the right of the pump) I do not feel the water circulating ... 5. Desktop mode with all programs closed. Process temperature (ryzen 3600x) Values cpu = between 32 and 47 degrees which fluctuates from 10 to 15 degrees every second). Cpu Package: between 38 and 50 that fluctuates every 5 seconds. Stake : By launching a little greedy game, for 30 minutes yesterday my processor rose to 72c peak with an average of 62c .So i quit gaming.. My questions : Is this normal: 1. That the radiator is always cold? Even when I run a stress test the radiator does not seem to dissipate heat. 2. Is it normal that I do not feel the water circulating in the pipes (or just in the first part of one of the two (the one at the top, pump to the right? 3.This sparkling water noise seems to me to be due to blocked air? In addition, the 3 fans that accompany it make quite a noise from 40% of their speed exceeded. They activate in a loop every 20 seconds for 5 seconds on the desktop without doing anything. They accelerate, decelerate, in a loop. In Ryzen power balanced non OC mode except the ram (trident z neo 3600 mhz). Speed that seems mandatory to keep temperatures in reasonable areas below 50 degrees without doing anything. Just look at my wallpaper: '( Do I have to return the product? Is it defective? Dangerous? Is it normal operation: /? Aio placed at the top pipes down and on the pipes proc to the right no other choice (except left but too short) given the fixings provided ... Thank you for you time, have a nice day all.
  3. Hello there everyone. I'm just trying to make a simple macro for sliding attacks in WarFrame, yet I can't seem to find out for the life of me where and how to actually make one. I tried downloading the SteelSeries 3 engine like I saw one of my WF YouTubers had when he was showing off his set up, but I quickly came to the rude awaking that just because you have the software for a macro, doesn't mean you can make it. You need the hardware as well. So I tried to look up "How to make a macro with Cooler Master" and "Marco software from Cooler Master" and just got a whole bunch of keyboards and mouses with build in macro builders and a lot of other stuff. I tried downloading the Cooler Master Portal as that seems to pull up when I searched for a solution and so far it has only pointed me to the forms. So now I turn to the forms and probably people smarter than myself at 4 in the morning for help. I have the Cooler Master SGB-3040-kkmf1-us keyboard and mouse combo for anyone who is wondering
  4. I recently purchased a single MasterFan Pro 120 mm, as I liked the RGB aspect. On the box it says it is compatible with the Asus Aura Sync program. But, I have both the RGB header and fan wires plugged in, and the Aura Sync program does not detect the fan. It is currently displaying a dim red color. How do I get Aura Sync to detect the fan lights?
  5. So I bought a new pc and cooler master master keys lite L and everything was working until I got update on my windows 10. Now the lights of my mouse won't turn on.
  6. I want to find the analog or other power supplies with same characteristic of UCP 700-AAAA-A3. (Cooler master).