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Found 3 results

  1. I'm stuck in an upgrade and hoping a reader on this subreddit can bail me out. I have a CoolerMaster MasterLiquid 240, and I'm upgrading from an AM3+ socket to an AM4. Unfortunately, I finally cleaned out my ancient box of spare parts this week, and too late realized I tossed the AM4 mounting brackets. I've tried contacting Cooler Master directly, but it seems like their North American store might be down for the pandemic? I know this is a longshot, but I'm hoping one of the Intel Brethren might also have the MasterLiquid 120 or 240 (or 120/240L, or 120/240R) and kept the unused brackets. If so, I'd be happy to pay for the parts and any shipping costs. My upgrade is so close to being finished, and these two stupid little parts are all that stand in the way. Thank you!
  2. Hi i'm in South Africa and need mounting hardware for the coolermaster nepton 240m to the am4 platform, i found what i needed on the Asia pacific coolermaster store and i payed them about a week ago but it still says processing and they don't respond to emails, should i create a dispute on paypal if it doesnt ship by end of this week? or does anyone know who i can contact?
  3. **************** Nevermind this thread, I found the solution, there was another bracket with the motherboard all along....**************** Could someone close the thread please? "Hello all, I recently bought a Seidon 240V AIO liquid cooler, but I have trouble installing it. It seems that the locking/mounting bracket is not compatible with the motherboard's socket (2011-3), even though according to the specifications of the cooler it should be. Here are couple of pictures of how it looks like when I try to align the screws The motherboard is the ASRock X993-ITX/ac: The CPU is i7-5820K: Has anyone had an issue with this? Any tips? Thank you!"