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Found 9 results

  1. Recently bought a MK730 and an MM710 and I am sad to find out just how incohesive the software is for these products. Why do I need two separate pieces of software for a keyboard and mouse from the same company? This needs to be fixed and is one of the reasons I even decided to get a CM mouse instead of buying a Glorious Model-O. Now for the software itself, I find it very useful to bind my side mouse buttons to volume up and volume down. Sadly, the software only includes every media control EXCEPT volume control. Why in that world is that the case? I know on the keyboard I can press FN + Pgup/Pgdn, however, it's much more efficient to be able to control it on my mouse. So, I try to create a macro on the mouse to be able to do this. Should be easy. But nope. For some reason, the mouse software does not recognize the FN key when trying to record macros so now I cannot create a volume up/down macro on the mouse. Please fix this otherwise I'm returning the MM710 and buying another Glorious Model-O. The MK730 is a very nice keyboard, just to end it on a slightly positive note.
  2. I am looking to purchase this mouse from Amazon Canada or Best buy Canada. Do the new batch of MM710's come in black and purple boxes only? From the reviews I have seen the older batches come in full purple boxes. Just want to clarify this before I order.
  3. The sensor of my mouse has stopped working suddenly I tried to format the pc uninstall the drivers and I do what else to make it work and only the buttons works. Somebody knows how to fix this?
  4. When moving the mouse up and down on a cloth mouse pad like the SteelSeries QcK the mouse gets stuck making it not fit for gaming. It also scratches the mouse pad surface. Is this a quality issue with my mouse or are they all the same? The included extra feet look the same with sharp edges. Are there replacement feet with rounded edges that can be received after making an RMA or is there some other fix? FYI there was no film/plastic covers to be removed on the feet on my mouse that other people have reported having.
  5. TanatoS


    After installing sowtware, the mouse stopped me DPI, the side buttons stopped working and the software stopped seeing the mouse
  6. Hi I downloaded software on the mouse mm710, but after running writes "No cooler master divice found" and now on sensations default dpi 16k and i cannot change it. How can I fix this problem?
  7. 1. Is the DPI button behind the mousewheel rebindable in software to be used as a normal mouse button, or to a keyboard binding? I use a single DPI and don't change it but I use the DPI button as an extra mouse button on my current mouse. 2. Does the mouse save and retain the settings that I set through software or do i have to load up the software every time to use the same mouse settings?
  8. I got my MM710 on October 11th and downloaded the MasterPlus software to change DPI levels and rebind a key to the DPI button instead of it being the DPI switcher. Whenever I go to rebind and hit the keyboard selection in the dropdown menu and then hit what key I want it to be rebound to and hit apply it will say it's saved on the diagram of the mouse. The issue is when I hit apply to actually save the changes I've made. Nothing happens. Somehow I got the app to unbind the DPI button but it won't save something to that button. Sometimes when I hit apply it just straight up crashes. I'm perfectly happy with this mouse but the software is awful and I haven't gotten a word from support except a "what's up?" tweet at 3am my time. I've put in a support ticket and nothing, they aren't replying to emails or tweets. Am I doing something wrong in the software? Should the mouse combo option be enabled? Why does it say all my other mouse buttons are unbound when I turn mouse combo off? WHAT IS MOUSE COMBO??? Also, there's no MM710 option under the peripheral tab when going to start a discussion in these forums so I'm posting in general hardware. Step it up, CoolerMaster.
  9. Just got the MM710. Tried to setup the Cooler Master Portal DPI settings and to my surprise, there's 7 of them! Is there a way of removing some DPI levels to something more manageable, like 3? (I use one for Desktop browsing and two for gaming) Right now when I'm in-game, it's hard to cycle the DPI because there's no indicator RGB or overlay onscreen (like Logitech GHUB) -- I have to press the DPI button, move my mouse a bit to find out which DPI it is, then press it again. If I miss, I have to press the DPI button 6 more times to get back to where I should be. If I set the DPI button to go to a specific level, then when I exit the game I have to open CM Portal to reset it again. All of this basically means, I gotta keep CM Portal open and ALT+TAB to click on the specific DPI when I switch from games to Desktop. Super annoying. I hope CM can update their portal software to allow for customizing the NUMBER of DPI levels to manage. I hope the RGB version (MM711 I think) has the same feature as the Xornet II, where the scroll wheel's LED can light up a different color depending on the DPI level you're using.