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Found 3 results

  1. Dear Cooler-Master, I'm a long time user of the CM Storm Spawn. Been using it for a decade. I even own two of them. I dread the day they will die on me. If that day ever came, I thought I'd buy a Xornet, but I see now they've been discontinued too, replaced by the MM520. We all understand some adjustments are required to make a product evolve. Attempts to make it better. However like many, I feel the MM520 is going in the wrong direction with the body changes. In my opinion, making a longer/bigger evolution doesn't make sense for Claw-Grip. If the target audience for this product line is indeed the claw-grip types... then I hope the next iteration brings back a design much closer to the Spawn/Xornet. The CM Storm Spawn remains the unequalled legendary mouse for the following reasons: - its wide-body is comfortable for claw-grip - the ring-finger rest was revolutionary, - the signature grippy sides are perfect for locking between thumb and pinky - the buttons were conveniently placed out of the way for the claw-grip, yet close enough for use - the asymmetric shape made it more ergonomic - the overall size was medium-small, short enough to move under the claw of most users, even with smaller hands Is it time for the ReSpawn yet? (credit Hyp0xia) That would be awesome. A Spawn remake with newer components is a guaranteed success with claw-grip gamers. Side note: - If I may, I would suggest bringing back original names for the products. Spawn and Xornet sounded great. MM520 on the other hand is pretty bland / lackluster. - The best Claw-Grip mouse ever made by humankind deserve a name with more panache! I hope my feedback can help you with your product development. Best regards,
  2. Hello, I just received a replacement of the MM520 because the first one stopped working after a couple of seconds of being plugged. But I noticed that the first one as well this second one appear as Keyboard on Devices under Windows 10, and is not being recognized by the CM Portal software. After reading all of the threads here on the forum about the Portal, I just don't understand why so many people have it not working like me and how just a couple of people get it to work for them. Is there anything we have to do for the Portal to work? also, is it OK for the MM520 to appear as Keyboard? or I have 2 times defective Mice? I loved the CM Storm Xornet, but died on me because of the use, and this look pretty close but if this isn't going to work as it should, then I will have to get a refund.
  3. First off, I'd like to thank CoolerMaster for such an awesome series of mice. I own the CM Spawn, Xornet II and now the MM520 and will stick with this line of mice as long as I use a computer. So I just got the MM520 and found it to be slightly heavier than the Spawn/Xornet II. I found this YouTube video indicating that there is an extra weight that I can remove: I really want to remove the extra weight but the mouse that I got doesn't come with an extra set of replacement feet. How do I go about getting some? Thanks!