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Found 23 results

  1. My 4 pin connector that connects to the motherboard also on a splitter with the green fan cable isnt plugging in to any 4 pin connection. Is there any where you can get a replacement. Very annoying literally the only thing left before building my new pc and dont want to take the cooler out.
  2. I just bought Cooler Master Ml240R Yesterday. I'm not that computer literate or dont have much knowledge about pc. But right now i'm having a problem with the RGB of my Fans. I can change the Cooler Color (that thing installed in processor) but I can't change the Fans in radiator.. Im using the default FPS profile. When I make a new profile and change the color of the fans nothing really is happening. Like it is still the default color or it will turn off the RGB. Please someone help me!
  3. Hello, Here's my review of Coolermaster ML240R. PLease do check this and have a good idea about this great AIO liquid cooler There's also tutorial on how to install it. Again If you want to know How cooler master's case fans are the top leading ones, then check my spearate review on best case fans in
  5. So everything but the cooler has been detected by rgb fusion, EXCEPT the cooler. Anybody got any idea why? Online, it says it's supported by rgb fusion. I've already downloaded cooler master software for the product, but the product only shows the controller plugin and the aura sync plugin. Anybody got any suggestions? I will say that there was a "Gigabyte" cord that came with it, but none of the pins included can be plugged into it. At least not as far as I can see.
  6. I purchased this cooler for a build a few weeks ago based on the fact that it was "Certified" to work with the asus aura software. Unfortunately my motherboard only has the RGB headers and not the ARGB headers. No matter I thought, I can use the software to sync them up. It has now been many months on and CM has not replied to any requests for updates. Until this is resolved, I will not purchase any CM products and will be telling everyone I know to do the same. Horrible experience.
  7. I bought a masterliquid ML240R RGB around a year ago and two months ago i started having problems with the led that would start having a sort of seizure every time i would chose a color cycle. The problem would sort of calm down when I chose a static color. Anyways i RMA'd it and i sent it to CM, but its been three weeks and i have no news on what happened. It sais on the RMA status they received it, but i have no idea what has happened and I've been waiting for around 3 weeks. I need my pc for school and i can't do anything right now for there seems to be no customer support on the CM account site. I'm confused and have no idea what to do, can somebody help, i need a cooler for my CPU and im dissapointed they haven't told me anything on what is going on with my cooler.
  8. Hi, I bought Cooler Master ML240R 7 months ago. My ARGB Controller stop working and I called Cooler Master Turkey technical service. They sent me a new controller and they were very interested, I am very grateful for this. I got new argb controller 3 days ago but it stopped working again. So I am thinking this problem is about latest firmware ?
  9. I've bought two extra fans, same model as the ones on the ml240r and have plugged them into the box hub. While the aio are fully customisable, the two fans I bought are stuck on a blue hue. I would appreciate any type of help I could get
  10. my lga1151 mounting bracket broke, for my lc240e/ml240l. where can i buy a new one.
  11. Hi i buildt my first pc bought some very good parts worked ok for around a week then both radiator mounted fan RGB just dont want to work anymore Does this happen often ?? Please help !!!!!!!!
  12. Hey CM forum, Just wondering if anyone else who has the ML240R RGB liquid cooler (or the ML120R) has had issues with connecting the RGB cables to their motherboard? From what i can tell, due to the pin layout (like this where "O" is blank - XXOX) it wont fit either any RGB or RGBW header, but also it wont fit a standard digital LED or ARGB pin which has three pins in a row (XXX)? I know that these are addressable RGB fans and don't use the standard RGB headers, but the product says it is compatible with RGB Fusion and gigabyte motherboards. I'm just wondering how i can get it to be controlled by the motherboard and not the wired controller? Also, there is no information on how to connect up the ARGB wired controller (as its not on the website) and the included booklet is very basic. If the controller is connected to the MB via the USB cable, will that allow MB control? Grateful for any help from users or from CM?
  13. Is this cooler compatible with Asus Aura Sync? I saw the badge on the web page for it but do not see the badging for it on the box.
  14. So basically I was gifted an h500 case a month ago as I wanted to build a new computer, I already had an MSI motherboard (z370 gaming pro carbon ac) which I wanted to use in this build, but as of now I am not sure which cooler to go with, I already have every component besides the liquid cooler. The one I wanted to go with is the ml240r RGB liquid cooler but I think it won't fit inside the case as the fans will hit the i/o shroud on the motherboard, don't know what to do right now since I can't test or know for sure if it fits or not.
  15. Hi, can I change the color of the ML240R with MSI mystic light software in my Z370 Godlike? I have a 4 pin 5v (named JRAINBOW1) and a 4 pin 12v RGB connector. How can I connect them? Thx in advance, Federico.
  16. I recently purchased a Cooler Master ML240R cooler for my computer, along with a new CPU, motherboard, and case. The motherboard I am using is an ASUS ROG Strix H370-F. The case I am now using is the In-win 101C. When I tried to install all of the components, the fans on the cooler will work, along with the case fans, but the RGB will not work. THe only thing that will work is the Aura lighting on the motherboard.
  17. I am planning to build a TUF themed beast, and browsing forums are not helping me that much, as I am expected. My question is, if I could mount the ML240R to the top of the MB500 TUF Edition case, as theoretically it should fit, but might have spacing issues with the motherboard. (ASUS TUF b450-Plus Gaming) Is it do-able actually? Also, as far as I know, there is a RGB splitter with a case, but if I'd want to install a 3rd RGB fan (Cooler Master MF121L R4-C1DS-12FC-R2 RGB LED, I think this is the one that the case has 3 of them pre installed) - do I need an additional rgb hub or splitter, so I could make a fully synced wave effect? The motherboard should be able to handle the TridentZ RGB rams, and also I might purchase a RGB LED strip - any aura sync compactible suggestions here? Thanks for the help, Samu
  18. I got the new ML240R liquid cooler installed and got to say it comes with a lot of cables that aren't labeled and not in the manual. After some digging I figured most of it out, but if I leave the USB cable connected it stays on after PC is shutdown. For now my only fix is to not leave it connected. Was wondering if I'm the only one with this issue? I know the software is still not available so that might be a contributing factor.
  19. Hello, I have the Cooler Master ML240R RGB Addressable RGB Lighting with Controller. As the title reads, when I run the RGB Led Controller software, all I get is the window that reads: "Plug in your cm device to get started " - USB connected to the JUSB1 connector on my motherboard. - Thin Green Fan Cable connected to the HUB Fan Slot ( fan icon ) - And finally the SATA is connected to the PSU. All the connections are good. ( tested that JUSB1 connector with other devices and they are detected just fine ) The HUB controller works, if you press the buttons, RGB lights change accordingly. So I was wondering if anyone here has had this issue and resolved. Thank you My Motherboard: MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC
  20. If have 4 argb devices plugged into the controller, then I connect the controller to the 5v argb header on my motherboard (MSI), can I sync all 4 argb devices with the motherboard via MSI's Mystic Light software? Thanks
  21. I have the ML240R. I have everything- my fans, my cooler, my sata power, my usb, and both 5v and 12v headers- plugged into the controller that came with the cooler. The cm software is not detecting my argb box at all. I have tried everything, switching usb 2.0 headers, using only 5v argb header, using only 12v argb header, switching between addressable and non-addressable modes on the box, and nothing at all seems to work. Please help me, I bought this product so I could match it with the rest of my build, and I'd like to do so. I don't know what to do, or if I will ever buy another CoolerMaster product again.
  22. Hello all, I just bought a ML240R,everything is working fine except one thing : RGB on fans won't work, rgb on pump is working fine, fans are spinning but no led at all on them... Can someone help me fix this please ? (I have an asus z370e motherboard with rgb support)
  23. Hello, i am just wondering if anyone else has a problem with asus suite not detecting your watercooler, my friend has a asus rog maximus ix apex, and he uses a corsair watercooler. And asus suite detects his watercooler and it looks like this. Well I have a asus Maximus hero x motherboard and my cooler is the ML240R and my asus suite does not detect my cooler for some reason. If anyone have some insight on this I’d appreciate it thank you. So coolermaster has yet to make the software update available for the new ML240R, so that might be the issue.... but idk