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Found 9 results

  1. Picked up the Cooler Master LED RGB Controller today. works amazing with my CM ML240L AIO. Was able to use the splitter and have it control not only the LED's on the fans, but the LED on the CPU pump as well. I also like how it has a magnet on the bottom of it for mounting it to anywhere that is metallic on the case. Software is pretty easy to use as well. Really well made.
  2. hello ! I apologize if my english is not perfect especially for the technical terms. I bought a ML240L Rgb and I recently saw what seems to be copper oxidation (as it is green like the statut of liberty) around one of the screw of the waterblock. I am very worried because it has already dripped on other components like the motherboard, the gpu backplate and the PSU shroud. I have already opened a ticket but I wanted to have as many opinions/advice as possible regarding the potential causes and solution thanks !
  3. Hello all I am fairly new to pc building and I have just installed a ML240L RGB to my system however the pump is not working properly. I have applied arctic silver as5 3.5g thermal paste around a pea size, I am running an i5 8400 and I believe I have installed everything correctly, I do not have a pump header on my motherboard(H310M-S2H) So I plug the power for the pump into CPU_FAN and the radiator fans into sys_fan, the fans on the radiator work fine and so does the rgb on.both the radiator and pump however I am seeing temps of 70°+ on 20% loads after just starting my pc leading me to.believe that it isn't working correctly. Finally I get a compatablility issue when trying to run the MasterLiquid software, I cant open it fully It just prompts me to exit giving me a compatability error on windows 10. I do have a question about the install where I read someone plugged something into a USB slot however I do not remember doing this or seeing this in the manual could someone explain this to me Thanks for reading and I.hope you can help
  4. I’m trying to connect the y splitter connection from the fans to the “PWM FG + -“, but my mobo (ASRock z390) only has 3 prongs for that connection. The y splitter has 4 slots in the plug.
  5. Hi Installed ML240l rgb on Asus ROG Zenith Extreme motherboard. The pump connector cable has 3 pins, Trying to determine where to connect it on the motherboard. All fan connections on motherboard are 4 pin. The only 3 pin is a water in and out, 3-Pin W_Flow. Thanks in advance for the help. Ron
  6. So, I just received my ml240l in the mail and started the installation. Everything went fine and I booted up with good temperatures. The problem is, however, when I turned it back off and connected the rgb controller so I could light it up (my motherboard doesn't have rgb support). When I went to turn my computer back on, nothing happened. I made sure everything was plugged in correctly (which it was) and tried it again. After unplugging the controller and some system fans it decided to boot. It booted again with the system fans back in. Once I tried it again with the controller in, it got stuck on my motherboard screen and wouldn't continue to windows. If anybody could give some insight as to why this may be happening, or how to fix it that would be very much appreciated.
  7. When I install the portal , i get a message "Please make sure that you are connected to the internet when you launch/update CM Portal . I've been tryin for 5 hours , and i cant get it fixed . Can someone help me?
  8. How do I install the ML240L in the lite 5 rgb. The radiator screw in spots are blocked by the front fans, but if I remove the front fans then I can't get them back on because the radiator blocks them, also how is the bottom front fan removed.
  9. The cooler is working fine with both the fans and pump working well but the rgb cant seem to be on. I'm using a Asus Rog Strix z370-H gaming motherboard. Any idea how do i fix it?