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Found 7 results

  1. i downloaded the file (cooler master portal v1.01) but then when i try to launch it says that there is not any app to open the file, what app do i need?
  2. The Portal only show the Mice, the Keyboard is not showing at all. I'm trying to uninstall and still the same problem please help me out.
  3. Hey guys I honestly don't know whata to do, my keyboaard is constaantly repeating itself aand it's just aa few keys mainly "a" and "c", I tried resetting the keyboard, putting the repeat rate back to 1, tried reinstalling the software, tried plugging it into another PC and the same thing haappens and am really hoping someone ccould help me fix sucks because I wanted to give a new company a cchance and this is the first thing thaat happens to me, I've tried sending multiple tickets but some were denied saying that there is no way the problem could happen with a brand new keyboard they sent me.
  4. Not really sure how to ask this, but...anyone ever had any issues with the MK750 displaying the wrong colors? I had the keyboard displaying a teal/pink scheme for a while, at least for a couple of months (I've had the MK750 since March/April 2018). I shut down my computer and opened it up to put in my new GPU, and when I turned the computer back on I noticed the colors were a few shades darker than before, nothing too crazy. When I was fully booted, I tried to change the LEDs back to normal, and then they went haywire. White is now a mix of greens and reds and oranges that flicker across the keyboard, pink is now a redish orange. The rainbow effect still works as well a few others like water ripple and crosshair, they all work correctly and show the right colors, However, in static, its anything but normal. I tried resetting the keyboard, unplugging it and plugging it back in, using the FN+E keys, and completely uninstalling and reinstalling the software. Can anyone help me?
  5. My CoolerMaster MasterKeys MK750 Is not working. like if i were to type anything anywhere it would not display anything. the rgb lighting still works. ive already unplugged it and plugged it back in. and ive reset it and deleted the software and redownloaded it back. still nothing. Please Help!
  6. I absolutely love your keyboards (have had 2 of the Masterkeys Pro S) and I would love the MK750, but the only problem is that it's not a TKL. I've used full sized keyboards but I just can't stand them at all. So this is just a really quick question, will the MK750 come out as a TKL soon or ever? Thanks
  7. One of the LEDs in my keyboard doesn't shine as bright as the others, no matter what color i set it to. Would anyone know of an easy fix for this?