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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone i got the MasterFan 3-in-1 Pack Today and realized that the socket that connects to motherboard is 5V(3Pins) my motherboard MSI B450 Tomahawk Max supports only 12V(4Pins) so is there any Adapters or Splitters or Controller to convert the 5V to 12V ? Solution that i found and yet dont understand it : in Cooler Master RGB Controller the micro usb port connects to a motherboard USB Header thats means if i got this cable or switch i can control the Fans ARGB through my motherboard ?
  2. The fans are running but the rgb is not working on either of them. Everything is plugged in to the correct connectors. I have tried all the softwares but nothing happens. It is connected via micor usb, and if it isn`t the MasterPlus quits with compatibility error. When the argb led connector is connected i can only attach 1 fan to it but still nothing happens to any of the fans. I have a MSi x470 mobo which is compatible with the CM fans. It is frustrating quite much since i have been on plenty of forums for hours and no answers or solutions anywhere. I had high hopes for CM fans but I am thinking of sending them back.
  3. I recently installed a masterfan MF120R A-RGB fan on a gigabyte b450 wifi pro motherboard. The fan is powered and spinning, but the RGB lights are not working. Could this be a compatibility issue, or is there a driver I might be missing? thanks
  4. I recently bought a 3-pack of the MF120R-ARGB fans, planning on hooking them up to the addressable RGB header on my ASRock B450 Fatal1ty Gaming K4 motherboard and using the ASRock software to control the lighting settings. However, the lighting does not respond to any input that I put into the RGB settings in the software. This surprises me, as on both on the Cooler Master page of the product and the retailer page where I bought it, ASRock software is explicitly outlined as compatible with the ARGB lighting of these fans. Besides not responding to my software, the fans work perfectly fine--they respond to the included controller's light settings, and adjust their speeds according to my PWM settings. I'm just not sure why the fans aren't following the software settings. Everything is plugged in and installed as dictated in the manual. When I press the button on the manual controller that tells the fans to accept motherboard-fed lighting instructions, the lights just turn off and stay off, no matter what I do in the software. Can anyone point me in the right direction, so that I can get my lighting working properly? Or is there somehow something else I may be missing entirely? Thanks. The product page on the Cooler Master site for the fans is: The Amazon page where I bought the fans from: