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Found 4 results

  1. Hi CoolerMaster, is the MasterBox MB511 Front Cover compatible with the MB530p case? If so, is there any downside to purchasing one and using it on the MasterBox MB530p as an alternative?
  2. Hi. Where can I found MasterBox MB511 RGB case's front panel? Have a nice day.
  3. Can I buy the front panel pieces for the Cooler Master Masterbox MB511 case in the different color accents or get them somewhere apart from buying the different models (color accents) (e.g.) I buy the red accent version but later decide i want ARGB fans instead of red ones and want the white or black accent colors. How would I be able to get it? Thanks! P.S. Also included a photo of the four versions because I dont know exactly what the grills are called, so for easier understanding
  4. Hello, I have purchased CM MB511 RGB on 10th of this month and today I tried register but it shows already registered on 9th of March,which is the manufacturing date mentioned on the Cabinet outer Box. I have Purchased from SWETHA COMPUTER BAZAR shop at Cenoy trade centre(CTC) ,in Hyderabad,India. The Box looked sealed though and when I checked the case after coming home, I noticed slight dust on cornors of the case fans. I really was excited to get the much loved cabinet but I felt like I was given a used case. But it's been registered 4 months ago. What should I do now? The place I bought is very far from place. I don't really know if there is any issues with case or not as I don't have the full PC yet. I'm still buying each component one after other when I have the money. Does CoolerMaster do any warning to the shop who is messing with the customers with their products(in case if it's a used one).