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Found 8 results

  1. I have just installed the Cooler Master MasterLiquid 120 to my Phanteks P400S and upon the first boot I could hear gurgling and water trickling so immediately worried and shut my PC down. Upon research it seems other AIO users have had similar problems however I want a definite answer. Is this okay or do I need to return my product and get another? When I rebooted my computer I have had the same problem. I stress tested my CPU and FPU for 45 minutes with AIDA64 and 15 minutes with CPU-Z and Cinebench. Temperatures didn't go above 50 degrees celcius at 3.8ghz with voltages not going above 1.325V. This seems good to me however should I be expecting more for my money? I am using a Ryzen 5 1600 and a Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 motherboard. Should I be concerned about leaks as I don't have another £450 to replace my GTX 1080 if it does.
  2. I bought a MasterLiquid Lite 120 cooler. Except that the pump has made a very loud noise. When I connected the pump pin on the CHA FAN and the fan pin on the CPU FAN, the noise decreases a little, but I heard that I have to turn off the fan control, as it can damage the pump. That's true? When I turn off the fan control, the noise comes back ... Thanks friends!
  3. I recently got a PC Specialist PC with this fitted into the machine. Since I bought it, I've noticed the fan on the heatsink is making a whining noise which gets louder when it needs to cool more (so higher CPU usage). I was thinking of just getting a new one instead of faffing with returning the PC back to PC Specialist. What suitable ones can I get that will be as quiet and efficient as this one on here? RGB would be nice as the coolermaster case I have has three on the front! TIA
  4. I have purchased this liquid cooler this month in February. At first when I have turned it on it did not do this but after a couple of days past, I'm hear gurgling / bubble sounds coming out from the CPU pump. I read some forums online this could be due to air coming through, however I am unsure if this is fixable or or entirely faulty at all. And if I should request an exchange if this is a faulty product. I would appreciate if you could advise me on this technical problem. I have provided you a YouTube link to the video I recorded the sound. Please put your Audio to relatively high so you can hear it. Video Link: Hope to hear from you soon. Many Thanks, Kind Regards.
  5. HI all, Recently I just bought a Mini ITX Elite 130 case and I am looking for a CPU cooler which good for gaming and general purposes. I understand that the case support CPU cooler height up to 65mm only and not much choice for me to choose (either Masterliquid or masterAir). here are my questions in mind: 1) Can I install liquid cooler in this case? How? what is the direction of airflow should be? 2) if I am using low profile fan cooler (Example: Geminii M4/M5, G200P). is it good enough for gaming or video playback? Please advise.
  6. Hi guys, i installed my masterliquid ml 120 into my pc, the instructions says to install radiator pumps at the bottom, but i have a small case and that was not posibble, because my G. card wont let me, so i installed with the pump on top, my real question is if there is a problem installing that way? thx for the replies
  7. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120L is not working as expected. I have bought it a month back, from day one onwards the product is performing so bad (CPU Temperatures used to reach until 85 C). Now the situation got worse as my CPU is getting heated until 100 degrees centigrade with CPU Cooler installed and working properly. I am not sure how to check if the cooler and pump is working properly or not. Does anyone have the same problem?
  8. Hello, I installed my coolermaster Masterliquid 120 about 2 months ago. A few days ago it was making a Wierd noise and the light was flashing. I looked over my wiring to see of everything is plugged correctly. Everything seems fine. And then, the oi pump completely stopped and I had multiple CPU fan errors in bios. I checked if the settings in the bios were correct, everything seemed fine. I'm kinda clueless here. Should I go in RMA? Edit : GPU Asus Strix OC 6gb Cpu i5 8600k unlocked Motherboard asus z370p Ssd 256gb wd blue Hdd wd blue 3tb Corsair vengeance 2x8gb 3000mhz PSU evga 650 gold full modular Case coolermaster Stryker white.