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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I installed my coolermaster Masterliquid 120 about 2 months ago. A few days ago it was making a Wierd noise and the light was flashing. I looked over my wiring to see of everything is plugged correctly. Everything seems fine. And then, the oi pump completely stopped and I had multiple CPU fan errors in bios. I checked if the settings in the bios were correct, everything seemed fine. I'm kinda clueless here. Should I go in RMA? Edit : GPU Asus Strix OC 6gb Cpu i5 8600k unlocked Motherboard asus z370p Ssd 256gb wd blue Hdd wd blue 3tb Corsair vengeance 2x8gb 3000mhz PSU evga 650 gold full modular Case coolermaster Stryker white.
  2. Gurgling/Trickling Noise

    I have just installed the Cooler Master MasterLiquid 120 to my Phanteks P400S and upon the first boot I could hear gurgling and water trickling so immediately worried and shut my PC down. Upon research it seems other AIO users have had similar problems however I want a definite answer. Is this okay or do I need to return my product and get another? When I rebooted my computer I have had the same problem. I stress tested my CPU and FPU for 45 minutes with AIDA64 and 15 minutes with CPU-Z and Cinebench. Temperatures didn't go above 50 degrees celcius at 3.8ghz with voltages not going above 1.325V. This seems good to me however should I be expecting more for my money? I am using a Ryzen 5 1600 and a Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 motherboard. Should I be concerned about leaks as I don't have another £450 to replace my GTX 1080 if it does.
  3. Hey all! I'm new to this forum since I want to ask something before I buy it. I'm planning on buying a ML120 and replace my old Alpenföhn air cooler. So I'd like to ask if it would fit into my case. It's a prebuilt PC (I don't really have any experience in builing parts into PC's but this seems farely easy, with a lot of installation guides on YT). I have a Sharkoon BD28 Midi-Tower 23,5 x 48 x 46 cm, and a i7-7700K. (The MB is accessable from the back for the backplate) Heres also a screenshot of my PC (about 6 Months old, didn't change anything from the setup) Will I have to remove the prebuilt case cooler to the left or can I mount it on the top as well? edit: If I can mount it on the top, would it fit a 240? Thanks in advance!