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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I've had my Masterkeys MK750 for a week now. I haven't noticed it until last night. Portion of the keyboard under the cursor keys, INS, HOME, PGUP, DEL, END, PGDN towards the numerical part of the keyboard, gets warm after some time when RGB lights are fully on (any color). While I do understand there must be a chip or something right below, I am not sure if it should warm up like that. I am just worried some parts could overheat at some point, causing LEDs to start failing, and even worse, whole keyboard to malfunction at some point. I have never had problems with CM Storm in the past, nor with Masterkeys Pro L and S, but this new MK750 worries me a little bit now. Can someone confirm this is normal with MK750, or should I simply return and exchange it at the store where I purchased it. I have limited time to return/exchange, and I don't want it to expire leaving me with defective keyboard that I can't exchange anymore. Thanks to anyone who try to help here. Cheers!
  2. Is there any info on where will the Masterkeys MK750 will be available with spanish layout? I'm looking specifically for the one with brown switches. I'm actually really surprised it isn't available as of now, because I've been waiting since launch, but can't find it anywhere. Thanks
  3. i bought masterkeys pro s 3 months ago. It was working fine for 2 months but in last 3-4 weeks first my *e* key stopped working but not completely. Atm my e-y-w and caps lock keys sometimes dont work or i have to press really hard to make it work. Anyone having these kind of issues? Do i have to return it or is it just an programmatical issue?
  4. Hello everyone. I recently bought the keyboard MasterKeys Lite and, all in all, it's a great keyboard. On the other hand, I've been having a kind of trouble with the multimedia shortcuts (FN + Ins, home, end, pg up or down and del). When an application (e.g: Spotify) is not open, just playing in the background, these keys are not working at all. I have to maximize the program in order for the multimedia keys to work. Is there any solution?
  5. Is there a way to use Mac and LInux layout at the same time? I basically want alt and win swapped and also caps and ctrl swapped. Is this possible?
  6. Hi. So i have decided on this keyboard for my first mechanical keyboard but rapidly reconsidered upon finding that this keyboard is only available in brown switches, Despite on the product page it states "available in five different colors" So why am i seeing only brown (On this and every site this keyboard is available) and were is the option to order this in blue? And if not, Why not?
  7. I purchased this keyboard and mouse. But I am not sure how to configure the special buttons on them. For instance, the volume buttons on the upper right of the keyboard, the play/stop/forward/rewind buttons on the top left of the keyboard, or the buttons on the left side of the mouse. I am running Windows 10. Do I have to install one of the MasterKeys installer to configure these keys? Or is that only for LED light configuration? If so, where do I get the correct installer for my particular keyboard and mouse.
  8. Hi, Just picked up a MasterKeys Pro S RGB. When in "Single Key" LED mode, with "Key" set to green, and "Rest" set to blue, tapping the key does the expected. It makes the blue key green. However, once the key fades out, it's a stark, immediate illumination of blue after the fade out. It's very jarring and sort of kills the fading experience you've got going on with this mode. Of course, when "Rest" is set to no color, things look fine. So, one of two suggestions: Allow or change the fade so that instead of fading out, then immediately turning back on to the original color, fade between the colors. Or.. When "Rest" is selected as a color (non-black), fade the illuminated key out, then fade it back in to the original color vs the immediate turn on. Thanks!
  9. I just purchase the MasterKeys L RGB which I've been looking at since launch, but I wished I payed more attention to the software when I realised there was no way of remapping keys through it. I feel the profile buttons are straight useless and I had the Quickfire TK from coolermaster before and loved the F-lock to have easy access to media keys. Now I find it a hassel to have to hold the key to have quick fire of the media keys. Is there a way around this? Would there be or could there be a software update soon?
  10. these would be wonderful in a masterkeys board
  11. Hey guys, there has been a problem with my masterkeys pro s keyboard. I have a faulty mechanical blue switch for my "W" key that does not make clicking sound like its supposed to. I'm trying to get a rma but there is no RMA button under my product although I have registered my product and uploaded the receipt. My product is still under warranty. Please help!
  12. Hi I am new to this community and I don't know if this is correct place to ask. My Masterkeys pro M (white leds) kb backlight flicker. Frequency is 150Hz to be precise. This is damn too low. Measured with oscilloscope and light sensitive diode. MAX backlight: MID backlight: MIN backlight: From this review is evident, there is one 16 channel PWM driver to handle all keys backlight. The only way to achieve it is by multiplexing it between different groups of LEDs. When LED is off, other groups are served. So main PWM is running around 4kHz, but multiplexing on 150Hz. I understand this limitation, but multiplexing is not necessary when whole kb is backlit with same intensity. I would be really grateful if CM can modify FW to not mux in "all keys backlit" mode. Faster muxing would fix it too, but IDK if PWM driver can handle such quick changes. There is HW mod way too, but when FW can fix it.... FW mod like spite did would be possible too, but I believe CM can handle this. Any ideas? Opinions? xorly
  13. Hello. I hope this is the right place. I've recently received the MasterKeys Lite L bundle (keyboard + mouse), italian layout: it seems a nice product, nice feeling and design. But it had a problem: it doesn't trigger the keys when pressing in combination "left ctrl" + "left shift" + "P" (also other keys, but not all of them; like "left ctrl" + "left shift" + "F" and "left ctrl" + "left shift" + "I" works). I thought it was a faulty one and asked for a substitution; the new one arrived today and it has the same exact problem. I already opened an issue through CM support, but in the meantime I was curious to know if this happened to others as well. Regards and sorry for my bad english.
  14. When I type on my new Masterkey S, each press registers many times unless i tap as quickly as possible. tttttttthhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiissssss iiiiiiiiis wwwwwwhhhhhhhat iiiiiiiiiittttt looooooookssssssssss likkkkeeeeeeeeeee iiiiiiffffffffff iiiiiiiiiii ttttyppppppppeeee nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnorrrmmaaaallllyyyy. I ran the example SDK (was just curious what it did), I thought this might have something to do with it. I have tried reinstalling, and changing keyboard settings in windows, both didn't work. Using another keyboard works fine.