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Found 2 results

  1. I just bought the MasterFan Pro Air Pressure RGB Case fan. The fan itself is working fine, however the LEDs do not seem to be working properly. I do not have an RGB controller so am just using the red or blue settings. When set to blue, the LED lights up for 1 second on startup and then turns off. When set to red, the LED stays on but quite dimly, and flashes to full brightness for 1 second when the computer turns off. I have tried two different system fan plugs with the same result. Is there something I can do to fix this, or is the product faulty?
  2. Masterfan Pro Rubber Insert Direction?

    The rubber insert are asymmetric on the Masterfan Pro case fans. Since they can be unscrewed and turned around, I was wondering what was the intended purpose of each side, e.g., the flat side is for screwing in with short screwed and the nubbed side is for screwing in with long screws? Should the rubber inserts even be turned around or always kept as is from the factory? A bit worried about the clearance with the fan blades if I'm using them for intake (where the fan's exposed spinning side is placed facing the case screw brackets and the blade has the potential to scrape part of the bracket).