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Found 12 results

  1. Any older models for sale ?? Pm me!
  2. Good morning all, I'm coming to you because I'm looking for a RGB controller to manage the lighting of my 2 fans. Indeed I probably have a non-compatible RGB motherboard (Gigabyte Z390 GAMING SLI but I can not find it I need ... Can one of you help me? Thank you very much ! Original : Bonjour à tous, Je viens vers vous car je suis à la recherche d'un contrôleur RGB afin de gérer l'éclairage des mes 2 ventilateurs avant. En effet je possède surement une carte mère non-compatible RGB (Gigabyte Z390 GAMING SLI ) mais je n'arrive pas à trouver ce qu'il me faut... L'un d'entre vous saurait me venir en aide ? Merci beaucoup !
  3. So i ma looking to buy a coolermaster mastercase maker 5t for my custom loop and I would like to know if I can mount a 360 radiator at the front
  4. Hello dear Cooler Master Team, I´m from Germany and a big fan of your gorgeous cases, but first of all i´m sorry for my english. Most of all i like the MasterCase Maker 5 and really like to build a new rig with this nice case. Now i saw you have the ability to mount the gpu vertical and i really like it to show up the gaming heart of your rig. So i decided to choose the vertical graphic Card holder but now i´m on a big Problem with that. Why don´t you have a holder for SLI/Crossfire- Support for a 2-way System? Maybe i´m not the only one who like to have something like that. The case is big enough for this and the holder could be extended for this Support because of your modular case System. I just know only one other manufacture which has this Support but first of all i like your case much more and on the other side there is only an open case available.... Maybe this could be an interesting oppinion for you to be the first with this solution. Big greetings from Germany.
  5. Hi all, I am about to start my first custom pc build, but I am already a huge fan of Cooler Master, and will include at least 10 Cooler Master components in my build. At the moment, I need some help figuring out how to intelligently control fans that are both PWM and RGB. I'm choosing CM's MC500P Case and will replace the stock case fans with a total of 6 MasterFan Pro 140 Air Flow RGB. The motherboard will be a latest generation Asus, with which I'd like to use Aura Sync for the fan RGB as well as some other LED components such as an LED strip. The mobo has the following relevant headers: 1 x Aura Addressable Strip Header, 1 x Aura RGB Strip Header, 1 x 5-pin EXT_FAN(Extension Fan) connector, 1 x Thermal sensor connector(s), 1 x Front fan, 1 x Rear Fan, and 1 x PUMP Fan. As mentioned, I would like to be able to control all 6 fans such that... (1) The fan speeds are intelligently adjusted according to internal temperatures, (2) The RGB of the fans are synced with Asus Aura, and (3) Also still be able to connect some other RGB components to be synced to Aura as well, such as an RGB strip. Other than that, I don't really care which headers are used (e.g. I would be fine with all 6 fans chained to one or two headers via adapters or controllers). I am willing to use whatever RGB/fan controllers or cable adapters that are necessary. I listed the relevant components here: Thanks in advance! Heracleidus
  6. Hi All, I'm planning on buying a Mastercase 6 Pro for my new build and I just wanted to know if I can control the colors of the front LED strip and the rear fan that comes with the case using Asus Aura Sync. On the Aura Sync website it mentions that the case do support but I have not seen it anywhere else(including the CM website). My color scheme for the build is black and white so it'll be great if I can know that this is possible or otherwise I'm stuck with either blue or red. Thanks..
  7. First full picture of the new HAF series case has been spotted, courtesy of @JayzTwoCents on Twitter. No official details on it so far, but it appears to have x2 200mm front intake fans, x3 140 top and x1 140 rear exhaust. Don't know if they are RGB or not. Front panel is 3 sided angled piece, and not just a center glass/plastic piece as it may appear upon first glance. It will be part of the MasterCase series, under the MasterCase H500P moniker. So I would guess that's just the normal MasterCase vertical GPU bracket in use there. Does not appear to be any easy to remove front or top air filters, will likely have to detach the full front and top panels to clean those grilles. A bit annoying for maintenance but it does allow for a nicer looker. From the way the side panel is detached there, I am guessing the case being displayed is using the MasterCase tempered glass side panel. Hopefully they will stay the course and offer base models for a lower price and allow us to buy the specific addons/upgrades we want. Based on the $160 US price of the MasterCase Pro 6, I am personally guessing this case will be in the $200 range. My current, 6+ year old, system is in a HAF X. So if this case releases at the right price I'm buying it immediately. I already had a new build planned, but had been going back and forth on what case to buy. What I see here settles that debate for me, so long as they don't fail with it in some major way. Base model needs to be below $250 and needs to offer a minimum x3 3.5" drive bays being such a massive case. Edit: It's so hard to tell just off this one picture, but those front fans may even be 230mm. They look an awful lot like the 230mm front fan on the HAF X sitting next to me. I took the panel off to get a good look at it, and the sticker on the spindle and everything looks to be about the same size. These are just a newer version with the LED coming off the spindle, compared to the one in my case where the LEDs are on the outer ring. Edit 2: After further review of the of the picture, it appears that if this does indeed use the MasterCase Vertical GPU Bracket, it does not mount the same way as it does in the other cases. If you look at this picture below from the MasterCase 6 Pro official product page, the Vertical GPU bracket mounts directly into the expansion slots, blocking access to any of the remaining PCIe lanes on the motherboard. But if you go back and look at the picture of the HAF case from Computex, the Vertical GPU bracket is mounted in the dead space between the side panel and the expansion slots. Which would still allow access to the remaining PCIe slots, depending on exactly what you installed in them. This, combined with the fact that it appears to be using 230mm intake fans, reinforces just how wide this case is going to be. Especially compared to other MasterCase series cases. This mounting makes sense since in that otherwise unused area of the old HAF X, Cooler Master provided a place to mount a GPU support bracket. Which I am actually using for my EVGA 1070 FTW due to how big it is. So I hope that also means that Cooler Master will again be shipping this new HAF series case with a GPU support bracket. Edit 3: Things are looking more promising I the RGB department. They just announced MasterCase Pro RGB fans. Interestingly they have a switch that allows them to be set in straight blue, straight red or RGB modes. Which lines up with the all blue we see in the picture here. Only 120mm and 140mm fans have been announced, but that makes sense since these big 230mm fans will be unique to this one case and not sold as a regular product for use in just any case. New pic of the rear side. 200m fans confirmed as RGB.
  8. Hi, I've got a bit of problem. I've got a E ATX motherboard and I really like the MasterCase 5 Pro. But when read the specs it doesn't fit ( only ATX). In paul's review he was talking about a MasterCase 7 Pro who would fit E ATX. So I got two questions: - Anyone tried to fit a E ATX in a MasterCase 5 Pro? - Is there already a release date known for the Master Case 7? Thanks
  9. Hi guys! My name is Matteo, from Italy! This is my second Mod and by far it has been a beautiful journey The story of this mod is crazy, actually the guys at Cooler Master sent me the Master Case after meeting at a 3d printing event in Milan and since then we started a great relationship. The theme of the mod came up in my mind after a long period of travelling with my girlfriend I present to you the "ONI" which is the japanese demon described as spirits of the dead, of the earth, of the ancestors, of vengeance, of the plague and/or famine. The reason behind this choice will remain a secret to you all. I hope you'll enjoy my work! spec list: Cooler Master Master Case Maker 5 Intel i5 7600k MSI Z270 gaming pro carbon Hyper X FURY 32gb DDR4 (4x8) MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X (SLI) MSI Limited Edition SLI Bridge 240gb SSD M.2 Kingston 240gb SSDnow 300 V Kingston 120gb SSDnow 300 V Kingston Cooler Master G750M psu Alphacool Watercooling BIG THANKS to my Sponsors: COOLER MASTER, AK INFORMATICA, AQUATUNING, MSI, HYPER X
  10. just got the first shipment of parts to start a custom wooden mastercase maker 5
  11. Here is the Cooler Master slogan that I did by hand (a signature technique of mine) that I added to the top fan cover.

    © Sphinx Modding

  12. Hi all, I currently have my Kraken X61 top mounted in the pull configuration (Fan on top of radiator pulling air out through the top). But I'd like to be able to mount the X61 in a push configuration (Fan pushing air through the radiator). I know it does not allow this on the top of the case (there isn't any room to mount the fans below the radiator to push air out the top; interferes with the M/B). So I tried and mounted in the front of the case (by removing 2 out of 3 HDD bays). I was able to achieve a push through config. up the front (Fans out the front, pushing air through the radiator and into the case), but was unable to install the dust filter in the front... I am wondering if any of you guys have tried this and was able to fit the dust filter too? Am I doing something wrong? Tks.